Got my Nintendo DS Mystery Bundle today
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Posted 6/30/14 , edited 6/30/14
Came with an "Injustice Gods Among Us" t-shirt. Poor quality iron-ons so it'll fade fast, but it's black and so it'll be fine after a few washings.
"Castlevania - Order of Ecclesia", which was guaranteed. Well reviewed, and that's what drew me to it in the first place.

And then we have the "second" mystery DS title. Not game. "What's Cooking? Jamie Oliver".

Really, guys? Did you bring this back from the Atari landfill in New Mexico?

I got burnt on the last Mystery Bundle, so you'd think I'd've learnt my lesson. (Only 1 of 3 was a viable candidate for keeping.) The backpack bundle I was happy with because the backpack wasn't that crummy and it came with a black ballcap; I like black ballcaps.

But 2 out of 5 on DS games is really bad.

I will say, I was glad you gave free shipping that day; your shipping costs generally discourage me from purchasing stuff from you guys.

I'm going to hope the used-game shop will give me something for it. Hopefully.

For those who will leap up and scream "zomg don't buy it, you knew it was random", well... I won't anymore. I'll play Castlevania and use CR for what it does best: streaming current anime.
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Posted 6/30/14 , edited 6/30/14
Why don't you leave your review in the shop's section for the item bundle, instead of making a thread about it to vent?
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Posted 6/30/14 , edited 6/30/14

xizar wrote:

[not real happy with the bundle]

I agree with koji8123, that if your intent is to leave feedback, the General Discussion forum isn't the right place. Please do post in the Crunchyroll Store Help forum.

If you just want to share your impressions with others, then there is already a thread for that in the Console Gaming forum, so please post there (since I'm closing this one as duplicate). Here's the link:


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