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Site traffic overload
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Posted 7/9/14 , edited 7/9/14

Sogno- wrote:

sena3927 wrote:

Sailor Moon prolly had a much bigger draw than SAO...


not that i doubt SM's popularity but it aired much earlier than SAO, and the site was fine during that time too. It was when SAO was released that everything went haywire.

Go outside, spend some time with your family and friends and pets.

except not everybody has family, friends, or pets. Well going outside is a good suggestion. er well unless you live where i live and it's blazing hot outside and humidity's so thick that you can't breathe... i reckon some of us are just out of luck.

Sicne the release of SAO, many people have been onling waiting for the simulcast. Once SAO aired, many people started to watch at the same time, which lead to a few crashes for a bit.
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