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Hello Integrians!

Guess what time it is? I'll wait........... Guessed yet? No? Well let me tell you! It's Peanut But- Ah, just kidding. So, even though it's been a while since the last update it's July 2014 and time for your jam packed Integrability Update! Let's get started shall we?

We've got quite a few things going on at Integrability this month, but first let me take this opportunity to introduce myself: My name is Kite and I am the new Lead Administrator of Integrability. I myself am a huge fan of the .hack series – I've seen quite a few of the anime, played most of the games, roleplay at Integrability, and of course avidly follow any project relating to the franchise. Other than that I've been with Integral on and off for several years now, I'm a gamer girl, I love computers, I'm a huge anime fan, and I'm aspiring to becoming a Graphic Designer specializing in both Game Design and Animation. Integral is a big passion of mine, and I'm just happy that I was given a chance to due right by the old girl. But enough about me – Onto the big announcements!

Of course if you've been to Integrability lately you've seen the new look that we are sporting, but more importantly we are proud to announce that we are now the official host and partner of the .hack//frägment Project. If you aren't aware of what the .hack//frägment Project is, basically the story goes that an mmorpg was made by CyberConnect2 for “The World” in the form of a Playstation 2 title named “.hack//frägment” which was released on November 23, 2005. It was very popular, and the servers stayed up for two years following the release of the game but with no English or European releases in sight. On top of this unfortunate fact sadly on January 18, 2007 the online service, despite having such popularity, was ended leaving the once vibrant .hack//frägment both stuck as a Japanese and offline only title. However, it was not done for just yet! Coldbird, a very talented programer, with his amazing crew picked up the game and made it their goal to realize not only an English version of the game, but also to bring the game back online so that everyone could experience the .hack//frägment the way it was meant to be experienced. That idea and drive turned into what we know now as the .hack//frägment Project, and after a year and a half of work he and his team finally made a major breakthrough, introducing the .hack//frägment open beta. Not only were they able to translate a good portion of the game, but they were able to bring .hack//frägment back online through reverse engineering, cracking, and coding. Because of that massive, passionate, effort we at Integrability want to extend our best wishes to Coldbird and his crew, and thank them for choosing us as their partner to see this project through. So be like us at Integrability and come by to show your support for the .hack//frägment Project and make “The World” ours once again!

In other news, Integral has been host to some of the most amazing .hack inspired roleplay experiences to date. After 10 years of amazing, skillful roleplaying on its forums yet again we are turning a page in the book of Integrability and embarking on a new chapter. Moreover, officially this month “The World R:2” will be closing its doors making way for a new roleplay codenamed “The Twilight” to take its place. With the release of “The Twilight” all characters, races, classes, guilds, and GP from The World R:2 will be reset so that we can start with a new slate in our latest adventure. Not all is lost though – If you currently roleplay on Integrability both your current level and character history will stay with your player so that you can continue on with your story from The World R:2.

“The Twilight” promises to be an entirely new ground breaking experience for Integrability, and one that we would love to share with all of you each and every step of the way. So make sure to keep following to stay updated on the latest details as they are released, and of course feel free to make suggestions regarding “The Twilight”. We always appreciate any input that we can get and your undying support.

Stay tuned as we get closer and closer to the future of Integrability, the .hack//frägment Project, and Integrability's roleplay! Thanks for reading and see you soon Integrians!

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