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27 / M / Akatsuki's Hideout
Posted 1/31/08 , edited 4/20/08
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1.Who is the person that destroy the uchiha clan?
2.Why sauske wanted to kill naruto?
3.Name three kind of sharingan.
4.What is the demon's name with three tails?
5.Who deafeated sasori?
6.What is the persons name that orochimaru used a forrbiden jutsu on?
7.What kind of sharingan kakashi used on deidara?
8.Who is kakashi's father?
9.What kind of seal did the akatsuki used in front of thier hideout?
10.What episode did Naruto,Sakura,Yamato,Sai vs.Orochimaru and Kabuto?
11.Is their such thing as a Uzumaki clan?
12. Whats naruto's mother name?

BONUS: (answer this and quiz correctly be mod for 1 week and 2 days!)
bonus question:what website can you read manga?

Good luck!!!

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