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Posted 7/8/14 , edited 7/8/14
So... yeah. I'm having problems with my ads.

I have a windows 8 tablet, a rather well functioning computer, and a Samsung TV that has a web browser app and they all have that same problem.

Namely, sometimes when the ads are done playing, it'll stay in that ad screen indefinitely until I refresh the page, meaning that I have to watch all the ad space up until that point again. Other times it will cut away in the middle of me watching and take me to an ad that will redirect to the page telling me that the next episode will start within five seconds. Just to be clear, the latter problem happens even when there isn't a planned ad break in the timeline. It just happens. So I have to refresh and watch all the ads up until that point again, which will play for all of two minutes before giving me another ad and sending me to the next episode.

It took me all of two hours to watch one episode of monogatari.

Also, I'm not a premium user.

Anyone have any ideas as to why cruchyroll has this problem across all my devices? I've got good internet and all the devices have good processing power. So I don't see how this could be a problem on my end.

I'm starting to think about giving up on crunchyroll until they get their act together.
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