What is another good Anime to Watch

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Posted 6/19/14 , edited 6/19/14
So I love Naruto but i am all caught up on it now and i would like to no.....

Is there any other great anime's out there that you think I should watch.
I figured i would ask instead of watching a bunch of different Anime's. thanks

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Posted 6/19/14 , edited 6/20/14

Casshern Sins


Soul Taker

Samurai 7

Kannazuki no Miko

Attack on Titan
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Posted 6/24/14 , edited 6/25/14
As a HUGE Naruto/Naruto Shippuden fanboy, I HIGHLY recommend watching One Piece if you haven't already. I know these two fan bases clash a lot considering they are the two biggest Shonen anime/manga but why not love both? I was skeptical at first but it's sooo good! Especially where I'm at in the series things are starting to really pick up.

Another very good one is Hunter x Hunter (2011). The art is VERY good and the animation is amazing. It has HUGE character development and is actually a pretty mature anime (trust me it gets gruesome).

My first long running series and one of my favorites is Fairy Tail. Its about mages and the characters are really cool.

Okay so those are the long running ones, now its time for the shorter ones.

Im sure you have already heard about Attack on Titan as the hype was RIDICULOUS. But imo it get's the hype it deserves.
Also check out Sword Art Online especially if you like video games specifically the MMORPG genre. The first 14 episodes are OUTSTANDING but unfortunatly drops in quality after that. Dont fret thought, the new season 2 comes out SOON!

I'm sure I've forgotten about plenty of series because there are so many good ones but these are the ones off the top of my head. Hopefully you found this helpful.
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Posted 8/5/14 , edited 8/5/14
Black bullet
naruto shippuden
one piece
free owaki swiming club
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