Anime Iowa and Des Moines Anime Fans?
Posted 7/13/14 , edited 7/14/14
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Hello, fellow Iowa anime fans! Let's use this thread to talk about Anime Iowa and anime events in/around Iowa. Anime Iowa, which is coming up very soon, is an anime convention located in Coralville, IA and happens every year around late July. Sadly, I am not going to attend this year, but next year I am going to be staff.

Discussion Topics:
    1. Are you going to be cosplaying?
    2. If so, who are you cosplaying as?
    3. Excited to meet any guests? Which?
    4. Where are you driving/flying from?
    5. Are you planning on going next year?
    6. How many years have you been going?
    7. What are you expecting from AI this year?

I just moved to Iowa from Los Angeles, CA. So if there are any Des Moines fans around the age group 16-21 (I'm 18) please contact me. I'd love to make some new friends around the area! Since I am out of schooling now, it's harder to meet people in my age group who love anime as much as I do. Maybe we could even start up a group of anime fans and meet weekly? Monthly? I know so far there is one group, but it's located in Grimes. The one located in Grimes, IA is called DeMOS and can be viewed here and here.

If you know any other meetups around Iowa, please post them here.

Thank you very much!
Let's keep this thread a positive environment.

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Anime Nebraskon Its not in Iowa but its in Omaha Neb really close to Des Moines if your looking for Midwest anime conventions since your new to the area its in october. I used to run a booth in the dealers corner selling anime but I haven't gone in a few years now but I do plan on getting back into it in 2015 I just registered with iowa and have my licence to sell at conventions, its just to late in the year to get any spaces to sell until next year I named it Otakus Corner but iam still not 100% on the name I may change it. I do know of two colleges that meet twice a week to watch anime and discuss shows but there both probably 2 hours from des Moines.
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I've gone to AnimeIowa since 2009!! I cosplay every year. this year I'll be Asuka from Evangelion, Nonon from Kill la Kill, and Sailor Venus from Sailor Moon. my boyfriend and I are also doing a couple cosplay of Dr. Krieger and his girlfriend from Archer!

(p.s. I'm on the AI forums as Haruhime, and you can check out my cosplay page on Facebook too!
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I'm going to AI this year for the first time ever ^^ Really excited, though I am a bit nervous. I just hope I'll be able to find a bunch of other nerds like me to hand around ;3

I'll be going as Chiaki Nanami from SDR2, and Nagisa Hazuki from Free ! I'm on the AI forums as BananaIce, if anyone was wondering ~

(and Nonon !? Ugh I wanna see that)
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--- (I used to live in Des Moines but I moved to a different sstate)
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