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Posted 6/25/14 , edited 6/25/14
Annoying ,Stupid, Selfish, Rich Brat

He walks in the room and everyone stars at him. Every movement he makes the

others watch as if it was the best movie in the world. A prince you say? This fraud? He is

just a good looking rich kid who thinks that he owns the place. Smart you say? No, he just

has a really good tutor that he probably pays one hundred dollars an hour. He is an

immature brat that uses his money and status to control the teachers. He even uses it to

blackmail people he does not like. Athletic you say? Yeah right! He just has a personal

trainer that he yet again pays a lot of money to. I bet he even wears shoes that have

Although he's a high schooler he doesn't know how to cook, clean, or wash his

underwear. The maids do it all. He even has his butler bring him a glass of lemonade or a

cup of tea whenever or wherever he wants it. A sixty-two inch plasma TV? Of course not,

that is way too small for him. He has to have a seventy-five inch TV or bigger or else he

throws a tantrum. I bet he even has a TV in every room in his mansion. And yes, that

includes the bathroom, the eighteen pools, the twenty-seven game rooms, the three

dinning areas, and not to mention the other fifty or so rooms. I feel bad for the workers

who had to bring everything he wants to those areas. He even repaints all of the rooms

once every month. I'm surprised he hasn't run out of colors to choose from.

bodyguards will pick it up or even get a new one. Seven bodyguards? Really? How many

does this kid need? He's not the President. No, the President doesn't get to live a life like

this jerk does. One day this guy will get what is coming to him. Oh why? Why do I have to

sit next to him? "Hand me your pencil," he dares to command me. Alright! I'll hand him the

pencil right up his... ehhem... Anyway, everything about him is so disgusting that I just

want to throw up every time I see him or even hear his name.

This spoiled rotten rich boy doesn't even work. If he drops something, one of his

The Perfect Woman

She sits at her desk wearing a short skirt and a beautiful top that reveals part of

her chest. She's beautiful, smart, and the perfect woman. All of the other guys stare at her

with their minds thinking up ways to get her to strip for them. I'd like to see that too. No! I

can't! She is too good for me. Her beauty is overwhelming. She is rich too. I'm just a

simple and common boy who is about average looking. Everything about me is average.

But she is perfect. I worship the ground she walks on. Oh her smell makes me so... well, it

turns me on. I'd love to kiss her feet just once. "Can I carry your books for you?" Oh how

I'd love to ask her that. But she has a servant for that. Oh how lucky he is. He gets to

follow her every where she goes. Her hair shines in the sun and glows at night. Her voice

can calm a crying baby. She is the perfect woman. She can cook, clean, and do the

laundry. I bet her panties are pure white since she herself is so pure.

to stay away from her, but that just shows how precious she is. Oh a bowl of soup. I'd

She doesn't sweet so she never smells bad. Her easy going aura forces others

love to taste it. I bet she made it herself. Her fingers caress her cup of tea. Oh how I wish

I was that cup. Opps! I was drooling. Oh! My camera! I want another photo of her to join

my collection. She is the perfect model for my alter. Ah! The perfect woman. If only I could

just say one word to her I bet we'd become the best of friends.
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