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Possible Exploration to Europa in 2015

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Posted 6/29/07 , edited 6/29/07

ali1238 wrote:

Dusterbayala wrote:


As for the starving people and poverty on earth.
WHO GIVES A FUCK! <---not sympathetic to poverty nor idiots
If a person can't work their ass off to feed themselves or thier family, they DESERVE to die.
No one should get handouts.
Welfare is rediculous (sp). I hate the whole idea of welfare!
There are plenty of ways to make money or to support yourself and your family.
I've been homeless, I know!
I worked my ass off, and now i'm makin bank.
so DON'T give me any shit about poverty and hunger. those people are just stupid.

some of that stuff was quite ignorant what about the people in Africa who have to endure slavery and starvation because they were BORN in to poverty, and are forced to kill to be able to survive otherwise there families would be butchered and raped.
Benefits only happens in countries that can affords it and if you are in a rich country you should have no real excuses to be poor and benifites should be given because the future of the children should not be destroyed because the were to poor to educate there children or needed them to make money

BUT space exploration is not a waste of money because we (man kind) may one day have to leave earth and we need to know how to avoid damaging earth because if we do not then problems may occur

and you both were wrong and were going to the extremes about the subject.

Ok ok dont know why you wish to disregard some truths. Gotta defend duster on most parts. Wtf Slavery eh??? You gotta be kidding right. I mean seriously death and rape occur constantly all over the world. Its not just Africa. But thats all you will see in a newspaper. For those who bitch about not getting reparations then work your ass off to get it. I mean it was ideal when the jews received theirs. But that sympathetic idea of giving and giving. But never working to receive is foolish. If they the world powers really wanted to help africa they would have negotiated to a point of understanding. Besides africa is in shambles because its not uniteded.

may one day have to leave earth and we need to know how to avoid damaging earth because if we do not then problems may occur

Sorry to crush that hole idea. But the earth isnt just fucked from our polution and its own. Its gonna be destroyed by the sun its self in a couple million years. It will only take a few decades before this planet is stripped of anything it requires to survive. Exploration to other planets and possible space colonies should be the main focus. Government officials are clearly neglecting this (especially in United States)
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Posted 6/29/07 , edited 6/29/07

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Posted 6/30/07 , edited 6/30/07
I never said that earth is being damaged by pollution but we are cutting down rain forests ( rapidly) which can damage the ecosystem greatly and destroy several species of animals and p lants which may help in the future to cure illnesses and help advance the human race

and yes people should learn to help them selves but a small help hand would not be a lot to ask for would it (also how much would you even earn with out nothing to start with in Africa (just an example i could say India ) one of the worst payed areas in the world,. That is why I believe that we should help people help them selves and the Jews had plenty of help when they had problems in ww2
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Posted 1/6/11 , edited 1/7/11
I'd say by then, Shinji would takeover. :] Not you, shinji, you don't earn a capital letter.
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