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Posted 7/23/14 , edited 7/23/14
I am a big fan of Seirei Tsukai no Kenbu (aka Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance).

I have read through volume 6 of the Light Novels and always figured this would eventually get an anime.
I didn't even no the series was on here until I viewed this season's anime on my Apple TV.

First thought was, "Cool, this could be intense."
Then I saw the poster...

As much as I strive to give things a chance, if this anime is going to give off the feel that I get when looking at the artwork on the poster, I don't think I want to bother.

The first things I saw that made me cringe would be:
1- The weapons look more like toys now
2- The kids look like they just stepped out of elementary school (which makes the ecchi side of this horrible)
3- The flame familiar has been tweaked for added cuteness

The Light Novels were definitely intended for a young-adult audience, but it appears the anime will be changed for an even younger demographic.

So, help me out, should I give it a chance or not even waste my time?


ps I'd love to hear from people who have also read the Light Novels.
pss Anyone else think that the english name was made up by some people in a boardroom? Pretty sure it should be Elementalist, I've never heard the word, let alone seen, elementaler.
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Posted 7/23/14 , edited 7/23/14
Having seen the first few episodes, I can safely say that it over added "moe" to what was an already fine artwork. If you don't mind that, I should suggest giving it a go, more so since you are a fan of the original material. As for the younger looking appearances, from what I can tell, it is just the main female MC, the rest are fine.

As for your pss; From what I can tell, elementalist is a person who believes in the practice of controlling the elements, while elementaler is a person who controls the elements. This is just scrapping the barrel though, considering how English is set up.
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