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Posted 6/24/14 , edited 6/25/14
I've already checked the help threads and they weren't really able to fix my issues, so I thought I would try a more broad request.

I have been having issues with videos on Crunchyroll today, and today only. The video keeps "stuttering" as I believe its called. It stops about 3 times a second, so as such, it takes a long time to get through each episode.

At first I thought it might have just been the fact that I was trying to watch Black Bullet at a high traffic time, but then I switched to Squid Girl, which shouldn't have that issue, provided its a much older series. But the issue persists.

I decided to run a spybot search on my computer, and cleared my cache, among other things. It still doesn't have an effect. I'm using FireFox, but I also have Chrome, and Internet Explorer, and I can't watch it on any of them.

Is it something on my end?

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Posted 6/28/14 , edited 6/29/14
Who is your provider and what are your speeds, did you possibly reach the end of your bandwidth or are you getting throttled.
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Posted 6/28/14 , edited 6/29/14

I get the same issue, and on multiple computers, and on other people's connections and computers. Crunchyroll's servers seem to have gone down the tube as of late, and it has now been 3 weeks of symptoms w/ no fix. It was not like this when I subscribed.

If this is not fixed soon, I will be cancelling my subscription. All I ask is one 1080p video streamed per week, and in return pay ~10$ a month. This shouldn't be a problem, and if it keeps up I will find myself unsubscribed. The convenience of streaming is nice, but with such a bad stream and barely any buffer, I am torrenting again until it's fixed.

Quite frustrating.
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Posted 7/1/14 , edited 7/1/14
It's far from being just you - there are 25 pages of people experiencing the same problems (stemming back most of a year, on and off) at
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