Kagetane Hiruko - Black Bullet cosplay
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Posted 7/6/14 , edited 7/6/14
Hey so I decided I want to cosplay as Kagetane Hiruko since he has blonde hair and I have blonde hair and you also never see his face so I don't have to look like him.

Does anyone know here I should begin as a complete newbie to cosplay?

The mask isn't massively expensive off of ebay:
But I am weary of it's quality given that it is from China and am thinking it maybe a safer bet to make my own.

The suit doesn't seem to hard either I have dress shirt and a bowtie, I'd just have to get the coat, trousers, gloves and hat.
There seems to be people selling them but they are very expensive:

Thank you in advanced for any advice.
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Posted 7/7/14 , edited 7/8/14
Hi! It's not too expensive, but if you or someone you know is handy with cutting plastic or something, it could be easily done on your own. I could see it done out of a thin white-colored school binder.

I think the costume could be fairly easy! It seems like something you could find at a thrift/vintage clothing shop, and tweak a little on your own- good luck! I hope it goes well :>
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