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Posted 6/17/14 , edited 6/17/14
So I watch a few shows with a friend of mine from a different State, and we like to livestream shows. We noticed pretty early on that when a show switches from the countdown to the live broadcast, the subtitles tend to not appear at first. So we right click, and choose English from the subtitle list to force them to appear, no real harm done.

After livestreaming a recent broadcast, Black Bullet episode 11, we noticed an incredible amount of people commenting that they do not have subtitles, even people posting after we just finished watching it saying they still didn't have subs. At first this didn't make sense, we just livestreamed it and it had subs from the very beginning, why do all these people not have subs? Then I noticed a trend of people saying things such as "I refreshed 10 times and still no subs" and "even refreshing didn't make the subs show up".

So it seems that some people reload the page to get subs to appear, instead of just selecting the sub from the list, and it doesn't work. So if you refresh and can't get the subs to show up, maybe try just clicking English? It's the only thing I can think of that would let me and my friend, on different ISPs, browsers, and geographical locations, livestream it with subs yet so many of you are reloading and can't view them.
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