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Posted 1/20/15 , edited 1/21/15

Hana Ekusupurōra

R O M A N T I C INTEREST?//: Too busy swimming in the ocean

L O C A T I O N//: Anywhere, (Loves the beach and Ocean though)

Age//: 16 (Though mistaken as a 12 year old due to her height and baby face)

B I O//: Hana lives with a mother and older sister that don't care about her at all. Ever since her father died, none of her family members Spoke a single word. After 8 years had passed, Hana and her family moved to a house that was on the beach. She also attended a private academy which was 3 minutes away from her house. After living a lonely life, Hana finally got to go to a school and possibly make friends! But, whenever she tried to talk to people, they would think that she was cold-hearted. Coming home after school she cried by herself and decided to try to explore the beach. As she stepped outside on the soft warm sand, her hair flowed in the wind and her eyes glistened. She stared at the clear beautiful ocean and saw how large it was. Knowing that if she went in the ocean, she would be free with all the animals.Hana walked towards the ocean and jumped in it. Hana saw colorful creatures, coral, and maybe a underwater kingdom in the distance!? Either way, she saw a whole new world... And Hana knew that she had to explore it. From now on, Hana never believed in making friends, and loved the ocean.

*(PM if you want to RP with me)*
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