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Who Goes First When Shipping???
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Posted 8/4/14 , edited 8/4/14
I thought about this for quite some time, and the end result is that for Yuri shipping, it does not really matter. The way I see it, atleast with my favorite pairs, they can switch between being the proactive one and the submissive one with ease.
For name order I just use whichever sounds better now.

Don't know how it works with yaoi tho.
Posted 8/4/14 , edited 8/5/14

Bavalt wrote:

Whichever sounds better, of course. Usually, when you're given a pair of names, one of them will just sort of gravitate towards the front of the phrase, and the other towards the back. We subconsciously arrange those sorts of pairs or groups so that they're phonetically smoother, and therefore easier to pronounce.

I agree. I believe this should be the qualification for name order in couples. People in this thread say the BL people are strictly about seme x uke, but they shouldn't. For het couples, BL couples, and GL couples, the order of the names should just be whatever sounds the best and (this follows the first thing) is the easiest to say when citing the two characters of the couple one is citing.
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