The dreaded Clip Show/bad filler ep!
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What clip show do you hate the most?

Is it one specific episode, or a tv series that over uses it or it's just used to fill in for a filler episode?

Or is it filler you despise?

What is it that makes you hate it?

I personally detest the concept of clip shows. As annoying as filler can be which usually contradicts later episodes. At least with some filler, it helps bridge the concept of time passing between arcs/plot. It also can help expand unexplained story elements.

Yet clip shows are just the same scenes replayed to fit in with a scene where the character remembers it. Only it just replays the same content with very little need to do it. Like bleach, they but in clips when we saw those events not long ago, it only annoys the fans that we can't see the awesome action when they constantly redo the scenes over and over again.

It also annoys me when they do it during a plot twist/game changer. It adds suspense, keeps you wanting more, but it can also make fans to skip whole sections of the show. Many eps could've been radically halved and improved the pacing if they didn't redo virtually every action/reaction twice.

Then there's filler, some filler can be an interesting insight into other elements not fleshed out. Naruto shippuden does this well with the tailed beasts whom only get a slight nod to via the manga. Yet earlier filler in Naruto is later ignored/never happened with the rest of the story which begs the question that if it's so bad to the rest of the plot, why do it in the 1st place?

Just irritates me how these can be so easily turned into enjoyable eps. Red vs blue use it but there's becomes a time travel act where Church, leader of the blues tries to undo previous errors with comical results.

Ed Edd & Eddy have a few clip shows but are in fact new content but to the others it's a clip show/misinterpretation of their version. Thus radically different & not disappointing fans.

The absolute best version of clip show would be kill la kill & they did it while still having a whole new ep for the same price!
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