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Posted 6/30/14 , edited 6/30/14
so a few days ago me and a few friends got together to play my collection of fighting games while drinking (We made a drinking game out of it, yes we're dorks) and we started to talk about the different characters we use, and that's when it hit me..... why not just create your own? so we then spent most of the night just coming up with ideas for new characters. for the most part they kinda became a mash-up of the characters we use.

we wrote them down as we came up with them, here's a few examples of the ideas my friends had...

As I find the others I will post them

first up is the Ex-girlfriend, she uses Hitomi in DOA and Makoto from Street Fighter. I'm pretty sure she got her ideas from these 2 but when I mentioned it to her she punched me.....

another friend, this on is weird but he's kinda odd himself... also he kinda drank too much

Here's a template

So you can be as descriptive as you want with what they wear, even give a back story if you want.
It might be easier to use the template like above and just adding what you want extra like if they wear gloves or maybe another shirt or earrings

Have fun
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Posted 7/1/14 , edited 7/1/14
There are programs for this. If you have a PS2, it has Fighter Maker 2. If you prefer PC, there is always M.U.G.E.N., and, IIRC, a new version of that has recently become available.
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"Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no activity since 2014."
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