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Posted 7/14/14 , edited 7/14/14
hello my little otakus
so recently i got my self a crunchyroll acoount and so far i am loving it, and through this i came across this cute little anime call "my little monster"
its basically your average slice of life and school romance. no super powers or weird crap.
there is this girl named shizuku mizutani who has no interest in life besides studying and her plans for the future. could you imagine your high school life doing nothing but studying and having no friends!!!! and she doesn't even are that she has nno friends she just wants to study. which you find out the cause of her obsession with studying is because she has a home life issues, her mother left at a young age to go get a job and support the family since "her father is a failure." which left a imprint on poor little shizuku so now she dedicates her school life to being the best to not be a failure and be able to support her family and be able to have her mother come home. but the process has made her cold hearted and does not really know how to interat with people.
till one day when a teacher has her go to a wild boy named haru yoshida's house. to give him his school handouts since he has not been coming to school after getting into a fight on the first day of school. even though he was doing the right thing and protecting a fellow student from being bullied. but he went alittle far and got suspended. now his suspension is over he is to scared to go to school because he he is scared no one will be his friend or except him because of the incident. that he has had a bad habit of repeating since grade school.
haru also has never really had a real friend. miziuku see him being used by these 4 guys that say they are his friend but really just using him as a money bag. but after her first meeting with him haru is determined to be her friend and maybe more.
so this whole anime is full of ups and downs. with him telling her he is in love with her and mizuku having her whole world turned upside down. to where she begins to fall in love with him as well..... the only problem he is intervering with her school studys and also he is the number one student in the school.....yet he never studys. (i know i know very usui takumi like if any of you have read kaichou wa maid sama.)
but in the end she falls in love with him and confesses to him yet it doesn't work out because he tells her that his love is different then hers (his is more sexual) so she says she will make him fall in love with her and oh boy does it get good. but this whole anime is full of them going back and forth between falling in love and doing there own messed up version of what right to keep them selves from being with each other so it becomes very frustratring.
throw in some love rivals and it really gets good. oh and a side love story between other friends.
i say this anime is a total chick anime but super good and i recomend it for you to check out. bt do go in knowing that it is a romantic slice of life everyday school anime. don't expect mass battles of mmachines guns....wrong anime.
well mata atode my little otakus
ps. i did not tell you all of the anime nor the end so please check it out
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