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Let us write something together.

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Posted 8/4/14 , edited 10/25/14
I will start. Try to keep your portion to around 150-300 words, but if you don't then whatever. It really does not matter where you take the story, or if it even makes sense. I just want us all to be creative, and ridiculous, and serious, and inspired by one another. No judgement or criticism on what anyone writes. This is not about being perfect, or even good. It is about having fun, because if it isn't fun, then why do it? Feel free to change writing style, point of view, you can add characters, move settings, start different plot lines, really do anything. Just do it.

(However, any purposeful story collapsing will be dismissed.)

Ready, go.


It was a cold winter night, the kind of cold that reminds you every step that you are alive. I was walking alone down the university sidewalks. I had lost track of time in the lab, and realized I was late to meet my aunt and uncle for dinner. Snow layered the ground covering the once vibrantly green grass, the fountains were frozen suspending their tireless work midair until the spring would animate its stream once again. The scene was perfectly silent, save the occasional wind to pick up a cloud of powdery snow. Street lamps were the only light on this moonless night.

Walking through the heart of campus on the way to the parking garage my perfectly silent night is interrupted by a light *thud*. I pause. Listen. *thud* again.

"What is this?"

I wonder. The sound is coming from around the grand central fountain. I decide to investigate. *thud* The sound persisted as I looked about the fountain. Then it hit me.

"Oh Christ."

I dash to the edge of the fountain and look down at the ice. *thud* a small shockwave resounds across the frozen layer of the fountain.

Without thinking I run over and pick up a two-person bench next to the fountain and hurl it at the ice. *crack* the ice begins to break underneath the force of the furniture, but it slides across the icy surface post impact.

"Oh no."

I begin to see a human figure under the ice. I jump up on the side of the fountain and beat down on the ice with gloved hands. The ice collapses under my weight sending me elbow deep into the freezing water, but my hands touch flesh. With all of my strength I grab on and pull the form out of the fountain.

It was a now fully unconscious girl in a fine gown. She looked as though she were a princess having just left a ball, and somehow there was a faint breath coming from her now entirely blue lips. Having to move quickly in order to save her from any further harm or sickness I threw my pea coat around her, picked her up, and rushed her to my car.

I laid her in the backseat of the four-door SUV, and threw a couple of blankets I had in the trunk over her. I then floored it to the hospital, but just as the hospital's lights came into sight I heard a large cough, and a sharp gasp for breath, and then a hand shot up and gripped my shoulder like a vice. I slammed on the breaks, and my head shot around as she screamed.

"Not the hospital!"
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Posted 8/6/14 , edited 8/6/14
I stared at her, her cold dark eyes staring deep into mine. With a trembling voice that bared no sign of attempting to stay steady I asked her,

"Wh...why not?"

She stared back at me, hand still gripping tightly onto my shoulder. I do not know what it was about her but now she was awake she seemed to have this soft glow about her.

"I can't go! I just can't, please I need to go back, I have to before...."

Her voice tailed away as she let go of my shoulder to look around.

"What is it" I said, a little nervously then I wanted.

" He is here" she said in a whisper that sent chills down my spine.

Before I could ask who's coming or even begin to wonder what on earth was going on a loud boom erupted behind us. The car shook violently as the girl screamed. What was going on? The girl turned back to face me, shear terror on her face.

"DRIVE!" she shouted as another loud boom filed the cold night air. Without even thinking about it I slammed my foot onto the accelerator. The car jerked forward as once again another loud boom burst through the surrounding trees. The car seemed to be going in slow motion as I urged it on faster. The booms sounded like they were getting closer but how could they be? I was now doing 85,90, 100 but still the booms got louder and louder. Suddenly the car flew sideways as the girl screamed in terror.

"HE IS HERE HE IS HERE!" she shreaked in my ear. Before I could turn around to look however the car was flipping. I saw a flash of what seemed to be fur outside as the car span over and over, again and again. My head slamming into the glass next to me. What felt like an eternity spinning the car finally stopped. Head pounding and vision blurring I tried to move. As I managed to get myself free from my seat-belt the car door flew off and into the darkness.

