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What I Learned About Japan From Watching Anime
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25 / M / UK
Posted 7/10/14 , edited 7/10/14
-Between the age of 13-18 you will almost certainly be called on to save the world from werewolves, vampires and various ne'er-do-wells
-The odds of your survival/importance depends on how extravagant your hair and clothes are
-Pistols are the most effective type of firearms
-Swords three times the size of a person can be used in combat by a 10 year old girl and are always more effective than guns
-You can sustain injuries that would kill a man six times over and be completely fine 30 seconds later
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41 / M / Connecticut, USA
Posted 7/10/14 , edited 7/10/14
What I've learned about Japan is that while it is wrong to stage dog fights it is perfectly okay to have your pet monster fight some one else's pet monster to a state of near death just to make you feel better about yourself.
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28 / M / GA
Posted 7/10/14 , edited 7/10/14
1. Moving from Tokyo to the country makes you the most interesting thing in a 100 mile radius.

2. High school students never do anything more than kiss. Hand holding is penultimate.

3. Apathy + a kind heart make you the coolest person in the classified universe.

4. As soon as you fall in love, you emit waves of pheromones attracting countless alternate mates.

5. Purple hair is black hair.

6. Declaring your love is not a big deal and will be forgotten about immediately.

7. Fat people all have a special talent or ability.

8. Falling in love in high school is akin to mating for life.

9. Cousins are fair game.
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23 / M / Shiganshina District
Posted 7/10/14 , edited 7/10/14
What I learned from anime about Japan - Joke Edition

- In Japan, there is always a love interest waiting for you, especially if you were in high school

- There is always that one guy (it could be me, it could be someone else) that everything revolves around. His luck levels are over 9000

- There is always that one girl who runs to school with melon bread in her mouth

- In that part of the world, giant robots are in production and have become extremely efficient for 'that one guy' who is in his teens.

- There have been numerous occasions where someone slips and puts his hand on a girl's breast

- Japanese is the most popular language followed by Engrish and German Japanese unless I am playing ping pong, then there is a guy who speaks something called.....Chinese?

- Hugging means you love me. Bro hugs are against the moral code but you can always develop some homosexual tension.

- Those who go on adventures, have really low IQ.
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19 / M / Reincarnated in A...
Posted 7/10/14 , edited 7/10/14
In Japan, parents encourage their children to amass H products and "have fun" with anyone of the opposite sex they bring home.
In Japan, every girl is visually attractive with white skin, colorful hair/eyes, and a nice figure, while all the boys are less than stellar.
In Japan, idiots > geniuses.
In Japan, homosexual guys are the world's bane while homosexual girls are the universe's treasure.
In Japan, all girls love cute things and homos.
In Japan, the chances of a girl falling from the sky, an alien crashing in your home, and/or monsters attacking is close to 99.4%,
In Japan, every school has at least one extremely rich girl that owns over 50% of the world's economy each.
In Japan, bigger is better.
In Japan, people with supernatural powers make up 79% of the population.
In Japan, the laws of physics, biology, and society hold no authority.
In Japan, the cutest girls are guys.
In Japan, nobody reads the contracts...
In Japan, people don't die when they are killed.
In Japan, the death rate from nosebleeds is 43%- the most vulnerable group being male virgins.
In Japan, 1 out of every 14 girls looks at least 10 years younger than their age and have an IQ inversely proportional to their size.
In Japan, "No" means "Yes".
In Japan, underage girls get drunk all the time.
In Japan, if it is a girl, add it to the harem while guys are killed on sight.
In Japan, girls have monster strength that is used on guys, who can fall off a building and still be okay.
In Japan, the weirdest people are the ones with the most common sense.
In Japan, love can be bought for 200 yen.
In Japan, sudden and inexplicable shrinking of persons and surroundings into cute disproportional forms is perfectly normal.
In Japan, 67% of the workforce have been outsourced to other countries (mainly America).
In Japan, there is a fetish for everything.
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35 / M / Florida
Posted 7/10/14 , edited 7/11/14
In Japan, if you bully a kid in elementary or middle school, they will come back in high school or after college with a strength so overwhelming that your face swells up until you say "sorry." Just saying something to that effect will heal all your wounds. That guy can still kick your butt though.
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Posted 8/31/14 , edited 8/31/14
Duplicate of existing thread that seemed to get some new activity the same day as this one (possibly as a result of this one?). Anyway, closing this one. The existing thread is:/forumtopic-817951/three-things-i-learned-about-japan-from-watching-anime
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