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Your Ideal Harem
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32 / M / Over there
Posted 7/13/14 , edited 8/7/14
Lolis, lolis and more lolis. And some shotas xD

Hmm, more specific:
Hina-chan from PapaKiki. I'll take Miu and Sora too.
Ushio from Clannad.
Kobato from Haganai
Lucchini from Strike Witches
Mayuri from Steins;Gate (not a loli, but I would love to hear the "Tuturuu" everyday xD)
Kyon's sister from the Haruhi series
Every girl from GochiUsa.
Kana Nakamachi from Kanamemo (she's good at cooking)
Mika Kujiin also from Kanamemo
Chiaki from Minami-ke
Shiro from NGNL
Every loli from Ro-Kyu-Bu! SS xD
Yuugiri from Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited - Hyoubu Kyousuke
Niche from Tegami Bachi
Enju Aihara from Black Bullet
Lisa from The Sacred Blacksmith
Kuu-chan from Sekirei
Mio from Needless
Rin-chan from Kodomo no Jikan
Asuna-chan from Astarotte's Toy
Alice from Oretachi

There's probably more XD
Since it's my "ideal" harem, I'm gonna update this post often XD
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28 / M
Posted 7/13/14 , edited 7/13/14
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25 / M / Jackson, MS
Posted 7/13/14 , edited 7/14/14
Musubi from Sekirei

Inaho Kushiya from Maken-Ki!

Frey from Unbreakable Machine Doll

Eris from Asobi ni Ikuyo!

Ao Nanami from Yozakura Quartet

Neko from K

Kanade Takatsuki from Asura Cryin
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29 / M / Puerto Rico
Posted 7/13/14 , edited 7/16/14
Akeno Himejima - High School DxD
Rin Tosaka - Fate/Stay-Night
Laura Bodewig - Infinite Stratos
Nodoka Miyasaki - Negima!

Just adding a "few" more...

Yuzuki Kiryu - KissxSis
Ashley Fennete - Code Geass
Ayase Aragaki - OreImo
Judith - Tales of Vesperia
Hitagi Senjogahara - Monogatari
Reki - Hidan no Aria
Morgiana - Magi
Hakase Kusaribe - Zetsuen no Tempest
Amy - Susei no Gargantia
Aiko Kudou - Baka & Test
Kujira Kurokami - Medaka Box
Ravel Phoenix - DxD
Chiaki Kurihara - Bodacious Space Pirates
Anri Sonohara - Durarara!!
Toujou Koneko/Shirone - DxD
Erika Chiba - The Irregular
Evangeline A.K. McDowell - Negima!
Yoko Littner - TTGL
Louise La Valiere - Zero no Tsukaima

That's pretty much it.
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22 / M / VIC, AU
Posted 7/13/14 , edited 7/14/14
Poor Yuno..... I doubt anyone would pick her for their own harems
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37 / M / End of the World
Posted 7/13/14 , edited 7/14/14
Harem Under Construction Expect Delays
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27 / M / This Dying World
Posted 7/13/14 , edited 7/14/14

shadow_bullet wrote:

Harem of all yandere character.

Well goodluck to me

You want your D off'd huh?
Posted 7/13/14 , edited 7/14/14
ideal harem? hrm..

Makoto Tachibana. He's the first option, and the most important. He is 10/10 wifey material. That and he's just about perfect in every way.
Tsubasa Hanekawa is next. She's right after Makoto. She's incredibly smart and sweet, so yeah.
Tobio Kageyama. It's because he's intense, all I can really say, lol.
Oikawa Tooru. He's cool, he's tall and handsome. I need nothing else.
Kagami Taiga. He's another really intense sort of guy. That and he's a complete basketball star with some great muscles.
Mikoshiba Mikoto. The way he gets so easily embarrassed is so adorable.

and that is my ideal harem(?)
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Posted 7/13/14 , edited 7/14/14
Ideal Harem? Well, while I love Harem anime, I don't think I'd be able to handle it, I'd be too worried about hurting someone. But if I could somehow manage to live in a harem anime where I knew they'd all be happy with the situation, I'd have to go with (no particular order):

Kazumi from Brynhildr
Chitoge from Nisekoi
Yukina from Strike the Blood
Linda from Golden Time
Iwasawa from Angel Beats
Ritsu from Kawai Complex
Mashiro Shiina from Pet Girl of Sakurasou
Rukia from Bleach

I was going to put some thought into it, but I figured I'd rather go with gut reaction and who popped into my head.
Posted 7/13/14 , edited 7/14/14
Supreme Trap Harem

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27 / M / 727 The Zoo
Posted 7/13/14 , edited 7/14/14
To have a true harem, one must balance out his harem and not give too many OPs for support or the balance of said harem will crumble into a School Days end.

Therefore, this is my harem.

Masuzu Natsukawa - Lead Female - This is a great lead character, somewhat is understanding to other girls.

Yukimura Kusunoki - The Trap - This will round out the harem

Nadeko Sengoku - Pervert/Little Sister Type? - This was tough labeling since she can be a little perverted in a weird way but also the little sis type.

Don't wanna have too many perverts or the harem will collapse.

Hydra Bell - Boobs - I needed some or the generic harem wouldn't be there smh.

Jibril - Potential Deal Breaker - May have allowed too many heavy hitters into the harem but the risk i'm willing to take.

Sugata - Bro - Worthy bro.

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27 / M / Corner of Moon &...
Posted 7/13/14 , edited 7/14/14
Too easy :3
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27 / M / Currently i am lo...
Posted 7/13/14 , edited 7/14/14
Well nope I just want to be in a bloody hell of shits hehehe
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24 / M / Baltimore, Maryland
Posted 7/13/14 , edited 7/14/14
I'll just take all the females from Nisekoi and Monogatari. Including the loli ghost.
Posted 7/13/14 , edited 7/14/14
Everyone from Team Kiyosumi
Everyone from Team Ryuumonbuchi
Everyone from Team Tsuruga
Everyone from Team Shiraitodia
Everyone from Team Achiga
Everyone from Team Shindouji
Everyone from Team Miyamori
Everyone from Team Rinkai

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