"Well well well, what do we have here" came a high cold mirthless voice.
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Posted 8/7/14 , edited 8/10/14
"I've been looking for you for a long time young lady....." The voice was colder than the night itself.

This person......was looking for her?Why? What did she do?Whatever it was,I wanted no part of it.The moment I can,I'm making a run for it.


"You just what? You have five seconds to finish before I do something I will regret.I went through all this trouble to throw you a glorious birthday party,and this is how you repay me?!You didn't even put on a different set of clothes.You ran all this way in your gown?"

These people are crazy! I find a girl stuck under ice,doesn't want to go to the hospital,try to out drive crazy a thumping noise, and it turns out to be her father?! I need to get the hell out of here,and I need to get out of here fast. I quickly leap to my feet,but before I could even move a single muscle,the father pulls a gun on me......
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Posted 8/11/14 , edited 8/11/14
"WHOA DUDE! I don't even know what is going on here at all!" I say to the well dressed crazy man who was now wielding an assault rifle in my direction.

"Oh shoot. Really? Well that's cool, you can go then."
Said this man seemingly devoid of all reason. (Where was he even hiding the assault rifle?!)

"What? Okay well I am just going to..."

"NOT REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
The man screams while firing wildly into the air without a single care in the world.

"OKAY OKAY! I'm staying I'm staying."
I said while I felt my knees start to buckle underneath me from the weight of all of this absurdity. (Seriously the man is wearing a tuxedo. He just pulled this gun out of thin air.)

"Good. Now you, young lady, and your new friend are going to come with me back to the Annihilation Station. AND THEN WE ARE GOING HOME. AND YOU ARE GOING TO FINISH YOUR CAKE AND YOUR PARTY GAMES. AND YOUR OTHER STUFF TOO!"
The man said with all of tenacity of a psychotic person demanding his daughter enjoy her birthday party while firing an assault rifle into the air in the middle of an intersection of one of the busiest streets in the city.

"Father! That cake has got to be several weeks old by now! I am not eating it!"
The girl yelled.

Wait... Out of all of the things her father has said or done in the past five minutes THAT'S the one she choses to address?

"I will just have the servants make you a new cake then."
Her father replied with a sudden unexpected calm.

Before this psychopath and his daughter could finish negotiating the terms of her birthday party, they were interrupted by the sounds of sirens. It was then that I noticed that there was a small crowd gathering around the intersection. As the first cop car arrived her father stared at it with absolute confusion and disdain. He looked as if someone had just spilt fruit juice on his shirt and he was trying to figure out if they did it on purpose. He then looked at me and asked,
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Posted 8/14/14 , edited 8/14/14
"You don't mind coming, right?" He plainly asked. I paused for a moment, trying to fix my messed up head.

"Uh.. yeah--sure. Whatever." Was my dumb response. The old man seemed content as he placed the rifle on his shoulder. I definitely felt my left eye twitch. What the hell is going on?!

Everything seemed to go slow as of the moment as the wails of the sirens grew louder and screeching tires drew nearer. I could hear so many beeping horns and shouts going "Go away!" or "Get out of the way, JERKS!" just along those lines.

Going back to he current situation, police officers came out of the cars. And since we are talking about police here, there were more guns pointing at us (Oh, great. This is one hell of a day...)

"Sir, put down your riffle!" One of the police officers commanded.

"Sir, put down your gun!" Says the old man. (For crying out loud! WHY ARE YOU MAKING THINGS WORSE?!) I can feel he annoyance rising to a new level.

While he was distracted, the girl tugged on my sleeve while whispering along the process. "Let's get out of here! Trust me, you don't want to eat that cake!"

"That's what you're worried about?!" I mentally shouted. I'm starting to think hat I got myself into more trouble right after this.

Before I could even complain, she started to drag me away from the scene. (It's so nice that the spectators aren't even trying to stop her... damn.)

After we got farther away
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Posted 8/17/14 , edited 8/17/14
I followed her into the woods to the side of the road, my mind racing. What on earth was going on? Nothing made sense. She kept looking back as we got deeper into the forest.
"I need to no what's going on" I gasped, trying to keep up. "Why are you so concerned about this cake?"

She stopped dead and shouted into the night "THE CAKE IS LIE!"

I stepped back from her as she began to whimper.

