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Long silver hair and purple eyes were highlighted by the full moon. He stood on the roof of a nearby building staring up at the sky. His eyes reflected a sadness I had not known. My heart pounded and the man turned and looked right into my eyes. The expression on his face changed into a look or terror. I blinked once and he was gone.

The warning bell sounded throughout the halls. Footsteps quickened with the slamming of books and backpacks against the floor. The clicking of the teacher's high heels matched the rhythm of the scratching of pencils the others made answering her daily question. I sat back in my chair hearing an unusual sound. The clicking was followed by a squeaking noise. The teacher opened the door and took a seat at her desk. A man in a raincoat and rain boots stood next to her. His face was covered with his hat.

"We have a new student joining us today," the teacher announced. "Go ahead and introduce yourself."

The man undid his coat and lifted up his hat. His silver hair poured down over his face, covering his eyes. "My name is Rowan Emerson." His voice seemed to draw everyone in.

"Tell us a little about yourself Emerson," the teacher had a look of complete interest.

"I'm an only child," Rowan mumbled. "There is nothing else I wish to say."

"Um.." the teacher paused. "Alright. Your seat is next to Gene." I stood up to show were Rowan was to sit. It was not the only empty seat in the class. The other belonged to my best friend Renee who was out sick. Rowan took a glance at me, said nothing, and claimed his chair. I did the same. School went by slowly. I could feel his gaze on the back of my neck. When the final bell rang I left as fast as I could. The bad feeling I got from this man drove me crazy. I just had to get away, but it wasn't enough. I saw him again on my way back home. He stared into my eyes then walked right up to me.

"Gene," Rowan called my name with his sweat voice.

"What do you want, Rowan?" I asked.

"I know you want to know what I was doing on that roof," Rowan glanced around. "I was just checking out the stars."

"I believe you," I lied. I knew he was there for a different reason.

"I can tell that you do not believe me."

"No," I paused. "I don't."

He chuckled. "The truth is, I was trying to see what this city is like at night. I'm here to make sure that something bad doesn't happen."

"What are you?"

"I'm a human just like you."

"But your eyes, they're..."

"Oh! Yeah, they are purple. I wear contacts since purple eyes are seen as the eyes of a monster."

"Then you are..."

"No, not a monster. But you are right. I am not a "normal" human. I'm a basilisk, a human that was feed poison as a child and has survived for more than five years. I cannot be killed by anything involving poison. My blood and saliva are poisonous. A simple touch of either of the two can kill anyone."

"A basilisk. Are you also here to kill anyone?"

"No. I'm here to keep everyone safe. There is another basilisk that will be here soon."

"How do you know that?"

"It's a basilisk thing."

"I see. And me? Is there something you need from me?"

"Not really. You just caught my eye." He looked away. "Ok, that's not the complete truth." He suddenly grabbed me and pulled me under the bridge. A slight breeze lifted various smells into the air. Most of them came from Rowan. However, the smell of grass overwhelmed all of the other smells. "Don't worry." A shadow appeared. A man soon followed. He was the cause of the smell of grass.

"I know you are there Rowan," the man said.

Rowan sighed. He whispered, "stay here and be quiet." He walked out from under the bridge and stood before the man. "It has been a long time Hayden."

"So Rowan, what are you doing here?" the man asked. "Are you here to join me or to stop me?"

"You know why I'm here," Rowan glared at Hayden.

"I see. Is that girl you're hiding your new lover?"

Rowan sighed again. "Gene, please come here." I did as he said.

"Cute," Hayden reached out his hand to touch me but Rowan slapped it away. "Awe. How mean. Let me have a taste of her."

"You sound like a vampire," I blurted out.

"A vampire?" Hayden laughed. "There are no such thing as vampires. I'm a basilisk just like Rowan here is."

"I know," I said calmly.

Hayden chuckled. His laugh echoed. I blinked. Rowan and Hayden were suddenly in a huge fist fight. The battle moved to the construction area when Hayden threw Rowan into a cement mixer. I followed them to the scene. Rowan then smashed Hayden's head against the concrete wall. Pieces of the concrete littered the ground and dust filled the air. Out of the cloud, Hayden's hand grabbed my neck. Rowan was on his knees in front of a huge dent in the wall of the bridge. Hayden tightened his grip. I struggled, but my strength left me. Rowan slammed into Hayden, pushing him into the river. Rowan's blood dripped onto the grass. The color of the grass shifted to black as it lost its life. And mine went with it. Hayden's blood had gotten into my mouth. My skin turned into a dark ash color. I felt my body being ripped apart.

"Gene!" Rowan kneeled beside me. "No!" His hand tried to find a place to hold me, but my body was already disintegrating. His tears blended into the ash. Rowan stood up and slammed Hayden to the ground. "I'll kill you!" As if mimicking a vampire, Rowan dug his teeth into Hayden's neck. Hayden let out a horrible scream. But this was not enough. Although Rowan's poison was stronger than Hayden's, the Basilisk power in Hayden allowed him to survive. Rowan took Hayden's head and repeatedly slammed it against the pavement. Then he punch Hayden in the stomach. As Hayden was trying to regain his footing, Rowan gained control of the cement mixer. He poured the cement onto Hayden. The slipperiness of the mixture made Hayden slip. Rowan grabbed the chains from the tractor and tied Hayden to the fence. He continued drenching Hayden in the cement until he could no longer breath. Rowan returned to my side. "I'm sorry," he said to me as the last of my body broke away. My body left an imprint in the dirt. And that was how I died.
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