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Posted 6/25/14 , edited 6/28/14
A quick example:
Name: Melinda
Age: 16
Shugo chara(s): Ringo(manga artist), Hitomi (Author), Clare (photographer), and Xero (confient tough girl)
Info: Sweet,smart,Cheerful, Cute! Thats what everyone in school always say about me, from running to all my classes to getting good grades, I seem perfect; At least that's everyone thinks..Im really an insecure girl who has trouble being confident with myself and my ability to be social. Feeling alone when I'm in class or at home, I take out either my phone, 3ds, or tablet and starts to daydream into my own little world. One day I couldn't take being a social screw up anymore so i started wishing I were more social and confident, the next morning i wakeup only to find 4 eggs in my bed. I couldn't leave them alone so I took them to school with me and so my adventure begins....

Post your OCs here dechu! X3
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