"Wh.. what do you mean?" I said, my voice breaking. This whole scenario was getting stranger but I couldn't just leave this girl alone. Something inside me said she needed me.

She stood there in the cold dark night air not responding.

"What does that man want, and how did he make such loud booming noises?".

It was a miniute before she spoke, all the time she stared unerring into the trees.

" when daddy is angry he changes" she said. "He becomes a different man, he becomes my big daddy"

Suddenly out of no where a head came crashing down from above splattering the both of us in blood. The face of the policeman that stopped us staring up at us with fear etched on his face.

"GIRL COME HERE! DADDY IS WAITING" echoed the voice of the deranged father.

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Posted 8/19/14 , edited 8/20/14
My ears went ringing as the girl shouted with all her might. I think I went deaf for a second--that aside, the two of us stood petrified.

The police head rolled to my feet and unfortunately enough, his eyes locked with mine. I could feel something wrong coming up but I had to stop that from happening. The girl at my side clung to me as if her life depended on it. That guy was one scary daddy.

Her father took one step forward and we took one step back. Our mind and heart were racing to no ends. That old man was dangerous as of the moment. Blood dripped at the tip of his hands and his eyes spelled death for both of us. My eyes trailed to the girl, now on the verge of tears.

I couldn't stand not being to do anything and seeing a fine lady in such state made me hate myself. I gritted my teeth as I held the girl.

"Listen, old man. I don't know why you're acting like that, but that's too much!!" I managed to say.

My panic level shot up went the old man suddenly dashed for me. I muttered a small curse before I ran away, carrying the girl in my arms.

"MY LITTLE MISSY!! DADDY MISSES YOU!!!" The old man shouted with a wicked smile creeping up his cheeks.

I looked back (this was my mistake). My stomached seemed to drop as I saw her father pull out a knife from under his sleeves. The crooked path of the forest didn't help me accelerate more or less even help me run faster.

"The tree with the heart!!" The girl spluttered.

"The what?!"

"The tree with the heart! Find it and hide there!!"

"HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT?!" I shouted--even though we were just centimeters apart. I was starting to lose my strength. The adrenaline was starting to drain out of my body and the creepy old man was still hot on our tails.
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Posted 8/20/14 , edited 8/20/14
My eyes darted around as we ran, trying to pick out a route. The girl was surprisingly light, and something about her let me keep running, just far enough ahead. I saw two trees, close together but not impossible to slip through. I quickly glanced back at her father, now clutching several knives in one hand. I turned forward again and shook my head;
"No, don't worry, just keep running, everything is going to be ok"

The thuds of his running were getting louder, he must be closing in!
I had hardly noticed it until now, but the sound of a helicopter was now whipping through the forest, it's searchlight beam passing through the empty branches of the trees and painting patterns of shadow on the ground. I heard a roar from behind me, and was astounded to see an enormous blade fly into the helicopter, bisecting it almost perfectly - presumably her father's work...

By now we had reached the trees, but the old man, who - after that - I can only conclude is some sort of monster, was still close behind.
I let out a roar as we ran between the two trunks - hoping her father's current form would be too large to fit through. I breathed a silent sigh of relief.
They were giant, old and well grown trees, surely enough to at least slow him!

Suddenly, the girl in my arms, who I had all but forgotten about since the helicopter, suddenly tensed;


I looked to where she had pointed, and charged over...
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M / Somewhere in the...
Posted 8/22/14 , edited 8/23/14
As I approached the tree I felt a strange pulse in the air. It was as if the tree was beating softly. It seemed to drown out all other sound around us. The helicopter gone and the the lack of the monster of a father made the whole air around us still. What was this tree and why was it out here ? I slowly walked towards it, the little girl holding my hand tightly.

"Can you hear it?" She asked looking from the tree to me.

"Yes" I whispered staring eyes unfixed. Tonight just kept getting stranger.

"You don't recognise it do you Sam" she whispered. Suddenly I came back to my senses. I stared at her shocked "how do you know my name!" I shouted.

" I know you because you are the man who will save us from my father. This tree will help you to do that". Her voice had changed. It was no longer the scared little girl but someone who had authority.

