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Aniplex of America
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Posted 6/27/14 , edited 6/27/14
The thing with Aniplex is that, unlike Funimation which tries to have more of a mainstream (using that term very loosely) appeal with their releases, Aniplex only targets the collectors; people who find those high prices appealing because it means that less people will buy it and therefore, more value as a collection item. I bought the imported Persona 3 movie because I'm a Persona fanboy and wanted to support Atlus, yet I still felt like I got robbed.

Sad thing is, I don't see any signs of them stopping that practice since they still benifit from it. If we go with a basic math problem: Funimation is selling 100 glasses lemonade at 1$ a glass in an urban area while Aniplex is selling their lemonade at 100$ in the middle of the Nevada desert and one crazy thirsty guy decides to buy a cup. In the end, they'll make the same amount of money.

Also, we shouldn't blame things on AoA because they're just doing what AoJ asks them to do. Hell, I hear they had to fight with them to release Kill la Kill in 6 boxsets instead of 7.

That being said, if I was made of money, I'd totally buy that Fate/Zero blu-ray set since they pack in so many bonuses. Put paying more than 200$ for one series, even one as amazing as Fate/Zero? That's just way too much. If I want to re-watch it, I can just log on Netflix whenever I want.
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Posted 12/27/15 , edited 12/27/15
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