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Level Up!

Inside Armies of Yuell, you will face tougher and tougher enemies in your quest for liberation. In order to keep up, a levelling system has been introduced. Below you will find all the information you need.

How to Level
In order to level up your character, you'll need some experience, or EXP. This is awarded to players at the end of a battle or quest, along with any money or items.

Level Cap
Now you're gaining EXP, you'll probably want to know that your characters level is capped at 10 for the first act, and will be increased with every subsequent acts release.

Levelling Scale
Here is a list of the first 10 levels EXP requirements. (Numbers displayed are how much EXP is required to COMPLETE that level and reach the next one)

Lv. 1 - [____10____]
Lv. 2 - [_____16_____]
Lv. 3 - [______23______]
Lv. 4 - [________35________]
Lv. 5 - [__________50__________]
Lv. 6 - [_____________67_____________]
Lv. 7 - [_________________90_________________]
Lv. 8 - [_______________________118_______________________]
Lv. 9 - [________________________________150________________________________]
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