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My not-so-bizarre vote:

Joseph Joestar is a true man that inspires greatness. He may be a huge goofball at times, but he gets serious when he needs to be. He is willing to risk his life to go on bizarre adventures for the sake of his friends and family. He grew up not knowing his parents or his grandfather Jonathan, but still dedicated his life to following in his grandfather's footsteps and using his bizarre powers to eradicate the evil that threatens the Joestar family. When a situation gets tense, he uses his humor to defuse the situation and make it more entertaining. Even as a side character in his old age, Joseph manages to use any resource he has (his powers, Speedwagon Foundation, etc.) to carry out his mission. Nothing can make him give up on his bizarre quest to save his daughter and protect his family from a narcissistic vampire with a grudge against a dude who died over a century ago. Definitely one of best parents I've seen in anime. Joseph is a role model for fathers, grandfathers, friends, men, adventurers, and bizarre fighters everywhere. He is one of the several anime characters I look up to... Also he's the best JoJo (sorry Jonathan and Jotaro )

My vote goes to Joseph Joestar.

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The Final Story

- - - - - - - - - -

The Professor is not gendou posing on his throne. He is standing up, quite annoyed at how events have played out. Things are not going as planned. The Professor doesn't like when things aren't going as planned. But he is always prepared for miscalculations. The Professor's harem members (the curvaceous red head, the petite fox girl, the albino girl in a skintight bodysuit with red stripes and circles, and the petite pink haired girl with a skull-marked hat) have brought out Hiyori as a hostage under his orders. His trusty advisor stands next to him. Yato is not pleased at this sight.

Yato: You bastard! You better have not hurt Hiyori!

The Professor sniffs one of his roses.

Professor: She's fine, for now. However, if she remains that way will be entirely up to you.

Yato clenches his fist.

Yato: You're gonna pay for this.

Yato tightens his hold on Sekki. The Professor just smiles.

Professor: Now, now. Don't try to be a hero. Just stand there and listen to what I have to say.

Yato remains still, glaring at the Professor.

Professor: You see, there's a little game going on as we speak.

Yato raises an eyebrow.

Yato: A game?

The Professor sighs.

Professor: Yes, a game. Don't repeat what I say. You can say it is a game of chess...except played with individuals such as yourself.

Yato seems a bit confused.

Professor: Let me put it to you this way, everything that is currently going on...the battles, the deception, you name it, is all part of this chess game. I am one of the players of this game, you are just a pawn in it. Quite frankly, you're an important pawn in this game. A pawn that hinders my chances of winning.

Yato scratches his head.

Yato: Yeah...can you just get to the point?

The Professor facepalms.

Professor: To put it simply, I want you out of the game. With you gone, my victory is assured. I have secured victory in the last two games and I'd very much like to keep my winning streak alive. I'll make it easy for you, exit the game quietly and I'll give Hiyori back to you. If you refuse, well, you don't want to go that route. Trust me.

Yato thinks of his options. If he just bows out like the Professor suggested, he'll get Hiyori back. If he doesn't, he'll be letting the Emperor down, not to mention what he'd do to him for turning his back on him. It was a tough choice.

Yato: If I stop fighting here and now, you'll let Hiyori go?

The Professor smiles.

Professor: Of course.

Yato looked at the Professor. Was he a man of his word? Could he take that chance? Yato thought long and hard about what to do. Eventually, he finally came to a decision.

Yato: I've come to a decision.

The Professor nods.

Professor: And?

- - - - - - - - - -

Ginko looks around at everyone in his group. He could now freely control the portals, which admittedly, is quite useful. Since he can control the portals, it isn't far-fetched to think he can send everyone back to their own times. Ginko then looks over at Kurisu, the only person in the group that is familiar with time traveling.

Ginko: What are your thoughts? Do you think I can do it?

Kurisu scratches her chin.

Kurisu: Hmm...I definitely think it's possible. However, I can't be entirely certain. We don't even know for sure where your portals lead to.

Ginko takes a puff from his cigar.

Ginko: I suppose you're right about that.

Nobunaga rises to his feet with an idea in mind.

Nobunaga: Perhaps if the person tells you where they want to go and you have an image of it in your mind, the portal will take them there.

Ginko looks at Nobunaga.

Ginko: Oi, you may be on to something!

Akane is excited about this revelation but at the same time worried.

Akane: It sounds good...but we won't know until we actually try.

Ginko blows some smoke.

Ginko: That is true.

Kurisu stands up immediately.

Kurisu: I volunteer!

Everyone looks at Kurisu.

Ginko: Are you sure?

