Respectable GTA Online Players.
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Posted 7/8/14 , edited 7/9/14
So I've Clocked around 10 days of GTA Online, I'm very passive. the only time I kill another player is during Deathmatches or for my own protection. Races suck with most randoms, They have that mindset rubbing is racing, I come in last a lot cause I'm not an aggressive racer, I get clipped and slammed all the time, I'm growing tired of not having fun in races, I want to have fun with some respectable Racers/Players, No "Rubbing is Racing" mindset, No lone wolf stuff during missions. I enjoy everyone coming up on the Objective at the same time and working together.

In other words I'm looking for Practical, Respectable, People to play with.

Racing, Parachuting, Casual TDM/DM, Missions, Golf, Tennis, General Fun, what ever with laid back players.

I Mostly own practical cars, No Super cars only a few high end cars. None of my current friends play.

My Gamertag is: Dodger 1590
My PSN is: Dodger_1590

Now I don't own GTA V on PS3 yet, But that doesn't mean that other people can use this post to meet up as well.
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Posted 9/9/14 , edited 9/9/14
Closed because should be in the existing gamertags or PSN thread.
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