Korea Sparkling- Rain as featured mode
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KTO’s TV CF Takes First Place At This Year’s 'Adrian Awards'

Korea Tourism Organization (CEO Oh, Ji-cheol)’s TV advertisement and promotional video entries will be announced as this year’s gold and silver winners at the Adrian Awards on January 29th (Jan.28 6:00PM EST in New York) at New York’s Marriot marquis Hotel.

KTO launched their new ‘Korea, Sparkling’ tourism brand in 2007 in order to generate greater international awareness. Impressively, the organization’s TV commercial took 1st place in the travel service category, while their Taekwondo/Temple Stay PR films took second place.

The TV CF (television commercial film) took about 6 months to film, and covers numerous different aspects of Korean culture. Viewers can see the country’s beautiful four seasons, the main production districts of Korea, Dodamsambong, Danojeol folk games, DMB phones, World Cup cheers, B-Boys, clubbing culture as well as a host of other attractions. Also in the promotional video is world star ‘Rain’ as the featured model, presenting a diverse variety of tourism images including Korea’s natural wonders along with the state-of-the-art IT industry Korea has to offer. The TV CF was broadcasted in 85 countries including all major Asian countries including Japan and China, and on 10 channels such as CNN, National Geographic, and the Discover Channel in Europe, North America, and South America, in hopes of increasing international tourism.

The promotional film introduced Korea’s diverse cultures and charms in a very effective manner and received favorable reviews in doing so. Last year, KTO was awarded with a series of prizes at six major international media contests for its primary role in the international promotion of Korea.

KTO’s Brand Advertising Team’s Choe Seong-Woo stated, “This award has been effective in receiving recognition for the new Korean tourism brand, and we hope that the new brand will bring much anticipated success in spreading the Korean tourism image during the first semester. In 2008, KTO is in the finishing stages of the 2nd set of advertisements for the ‘Korea, Sparkling’ brand and an exciting new PR film, in order for further tourism promotions.
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On Thursday, January 31st at 4 pm. You can watch his at our sweet home www.rain-jihoon.com

This is a message from your lovely oppa.

Even though it’s so cold that your hearts would get freezing,
I wish I could make your hearts warm and revive with Rain’s the freshest news!
That’s right! Our Rain is now in Korea!!!

Remember this!!!
On Thursday, January 31st at 4 pm. You can watch his at our sweet home

Like always, our Rain and his Cloud will be together always.
Rain Smile ^______^

Thank you so much~
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In the Heart of u...
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yeah tooo cool for ji hoon oppa i wach the Korea, Sparkling ! commercial
in youtube and he was just handsome and he was seaking english too cute
i love you oppa, 4ever


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i have the translation guys:

"Hello everybody! It's Rain here. Everybody put in major efforts at Taean. I sincerely thank everybody. I went to Taean to help out too. They are still in need of funds. Thanks very much to everybody for your help rendered for Taean. Wish everybody happy & fortunate. It's very cold weather now.. take care, beware of catching cold. Although it's a short speech here, but we must have strength. Aja fighting! We are one family! Thank you very much, for all the hard work/help rendered for Taean."
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30 / F / from east africa-...
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rain is hot!!
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