"Wha... What do you mean. Seriously tell me now what is going on!!!" I couldn't help it I shouted and almost broke down down into tears. This was all so confusing.

"Step into the tree Sam. It will take you to my world. The world that you will save".

I stared at her unknowing as to what to do.

"Its ok " she said. "Step into the tree and I will explain everything"

I stepped forward towards the tree. The pulsing got quicker and quicker until finally I was level with it. The heart beat stopped. A bright light burst from the tree. I was pushed forward into nothingness.
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Posted 8/24/14 , edited 8/24/14
Holy crap you all are awesome.

HE HAS A NAME NOW. AND HE IS GOING TO A MAGICAL WORLD. I actually didn't think this was how it was going to go. But seriously. Everything you all have written has been golden. I really can't wait to see what happens next.

So I wont.


Then the nothingness turned into a somethingness.

It took me 3 seconds to realize that my eyes were closed, 6 seconds to open them and realize I was falling, and about a minute before I realized that there was, "No need to panic." Well at least that is what psycho, "Step into a tree, don't eat the cake, I appear in frozen fountains," girl told me.

We were both falling through a brilliant blue sky, and her nonchalance about the situation actually did nothing to cause me to stop panicking.

"Really Sam! It is going to be alright!," yelled crazy girl over the sound of the rushing wind.

I couldn't respond. I was very focused on my impending death, and just couldn't find the composure to entertain her tomfoolery anymore. Especially as I am gazing upward into an infinite brilliant blue.... It might be the brightest blue I have ever seen. The last blue I will ever see.

"Isn't this great?!," she yelled.

I am going to die. I am going to die, so so so so so confused. This girl is going to die too... Well... There it goes. I guess that my parents will never know what happened to me.


"WAIT WH-," I halfway stammered out, as my back collided with a freaking trampoline.

With the wind effectively knocked out of me I was shot right back into the brilliant blue sky. The bounce sent me twisting and turning head over heels, gasping for air.

A few minutes later I hit the trampoline again. I could hear crazy girl laughing, having the time of her life.

About 5 minutes later the bouncing finally stopped. 3 minutes later I decided to open my eyes, and take in whatever new horror awaited me. I was in the center of a half a mile wide trampoline.

"SAM! Watch this." said this infernal being in the form of a pretty girl.

She did a backflip........

And now she is staring at me waiting for me to say something.


"Oh come on! I have really been working hard on this." said the source of all of the most dangerous things that have ever happened to me.

It's about time I found out her name.

"Okay." I said. "Nice backflip. Now, what is your name? Where are we? AND WHAT IN THE TAP DANCING FLOWER POT OF INSANITY THAT HAS BECOME MY LIFE IS GOING ON HERE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?"
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Posted 8/24/14 , edited 8/24/14
Sorry this segment is so long, I had some ideas and wanted to set it up as I wanted for the next person to take over.
I think it looks bigger due to all the line breaks, but still... sorry
I'll try and keep it shorter from now on!


She replied with a childlike grin, still bouncing on the trampoline.
"Hmmmm. Questions questions questions! Got a lot of them, haven't you!"

"Damn right..." I scoffed, hoping for a more concrete reply.

"Well. I suppose I should tell you a bit more. Not everything though! That'd ruin the fun!"
I rolled my eyes, still struggling to take in the situation.
"Tell you what, I'll answer three! Keep a bit of mystery going for now, shall we?" she chimed, winking.


I honestly had no idea where to begin. Where am I? Who are you? What's the issue with the cake? Why me? How do you know my name?
So many questions, and I can only pick three!?

"Well, I suppose I need to call you something..." I thought aloud.
She quickly replied; "Annie! That's my name! Well, it's at least what everyone here calls me!"

Hmm. Annie. Nice name, and I couldn't help but feel it suited her well. Her response led me straight to the next question:
"Ok, so where's 'here'?"

She looked around, as if pondering for some reason.

"Here... Here? OH! Here! This is the mirrored world. Like yours, but mirrored. You know, uhh, the same, but on the other side! And with a few differences too!" She beamed, seemingly impressed with her explanation - that still frankly confused me.

