Good light novels being translated
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Posted 7/20/14 , edited 7/20/14
There are quite a few good light novels being translated, such as Re:Monster, Mushoku Tensei, Legendary Moonlight Sculptor. There are a few other non moe harem shit being translated but they are barely starting up basically

Esper who eats things/people/monsters to gain their powers is killed by a stalker and is reborn in a diffrent world as a goblin (the weakest monster

Mushoku Tensei: Loser neet is killed saving some teens from a truck and is reborn in fantasy world

Legendary Moonlight Sculptor: A impoverished gamer sells his old account online for a runescape clone and makes mad bucks but it is all taken away to repay his debts basically. He then starts playing a virtual reality mmo to try to make money
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