She simply smirks.

Kurisu: Of course! I wouldn't be able to call myself a good scientist if I didn't see how this works with my own two eyes.

Ginko smiles.

Kurisu: Very well. Naturally, I'll tag along for the ride just in case things don't go as planned.

Ginko rises to a stand. Nobunaga pats him on the back.

Nobunaga: I pray for your imminent return.

Ginko nods.

Ginko: Don't worry, I'll be back.

Ginko then walks over to Kurisu. They both think of her apartment back in her time. Ginko then opens a portal behind them. They both step in as it closes.

- - - - - - - - - -

The aerial battle between the Emperor's knights and the Anti-Maou Coalition continues. Inaho and the knights have the upper hand.

Inaho: We have the upper hand. Let's finish them off once and for all.

Suddenly, Inaho's red valvrave is rammed into by Satsuki's MA-Vess.

Satsuki: You can't escape me now, pig!

LIM Gamagoori: Yeah, we're gonna CRUSH you!

Inhao fires beams at Satsuki but she manages to evade them. Satsuki then counters with her own beams but Inaho skillfully dodges them. The two leaders continue exchanging fire as this battle heats up.

Nike: Tch, these guys are a pain in the butt!

LIM Neil: Indeed they are.

Nike: Neil! When did you die?

Neil sighs.

LIM Neil: Well, I was conversing with another butler. I told him I was one hell of a butler. He didn't seem pleased with me and well, here I am.

Nike: That sounds horrible! Don't worry, Neil. I'll make sure that jerk gets what's coming to h-

A beam rips through Nike's MA-Vess and she explodes. The perpetrator? Yup, you guessed it. Seki in his purple valvrave. He laughs sadistically as he continues to rack up the kills.

Tina: *Yawns*

LIM Rentaro: Tina! I said don't fall asleep!

Tina rubs her eyes.

Tina: Good morning onii-san. Last night sure was fun, huh?

LIM Rentaro: Again, this is not the time for that!

Enju gets mad as usual.

Enju: Cut it out already! We're in trouble!

Tina and Enju are being attacked from Tanaka and Hinata.

LIM Rentaro: Tanaka! I thought we were friends.

Tanaka rips off his shirt and starts waving it around inside his valvrave.

Tanaka: AHHHHHHHHH! I have no choice in this matter! All I can do is keep my kouhai here safe! GOTTA PROBLEM WITH THAT?

Hinata: You're so cool Tanaka-senpai!

Rentaro sighs.

LIM Rentaro: It's a shame it has come to this. We had some good times in the JLeague. We won't be holding back though.

Tanaka grins.

Tanaka: We wouldn't have it any other way.

The Karasuno duo and the Black Bullet squad begin to fire at each other.

- - - - - - - - - -

Ginko and Kurisu are now traveling through a time vortex. They seem to be spiraling towards their destination. On their way, they discover a tall guy with blue hair and glasses just floating around. It was Shiroe!

Ginko: Shiroe!?

Shiroe adjusts his glasses and notices two familiar faces.

Shiroe: Ginko? Kurisu? Oh thank heavens, I thought I was going to be stuck here alone forever.

Ginko grabs Shiroe's arm.

Ginko: Today is your lucky day. You're coming with us.

All three spiral towards the portal's exit.

- - - - - - - - - -

Maou stands at a distance as the fight between four powerhouses begin. The Emperor fires off numerous beams from his hands. Mugen does some fancy hip hop moves and evades them. He then takes a swipe at the Emperor but he quickly sidesteps the attack and attempts to punch Mugen in this sides. However, Kamina steps in front of him and blocks the punch with his katana. Kamina kicks the Emperor back. Esdeath takes the opportunity to freeze the ground beneath the men. Kamina trips and falls. The Emperor tries to take advantage of this and leaps into the air. He fires off a powerful energy ball at the fallen Kamina. Mugen quickly grabs Kamina's arm and slides him out of the way. The energy ball hits the ice and sprays icicles everywhere. Esdeath uses the icicles in the air as a weapon and fires them off at everyone. Mugen turns around and slices each and every one of them with his sword before they could hit anyone. Mugen helps Kamina to his feet. The Emperor lands on the ground. Esdeath just glares at everyone.

Esdeath: I must admit you boys are fun to play with.

Kamina laughs.

Kamina: You're one tough lady, I'll give you that.

Mugen grins.

Mugen: This ain't gonna be as easy as I thought it would be.

The Emperor also joins in on the chuckling.