My knowledge of what was going on still hazy at best, I thought to myself about my last question. Figuring I'd be unlikely to get much more out of her, I replied;

"Well, that doesn't really tell me much, but thanks. Hmm. Last question... Why's there a massive trampoline?"

She looked up, her eyes wide with surprise;

"Why's there a trampoline? You mean you don't have these on the other side?"

I looked at her, unimpressed.

"What? Of course we don't! Anyway, don't answer my questions with more questions!" I retorted

"Well that's your three answered! I can't tell you much more at the moment, you'll have to ask the Great Master. Let's go now! Ready?" she exclaimed, barely giving me time to react, as she pulled a small dagger, no bigger than a letter opener, from her sleeve;

"Here we go!'

Suddenly, she raised the dagger above her head. Saying something I couldn't quite make out, the dagger suddenly doubled in length, drawing a small pattern in the air above. It started glowing.

"WHEEEEEE!" She shouted, as the pattern suddenly descended over us, turning everything white...
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M / Somewhere in the...
Posted 8/24/14 , edited 8/24/14
This has turned out great so far I'm glad this was posted. I thought it was time to give some meaning to things and push the story into a direction again. I'm loving it so far so I will do my best to continue it.


My breath instantly left me. I tried to gasp but nothing came out. A second later however my feet hit hard ground again and air returned to my lungs. I looked up, the glare of the sun temporarily blinding me. A tree stood before us larger then anything I had ever seen before. I had visit Paris several times in my life but even the Eiffel Tower looked like a tooth pick compared to this.

At the base of the tree stood a door, 20 feet tall with fountains of fairies standing either side.

"Where are we" I said, mesmerised by what I was staring at.

"This is where the great master lives" Annie saiid smiling. "He will help us stop my father"

"But why?" I asked "why me?"

Annie giggled at me and said "I told you 3 questions. Now you must wait."

She led me up to the grand oak doors and they swung open automatically. We stepped into a grand room with ceilings as high as the doors. The walls were made out of what seemed to be marble with ivy spreading unchecked over its face. The floor had swirls of gold and silver embedded into a white marble floor much like the walls. In the centre stood a slightly raised circular platform.

Annie skipped towards it, humming as she went. I stood next to her still gazing in mesmerisation.

"We go up" Annie said still smiling.

"Up?" I said a little confused "but h..." Before I could finish however a beam of tight surrounded us as I was lifted towards the ceiling. A hole above opened as we defied all laws of gravity slowly moving up. I looked down, no longer able to muster anymore surprise at what was going on. I let it take me on towards the great masters home.
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Posted 8/25/14 , edited 8/26/14
"For the last time, my name is Don!"

Yelled the "grand master" at Annie.

"You are so funny grand master."

Said Annie with the most assured smile I have ever seen.

"I don't even know what a grand master is? How did you even get back into my house?"

Said Don.

"I found this sword of destiny faith stabber."

Said Annie holding up the dagger.

"No that is the key to my house that I have been looking for for the past month! Did you steal that from me?"

Said Don.

Annie just looked at him with an eager look on her face.

"We are here to fulfill the prophecy!"

Annie yells at his face.

"I don't even know what you are talking about!'

Yells Don in deep exasperation.

Don was loosing it, but I could totally see why Annie McCrazypants had given him the title of grandmaster. Her lived in a magic oak tree, it was basically a winding library on the inside with a comfy sitting area in the middle, and an ornate door leading to what I suppose was the rest of the tree. He dressed in a large blue robe, and had a big white beard, and wore a pointed hat. In all fairness, if I didn't know better, I would say this man was practically asking to be called grand master, or head master, or Gandalf. Whatever. In any case, he seemed to be the most reasonable person around.

"Hey Don. That is your name right? Hi. My name is Sam. I uh... actually don't know what I am doing here, or where here is for that matter, or who this insane person calling you grand master is..... So could you maybe fill me in on this stuff?"

I asked Don who now looked to have aged ten years since we floated into his reading room.

"Man. I am just trying to read books in my magical tree without being interrupted. I really don't know what is going on in your business, but it seems like something you really ought to figure out here soon."

Don says whilst picking up a glass orb off of his desk.


Yells Annie.

"The orb of smash wishes!"

She screams, as she snatches the glass orb from Don, and then promptly smashes it on the ground.

