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Posted 7/2/14 , edited 7/3/14
Hello all,

I've been wondering about this recently, and as it's summer, allowing me to watch more anime, I'm getting more ticked by it.

Nearly every time that I watch anime here on my PC, it's always loading slow for no reason. I'll be watching 1080p for 3 minutes, then it starts lagging, then pretty much stops. I try on 720p, same thing, I try on 480p, same thing, 360p same. It even does it for SD. ?!

Then I go on my "ancient" PS3 and it streams 1080p continuously for about 4 hours no problem. I would love to hook up my PS3 to my monitor, but I can't use the PS3 for what I do on PC and vice versa.

The thing that gets me is that my connection overall, I get 85 Mbps down, 35 Mbps up, which is totally "acceptable" for even 4K video. Then using command prompt, I tested the connection to the recommended Crunchyroll Server for videos: 55 Down, 20 Up with a ping of 15, also to note, with very minimal packet loss (packets of data for the video).

It just doesn't make any sense, everything is up to date, my computer is well capable since I built it and it cost over $1600 >.>, my DNS is set to google main and google backup ( ;, I tried every solution, and yet it still slows down here and runs fine on my PS3, which is well on it's way to the garbage soon.

I was hoping if anyone had a similar problem that could apply help or further evidence to this problem. It'd be great to at least get a consecutive 3 episodes in!


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Posted 7/3/14 , edited 7/3/14
I have had the issue during "peak hours" on my computer. The video is very choppy and loads in chunks, with a couple different computers producing the same results. I did the tests too with no problem, so I suspect it is something on the CR side of things. I tested my connection to other sites and through my ISP with no trouble, but I have had problems watching videos too.

I know this doesn't produce a solution for you, but at least you now know it isn't just you and your machines. It appears to be a CR thing.
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Posted 7/3/14 , edited 7/4/14
CR uses different CDN services for website versus all the apps, so that may explain why you're getting a different experience on different platforms.
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Posted 7/4/14 , edited 7/4/14
I have been experiencing the same thing for a couple of weeks now. It seems that ever since they stated the all access membership my anime memberships streaming will not work.
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Posted 7/4/14 , edited 7/5/14
Thanks for everyone's input so far ^_^.

I've been thinking that they really need to re-do their networking / servers / etc. They get so much money and they really put it into apps, which really, are doing great! But now I think they need to start re-focusing on the website side of things.
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