Just showing off some of my work.
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Posted 7/3/14 , edited 7/4/14
Just wanted to post some of my work here and see what you guys think, I’m not that good and to be honest I really have a hard time even finishing a picture lately but this is what I have finished.
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Posted 7/4/14 , edited 7/5/14
Don't put yourself down, your stuff ain't half bad. You draw hands pretty well and body proportions are pretty good. Keep it up!
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Posted 7/14/14 , edited 7/15/14
Hey, don't put yourself down dude. All you need is a bit of work on your foreshortening and a bit of polish. Overall, I like it

Remember, be confident in your abilities, but never be complacent!
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Posted 7/19/14 , edited 7/20/14
You could search up videos of learning composition, give Youtube a deep search (if you learn better from visual aid.) That will help your angle and shading among other skills.
Do you sketch with or without building a skeleton/blueprint first? This is a great article on drawing from the right perspective:


Keep drawing and comparing to references to study how your favorite characters are drawn and how to achieve the affect. You'll find tricks out for yourself by just drawing too, and keep submitting works for review so others (with more experience) can help build you up even more.
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Posted 8/5/14 , edited 8/5/14
Check out the book: Figure Drawing: Design and Invention by Michael Hampton, it will help you out with anatomy. Don't worry about style.
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Posted 8/6/14 , edited 8/7/14
Thanks I will
Posted 8/17/14 , edited 8/18/14
When you draw anatomy, you have to not see contours, pretend you are sculpting.
Draw very light, most people do not know, that professional artist can take a long time before they choose lines.
Also they make gestalts, (it is one of my favorite words^^) then outline it, most professional artist draw to avoid drawing with lines inside the frame, until the feel the sculpture is just right. Also you can find many pose stock images and resources from artist and art sites.
If you want to best in figure drawing from the west I would advise you to go with Adrew Loomis book.
As far as I can you got the style, color, form, power, in your art, so all you just need now, is
make your own style of sculpting dynamics. I had to learn through trail and era,
but if you need help I can post some anatomy sketches I do.
I find even from the best books, nothing really works, you just got to is it as a base to find your own way to do it.
The whole Life path of art is like that. So, number one things is keep doing what you are doing,
and do not be afraid to experiment,no matter successful or not.
For me I had to learn to draw by seeing art through new eyes,
I used to think lines then fill instead of fill and lines,
like the famous saying goes, be like water, you can shape it to anything^^

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Posted 8/18/14 , edited 8/19/14
Thanks, I really needed to hear that.
Posted 8/19/14 , edited 8/19/14
Yes you are welcome...
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Posted 10/29/14 , edited 10/29/14
What may also help.
I don't if this has been mentioned already but when drawing a figure, try drawing without clothes or hair on.
Just draw the nude base, sculpt the figure piece by piece.
If you want to improve practice everyday.
Drawing is kind of like math, the more you practice the better you become and the less "knowledge" you'll lose.

By the way this has nothing to do with art but speaking of math literally practice all the time, there's no such things as breaks. Something I learned growing up.
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