Emperor: I have to agree, this is actually pretty f-

Before the Emperor could finish his sentence, he quickly stuck a hand out and fire off arrows of light. This catches Mugen and Kamina off guard as they throw their arms up to block them. They're sent flying backwards due to the force. Esdeath, however, knows the Emperor quite well and cuts them down quickly with her rapier.

Esdeath: Oh Jellal, you're resorting to these tactics?

The Emperor shrugs his shoulders.

Emperor: This is war. Only fools wouldn't take advantage of an opportunity if they saw it.

Esdeath shakes her head.

Esdeath: It seems that Maou has rubbed off on you.

Maou hears that comment and takes offense.

Maou: Hey! What's that supposed to mean?

Mugen and Kamina shake off that last attack.

Kamina: That was a cheap shot. That's not manly at all.

Mugen nods his head in agreement.

Mugen: Yeah, you're fighting dirty.

The Emperor is amused.

Emperor: Again, this is war. You don't have time to be worrying about fighting fair or not.

The Emperor hides a hand behind his back.

Emperor: Those who worry about such trivialities usually end up dead, you know?

Shadows gather into his hand, forming a shadowy orb.

Emperor: In fact, you should watch out right about now. Don't say I didn't warn you this time.

The Emperor fires off the shadowy orb towards them. Esdeath quickly makes an ice wall in front of her but it was no good. The orb went right through it. Mugen and Kamina then try a unison attack and slash at the orb simultaneously. They manage to cut the orb in half. However, the two pieces crash onto the ground and cause a huge explosion. The force sends Mugen, Kamina, and Esdeath flying back.

Maou: Are they dead!?

Unfortunately for Maou, that wouldn't be enough to kill those three. Mugen rolls around on the ground before stumbling to a stand. He spits out some blood from his mouth.

Mugen: Ow. Sh!t, I felt that one.

Kamina gets to his feet a few moments later, holding his ribs.

Kamina: That definitely left a bruise.

Esdeath slowly rises to her feet. Her notices her cap was blown away. She glares at the Emperor.

Esdeath: You blew my cap away...

Esdeath starts emitting a murderous aura.

Kamina: Screw this. Time for Plan B.

Kamina whistles loudly. Shu makes his appearance onto the scene.

Kamina: Are they ready?

Shu gives an enthusiastic thumbs up.

Shu: They're good to go!

Kamina looks at Mugen.

Kamina: You ready for this?

Kamina sticks out his fist.

Mugen: What the hell. Let's do it.

Mugen smirks and then bumps fists with Kamina. Kamina pulls out his stylish sunglasses and puts them on. He lifts a finger up towards the heavens.

Kamina: Time to go big. Gurren Lagann!

Two red mechs with faces appear. One is short and the other is taller and wearing sunglasses. Kamina jumps into the taller one while Mugen jumps into the small one.

Kamina: Let our manly spirit show! Combine, GURREN LAGANN!

Mugen and the small mech fly upwards. It then descends at rapid speed and reveals a drill. It drills right through the top of the tall mech and they then combine fabulously to form the epic mech known as Gurren Lagann.

Kamina: Who the hell do you think we are!?

The Emperor looks up at the mighty Gurren Lagann.

Emperor: Well, f^ck.

- - - - - - - - -

Ginko, Kurisu, and Shiroe all pop out throw the portal's exit. They crash onto the ground. Ginko slowly gets to his feet and looks around. He was in an apartment...full of microwaves. It was Kurisu's apartment.

Ginko: Well, would you look at that.

Ginko helps Kurisu to her feet. She looks around and realizes she is home. Her eyes start to sparkle as she grabs Ginko's hands.

Kurisu: You did it! You really can send everyone back to their own times.

Shiroe adjusts his glasses and looks around.

Shiroe: Ah, it's good to be out of that time vortex.

Ginko takes a puff from his cigar and then opens up another portal behind him.

Ginko: I better be heading back. I did promise that I'd send everyone back.

Kurisu frowns a bit.

Kurisu: Feel free to come back, will ya? I'd like to study your powers a bit more and maybe unlock the secret to time traveling.

Ginko just smirks.

Ginko: It may take me a while, but I'll make sure to come back and visit.

Kurisu looks over at Shiroe.

Kurisu: What're you going to do?

Shiroe looks over at Ginko.

Shiroe: I think I will go with Ginko back to that war zone. There's some...unfinished business we need to attend to.

Kurisu raises an eyebrow.

Kurisu: Hm?

Ginko then turns around and walks through the portal. Shiroe follows him.

- - - - - - - - -

Yato: I have decided...that I'll defeat you and take Hiyori back myself.

Yato points Sekki at the Professor. The Professor sighs.

