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Posted 7/24/14 , edited 7/24/14
So to whoever looks at this shit knows, I used to have a dream of becoming a pro lol player. This is why I built this page, to build up somewhat of a fan page and create friends. I got people to come to this channel somehow but only interacted with a couple of them. I don't know you guys personally, as when I made this about 2 years ago, but yeah if you didn't know I am quitting playing lol for the next 30 days. I don't know if I will be coming back to lol but yeah I'm going to tell you guys about the old dream of becoming this said lol pro and the new dream.

After high school I had a chance to play lol for a whole year because I could not go to school due to being an illegal immigrant. Yup I said it I'm an illegal immigrant, no one else knows about this except for close family members, well now you guys but I was and kind of still am an illegal immigrant. I was allowed to work legally last year but I still don't have a green card. But before I got this work permit I couldn't do anything, I had no money except from my parents but I was very very little as they work pretty much minimum wage jobs. But yeah to past the time I played lol for hours and hours on end. I did this for about a year, eating shitty food, drinking soda, sometimes not even eating or drinking anything. My schedule was wake up turn on computer and play lol till I got tired or whatever. I always strive to improve but I improved very very slowly. I would watch pro streams to see if there was any way to get an edge over others in solo q. But I was mechanically and mentally bad when playing the game to me. After playing for a year or so, failing on a lot of teams I came to the conclusion that I no longer have the drive to become a pro player as I'm getting older and I have lots of bills to pay at the age of 20 and on. I had to get a job, I still had somewhat of a drive to become a pro player so I got a part time job where I could play at night and work in the morning. But I got too tired from working and I would not have time for practice since I was getting more hours working . I eventually quit forever playing on a competitive team and just played solo q. I always come back to lol some way or another but this time I think I'm going to try for other hobbies. Don't get me wrong playing this game was fun as hell as I saw myself improve as a player, rising up the ranks but it did come with a price of being less social(just a little back story I had social anxiety where meeting new people scared the crap out of me so I never really opened myself to new people. But there was this one weekend in the summer of 2013 where I went on a trip to Disneyland with this couple where everything about my mentality changed. This is where the story gets interesting.
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