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Hi! Before this story (fan- fic) starts, I would wish to introduce myself. My name is Shota, Hiroyuki Shota. I love green tea and enjoy an easy and slow paced life like most old people do, Chess has never been my best game but I still can’t help but to have a game once in a while.

My story with the help from my buddy has being fused straight into the magical world of negima, the ever-popular manga/anime series starring Ken Akatmatsu as its artist. I will be updating this story from time to time when I’ve finish a bunch or two so patience will be the key to keep this story alive.

I ensure you,

-New heart stopping characters
-Altered chapters (yes, this will go by the manga… with new parts added by me.)
-And lastly, COMEDY! Which we all love.

Oh yes... comments made in this thread will be REMOVED in order to make this thread clean to only my chapters. Comments about my work can be sent via my mail.


Chap 1- Job under the moon.

USA was as busy as it always was, the repeated sounds of cars blasting their horns at each other’s back was fairly irritating towards the ears of many.
The duo walked towards the pair of gates, long disturbed by time as it creaked slowly as cold winds blow against it. Inside… stood a massive piece of land for the departed, a graveyard.

“This job better give us the money we need!” I complained as I stomped towards the rusted gate that was covered with brownish red rust.

“Don’t worry one bit, this job’s a decent one. With this settled, not only dinner, but also a chance to give my car it’s much needed care… Failure is not any option you hear me SHOTA!” The list of complains dishes out of Katzumi throat, my long friend and also a magician-in-training as a person that hunts for demons, a demon hunter. Turning his head around, he sobbed at the sight of his beloved car covered with mud parked right behind us.
The cold winds suddenly grew strong. With a single gust, it swung the rusted gates open.

“They’re inviting us.” I said. I took the offer and rushed in without a pinch of hesitation lingering inside me.

“Now now, my baby. Do not offer yourself to any good looking guys that past by ok?” Senselessly talking to his car, Katzumi rushed to catch to me who was already inside the graveyard. Nothing but dead silence surrounded us, not even the whistles of the winds that were all around us when we were still outside.

We took cautious steps as we headed deeper and deeper into the maze of tombstones. 30 minutes of cautiousness certainly took its toll as Katzumi twitched after seeing nothing but tombs everywhere.

“Oy, Shota. Lets go already, the things we see here are only graves nothing more!” Katzumi snapped the dead silence with his frustration. He turned back to where we started off, Shocked to his sight shown him… Trees devioded of life covered the path as if we’ve being caged in like birds.

“Katzumi use your tracker.” I sighed at his impatience.

Katzumi raised leather glove. A magic circle with 5 orbs attached craved out as its design, an orb shone with power. The graveyard was bath with a huge burst of light that died out as son as it came.

“So, see anything yet?” I question my partner as he was cleared from his doubts.

“Yep, They’re here…many of them.” With eyes as if it was covered in a thick fog, Katzumi’s eye was now seeing luminous orange glows of countless tracks of foot and handprints of creatures not of this busy world.

“They” know that hiding in the shadows was no longer necessary. Growls started filling the silence from before, we both took our offensive stances.

“Here they come, you ready?” I flick the back poach on my back and pulled out a dagger-like weapon. With usual cravings on this blade accompanied by the green glow it shone under the moon, I stood low and waited for them to take the first strike.

“Of course I am!!!” From yet another orb bursted out a large broad sword, Katzumi’s weapon of choice. Katzumi displayed some of his fancy swordplay before slashing the tombstone just beside him in a neat half… shrikes of pain sprouted out, one of those any things was down.

“First blood!” Katzumi pointed a “V” sigh at me. I covered his back as he went examine what was our culprit. With a swamp-green skin and dirty yellow claws, it was a ghoul. The dead corpse smelled of rotting flesh as Katzumi threw it into the shadows, sounds of bones cracking and meat being pulled apart was heard inside the darkness.

“Job, start!!!” Katzumi shout a cry of victory. The skies was covered black, not by the clouds but by a army of ghouls that pouched up. They want more meat… we smiled at the as it was goodbye to our “empty wallet days”

Blood of the slained ghouls stained the rich soil purple. We danced in the abandoned site that night, slashing and immersing ourselves into the wails of the fatally injured. The battle lasted till early morning…

-Back at Wales-

“I will now distribute the graduation certificates. You’ve all done well these past seven years… but the true challenge lies in training to come so don’t think you cam sit back and relax now…” The headmaster, old but wise and filled with demour spoke in front of the few students at the church-like school of magic.

“Negi Springfield!” The headmaster called out once more.

“Here!” replied the young lad that would to be known as the offspring of the legendary “thousand master”


Hiroyuki Shota.

My first chapter, I’m new to fan-fics even though since years ago it has already filled my head. I would really do appreciate it if pointers are to be made, by mailing me. Thank you and I hope you enjoy.
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