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R E A D . T H E . R U L E S !

  1. No God-mode. (We're not gods with unlimited powers here. We're fighting to become one!) This means that your character can and will receive injuries during fights. Remember to state the injuries that your character receives. Be dramatic if you have to. IMPORTANT: Characters of members cannot kill each other unless members agree to it.

  2. No cussing at each other. I will be very STRICT on this. Please keep things PG-13. Do not use curse words or say inappropriate things. You will be banned from this forum if you do so.

  3. No double posting in the forum; with certain exceptions. Let others have a chance to reply to your posts (even if the replies are slow)!

  4. Please type at least one paragraph (consists of 5 sentences) for your role play posts. Your posts must be clear and understandable. We want to know what you're saying in order to respond to you. I will not go GRAMMAR NAZI on you, but please double check before posting. You can use Spell Check too. It is there for a reason.

  5. You are only allowed THREE or FOUR characters right now. This rule may change later, but right now, you are only allowed to create three characters! You MUST post a character in the Character Creation board. You will not be able to role play until a staff member has approved. NEWBORNS ARE TO BE ROYALS. There is no limit to how many pets you can have, but they MUST follow one of your characters. (For more information on pets, go to: A New Breed of Animals.) There are no limits to how many NPC's you can create as well. Just remember to read the rules about NPC creation here: Non-Player Character.

  6. When you apply your character you might see theres a password in the format. So you have to read the rules to find the PASSWORD in UNDERLINE

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L A W S . O F . S U N A R I A !

Respect to Members! - If you are consciously aware that your behaviour is not positive, then it shouldn't be a behaviour that you keep. Toxic behaviour will be dealt with by a moderator, and will be dealt with accordingly by that moderator. Know when to be mature, and don't be an ass.

Make your post legible! - This includes grammatical errors, spelling errors, and whatever post, plot, thread or whatever templates you wish to utilize. There are more people who have visual disabilities that roleplay than most people think. Please be conscious of what you write and your choices of colours, fonts and size of script. Any offending posts will likely be deleted or edited, and their posters will be spoken to.

LITERATE ROLEPLAY! - This does not mean your amount of experience with roleplaying, it means that you must have some kind of grasp on the English language and display it regularly. Your posts are expected to have substance, but also to have some imagination! Some spelling errors and grammatical errors are natural, but one should learn from their mistakes, and if they have severe issues with spelling or grammar then they need to really use a program like Microsoft Word or Open Office. On the other hand, we don't expect you to be perfect writers from the start. Part of participating in an RP forum is learning how to become a better writer.

Members - Don't God Mod! - The original definition of godmodding was to turn on the "god mode" of a computer game. In the terms of roleplaying, this means to exert too much control over other plots or characters. Do not create invincible characters. Do not control other characters. Do not display OOC knowledge of characters in-character without the writer's expressed permission. Read the posts of the other characters to make sure that you are not performing impossible actions. Life will not go as the character expects 100% of the time. Do not change the world around your character to make sure the character stays on top. If this rule is violated, moderators will step in and decide who wins in a dispute.
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