Studying abroad in Japan!
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Posted 7/28/14 , edited 7/28/14
So, from march 2016 and the following 11 months, i will be an exchange student in Japan.
Up until i take off, i am gonna work to gather money for the trip itself as it is pretty pricey.
But there is a problem though, i am not quite sure how or if i need to prepare somehow, i know that i need to study Japanese and i definitely will, but i would love to get some tips from fellow travelers to for an example tackle being away from your homeland for a year. other than that i really, really am EXCITED
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Posted 7/28/14 , edited 7/29/14
Congrats for being an exchange student! However, please ask all personal questions here in this thread:

As personal threads are not allowed this thread is closed.
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