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Posted 7/4/14 , edited 7/4/14
What are everyone's theories on what may happen if the United Shinobi Alliance wins the war?

Is it possible that they could all become one (This solves the world peace for the most part) And instead of Naruto only becoming Hokage for Konoha he becomes Kage of the 5 nations?

It may seem like a bit of a stretch but think about it, all the villages are teaming up together to help fight Madara and Obito and they are all heavily relying on Naruto who will most likely be the hero of the war if it turns out that way. Naruto is in the prophecies and is stated as someone who will change the world and as world peace as been a HUGE topic in Naruto being that Naruto's dad, Jiraiya, Yahiko * Nagato and even Madara strive for world peace. Could it be that this is the very solution and that Naruto will become the one true kage?

What do you guys think?

Also as this is an Anime only section of the forums, please try to refrain from spilling manga information and try to keep your answer as anime based as possible. thank you.
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Posted 8/21/14 , edited 8/21/14
I think the one world village idea is just too much of a stretch. I think there is value in maintaining the separate identities of each village. I think there will be a huge decrease in conflict amongst the villages, but a single village is just too much to ask for. I also think Kakashi will become Hokgae. Kishi might do some kind of time skip, one year after type thing and show how Naruto becomes hokage, but that is still a little far off. I do think they should show, Naurto, Sakura, and Sasuke being Jounin, and having their own genin teams.
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Posted 8/23/14 , edited 8/24/14
Well how they solved their differences was pretty superficial to me. They've had conflict for hundreds of years, wars, tons of killing and deceit, and then after one speech by Gaara they started working together perfectly. Idk about that.

But it is an interesting idea. And I can see something odd happening like that. I'm thinking it will involve Sasuke, Naruto, and possibly Kakashi. Like Naruto even given the chance to become the kage of all villages decides to be the Hokage or he leaves being the hokage to Sasuke or something like that.
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Posted 9/1/14 , edited 9/1/14
I would be annoyed if Naruto didn't at least become naruto at the end
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