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In the Depths Of...
Posted 7/2/14 , edited 7/3/14

A long time ago, in a Kingdom far far away.... there lived many fables. The amount that human children can recall in their books are immeasurable!

Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin, the list goes on!

The descendants of these legendary fables live in Far Far Away to escape from the human world after they have done their part in the cycle of Child Dreams and Imagination. Here they can be what they were made to be, Royal and Graceful.
At times there might be an argument over who the fairest one of all is....but a bit of healthy competition is good right?

Well for some fables.... it would seem it could be fatal.

Poison Apple anyone?
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36 / F / Chesapeake, Virgi...
Posted 7/3/14 , edited 7/6/14
Alyison walked the cobbled streets through the massive archway that was entrance to Far Far Away. The architecture reminder her little of pictures she had seen of of medieval Europe yet that sort of minimal descriptor seemed to pale in comparrison. Far Far away was breathtaking if quiet at least in comparison to something like Neverland which could easily become her personnel hideaway. Though she often patrolled its streets she wondered what it would be allowed to actually be invited to royal ball. What grand music would be played, what sights would be seen? Would she even fit in or would she fall clumsy over her own feet as attempted to join in waltz or tango one she never tried before. Alyison sighed as she continue to keep her eyes peeled for any would be intruders or signs of problems. Seeing she was needed currently hear Alyison finished her portals and moved to Hocus Pocus.
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