Cosplay Beginner!!!
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Posted 7/7/14 , edited 7/7/14
I recently cosplayed at anime expo 2014 but I bought all my costumes and not a single part of any of my costumes were made. I had no problem with it but I really like to be a creative person so I would like to start making my costumes. I would like to know what websites or people I can watch that are very helpful with making your own costumes and what stores I can buy the fabrics from! I want to start of with a simple cosplay so my first cosplay I am planning to make is Oka Yuoji from Noucome! Please check out a picture of her and please give me some advice on what fabrics I should buy for the pieces of her costume. Thanks so much! and I apologize if this has been asked many times before :)
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Hi!! Hmm, I would recommend looking on youtube for specific how-to pieces of clothing- like "how to sew a pleated skirt" or "how to sew a school uniform" etc, but I think this lady has great cosplay tutorials!:

I live in the US, so I know that Joann fabrics is where I go to for fabric- but if you have you could search for fabric stores near you!

I usually use cotton fabrics, I think they're breathable and easy to sew. It really depends on what kind of texture you want for your clothing, wool for a bumpy texture, satin for a glossy/smooth finish, etc. !

If you have any thrift shops or stores like tj maxx, ross, etc.- I believe you could find most of this outfit, or most enough to tweak! I definitely see white button up shirts often at stores like tj maxx- and blazers are quite a common find at goodwill or something as well.

Good luck! I hope I was of any help and I hope you have fun making this cosplay :>
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Hi there Welcome to the cosplay world.

Beginning the costume
For a beginner cosplayer, the pleated skirt and jacket might be a bit difficult. Not that you can't do it, I sewed an entire dress as my second sewing project and it turned out perfectly! Just have patience and confidence You can go to some different shops and find something that resembles it and then alter it It may not be 100% accurate, but that is the best way to go with beginning cosplay costumes. Also, take a sewing class! I'm entirely self-taught, besides my mom who only answered some questions I had. She forced me to learn myself and it did come to my advantage. However, it was a frustrating process so I highly recommend taking a class I literally learned everything myself. Sewing and altering.

*Joanns is the best, like clndrn said! I personally think they have the best selection. Also, has quite a large inventory as well. From the looks of the costume from the picture, cotton would be the way to go. Again, like clndrn said, it's breathable and easy to sew ^.^

*For the stalkings, use nylon stocking material or just simply buy them Not all cosplay pieces can be made T.T

*If you plan on altering items for the cosplay, hit up Goodwill or other cheap department stores. Even Walmart or Target.

Feel free to contact me with any future cosplay questions, I'd be more than happy to help :D

Hope this helped <3
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I haven't looked into it yet myself, but this site in general looks useful:

They seem to have some threads about tutorials and fabrics and stuff, so I'm sure you'll find something helpful there. Also, I am just doing my first costume and I bought my supplies and fabric from Joanns. They seemed to have reasonably priced sewing classes too, last I checked.

Also, if you're going to buy over the knee socks, you might want to get something to help them stay up if they slide down easily, such as garters.
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