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Posted 6/30/14 , edited 7/1/14

thaknowhow wrote:

Nightblade370 wrote:

thaknowhow wrote:

I Senior in high school(Obv I was legal), notably the prettiest teacher in my school told me: "you have a baby face, with very nice eyes". You could say she had a 'baby face'.

Personally I don't.

Well, I think the important question is how she said it to you. Did she get closer to you? Did her tone of voice change to be softer or sweeter? Was it said in a seductive tone for that matter?

Also, would you call your teacher sharp or klutzy? I ask because personality matters here: if she's a klutz, then she might have said it harmlessly, but if she is sharp, then there is likely an intention, perhaps a form of teasing (sharp-minded people hardly every say anything without intent, after all).

The most important question is did anything happen over the past 17 hours since you've posted this forum? Did she make any more moves, subtle or bold?

Think about these questions and then answer me. I'd like to give you a good answer, but this is a case where data should be collected and considered.

P.S. Just because

This is past-tense, man. She is a Math teacher, so she was sharp, but she puts up the klutz act. I haven't seen this teacher since I graduated 2 years ago, but when I made my rounds to say farewell to my teachers she told me "be sure to come back and say hi".

If you have the guts to go do it, then go do long as it doesn't get her fired. I think it's fine since you're of legal age and are no longer in the school system, but I'd check because the school board can be funny about these things. Regardless, if it won't get her in trouble, then it wouldn't hurt to visit her sometime and find out the truth, and if she is interested, then go for it assuming you want to.
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