Don was about to have a conniption.

"IT WAS A PAPER WEIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"I wish that I had a kitten wearing two top hats."

Said Annie. Unfazed by Don's outburst, and near heart attack.

"GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


I yell.

"Please just tell me something, anything! Why am I here?!"

"Well thats because you need to help destroy the evil that haunts this land."

Says Don in a suddenly matter-of-fact tone.


I ask.

"I DO NOT KNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am just some guy! Please get out of my tree!"

"Can I have this book?"

Asks Annie carrying a tome roughly half her size.

"If you will leave right now, and never come back. Yes."

"WOOOOOOOOOOOO! Let's go Sam!"

Yelled Annie as she took my hand, and we sunk back through the floor to where we once came.
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M / Somewhere in the...
Posted 8/27/14 , edited 8/27/14
The air outside was still. Still questions eating at me. I turned to Annie.
"I still have no idea what's going on here"

She looked up at me head slightly to one side, cluching the massive book like it was keeping her afloat.

"Well you can ask me another question" she said smiling.

I paused before asking "how did you get into my world?".

She looked just over my shoulder for a miniute, thinking before finally saying,

"That is a very good question. My daddy isn't my real daddy" she began " I was taken by him when I was only a baby so since I can remember I have been trying to run away. As usual I ran out of the castle," she pointed over towards the hills "when suddenly I began to fall. The next thing I I remember was waking up in your moving machine"

I gazed at her confused.

" this book is heavy" she moaned dropping it on the ground.

"Don't do that" I said picking it up

As soon as my fingers touched the book images flashed before me like some kind of movie. I saw myself looking into a mirror dressed in long robes, a sword on my back. Then I was in a nursery as a little baby girl in front of me giggle holding the book. Bubbles were coming from it and she was laughing like mad. I smiled down at her when suddenly the images changed again. I was holding the book chanting, hand raised as a 50ft Dragon roared, spitting fire.

Just as quickly as the images came they were gone. I stared down at the book, Annie looking scared.

"Are you ok Sam?" She said

"What is this book!" I yelled.

Annie looked frightened. " it.... It was my daddy's. My real daddy's. He gave it to me. I keep it at grand masters to hide it from my mad daddy"

She looked frightened.

"Why?" She said nervously.

I walked 10 feet ahead of me staring at my hands. What was this ? No this couldn't be I thought heart racing. She can't be?

Before I could stop myself I blurted to the air

"I don't have a child!"


I am at work so appologies for the rushed story. I wanted to get this out
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Posted 9/1/14 , edited 9/1/14
The realization strike me hard right after getting that out. My face was filled with confusion, anxiety, nervousness, what else? Oh. and something similar to fear. I turned around to face Annie.

Oh no. She's in disbelief.


She took a step back.

"No no no no no no..! This shouldn't be happening..!" I helplessly muttered to myself. Frustration seems to be adding to my stress as this progresses. I took a deep inhale in order to regain my composure.

"Annie..." I gently said. "I-I-I didn't... didn't mean that..." I stammered. "--Shouting, I mean." My hand went to a soothing motion as I slowly approached the girl.

She just took another step back.

"Look, I'm not mad. See?" I spread my arms and held a goofy grin to prove my point. "So, don't think of it that I'm mad... I am still confused as-of-the-moment so I figured that what I saw was some sort of shenannigans..."

Annie looks like she isn't convinced. Moreover, it was like she's stuck in her own trance.

"Annie?" I called out.

Looking closer, she was on the verge of tears. She held the book close to her chest and squeezing it in a tender manner. Her mouth partially opened, so I had to expect something coming out of her. Instead, she just closed it and took a deep breath.

"PSYCHE!!!" She shouted. "DID YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE THAT?!??" She had her goofy smile again. "MAN, PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE REALLY HARD TO FOOL THESE DAYS~!!" She then smacked me at the back, effectively making me cough. "LET'S GO SLOW POKE!!"

She ordered.

Although I saw it. I just pretended to not notice it. I'll just pretend that I didn't saw that fake smile of a facade. It might trigger something bad, so I'll just have it clarified when it's not such an issue anymore.

I just hope that I didn't misinterpret the last one above
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