Professor: A foolish choice.

Yato is done talking. He rushes towards the Professor and swings Sekki forward. However, it is blocked by the petite fox girl. She has amazing strength and shoves Yato back. She glares at Yato.

Izuna: Leave him alone, desu! You're no match for me when I'm in Blood destruction mode, desu!

The albino girl with white hair steps forward. The cutesy look on her face disappears and is replaced with a blood thirsty glare.

Shiro: I will coat this floor with your blood.

The girl with the skull-mark cap steps forward with a baton in hand.

Nonon: Allow me to play the symphony of your demise.

The curvaceous redhead also joins the fray. She seems a bit nervous.

Steph: Y-yeah! I'm gonna...throw this bone at you!

Everyone looks at Steph. The Professor facepalms.

Steph: What!?

Yato looks at the four girls. It would appear The Professor's harem will be doing the fighting for him. The Professor smiles and then sits back down on his throne, assuming the gendou pose.

- - - - - - - - -

A portal opens up in the battlefield. Ginko and Shiroe step out from it as it closes. Sanji and Hayate greet the two.

Hayate: I'm glad you made it back safely.

Sanji takes a puff from his cigarette.

Sanji: Welcome back.

Ciel is sipping his tea while Sebastian obediently stands next to him.

Ciel: About time. I hate mingling with commoners. Sebastian, more tea.

Ciel holds out his cup.

Sebastian: Yes, my Lord.

Sebastian pours him more tea. Kenshin and Himura are discussing previous battles. Peco and Smile are sharing stories. Joseph is telling Jotaro everything that has happened. Shougo is yawning. Shiroe adjusts his glasses. He looks up and sees an aerial battle is happening.

Shiroe: How should we proceed?

Ginko blows some smoke and looks up.

Ginko: Leave it to me.

Ginko raises his hands in the air.

- - - - - - - - - -

Inaho and Satsuki are locked in fierce battle. Neither side is giving an inch.

Inaho: You're quite skilled.

Inaho shoots another beam at Satsuki but she dodges.

Satsuki: You're not bad, for trash that is.

LIM Gamagoori: You're gonna regret ever crossing paths with Lady Satsuki you punk!

Seki is still going around massacring any MA-Vess he sees.

Chaika: You, bad. Avenge Toru, Akari. I-

And a beam rips right through Chaika's MA-Vess. It explodes. Seki laughs some more.


The Karasuno duo's orange valvrave and the Black Bullet squad's MA-Vess are on a collision course with each other.


Enju and Tina look at each other.

Enju: Why are they yelling?

Tina: *yawns*

Suddenly, portals start appearing all over the sky.

Inaho: What the?

Suddenly, Inhao is sucked into one of the portals. Satsuki is also sucked into one of the portals. Same goes for Seki, the Karasuno duo, and Rentaro's crew.

- - - - - - - - - -

Satsuki holds her head and looks around. She's back at the Academy. Gamagoori is standing next to her. He looks down at his hands and examines himself.

Gamagoori: I'm...alive!?

Satsuki is confused as to what just happened. She sits down.

Satsuki: I could use some of Soroi's tea right now.

- - - - - - - - - -

Tanaka and Hinata open their eyes. They're standing on the volleyball court. Apparently, they're in a match.

Kageyama: Tanaka! Hinata! Pay attention!

Hinata looks over at Kageyama.

Hinata: Huh!?

Tanaka slaps himself, making sure this was real.

Tanaka: How'd we get back?

- - - - - - - - - -

Seki wakes up at his desk. He looks down and sees a bunch of dominoes, cards, and a robot family on it. Yokoi is glaring at him from her seat. Seki looks up and sheds a single tear.

- - - - - - - - - -

Tina, Enju, and Rentaro all find themselves in a battle with Gastrea. Rentaro sees that he's alive and well.

Rentaro: How the heck?

Tina then walks over and hugs Rentaro. Enju gets mad and runs over and hugs Rentaro too. Rentaro just sighs and looks up.

Rentaro: Guess I'm back...

- - - - - - - - - -

Inaho opens his eyes to sees the dead Princess in his arms. He's bloody and bruised. He then looks to his right to see Slaine pointing his gun at him.


- - - - - - - - - -

Ginko closes his hand. He sent everyone who was fighting in that aerial battle back to their own timelines. Ginko takes a seat to catch his breath.

Ginko: That takes care of that.

Nobunaga nods in approval.

Nobunaga: Well done, my friend.

Shiroe looks off into the distance and sees another mech battle ensuing.

Shiroe: I see another battle is still raging on.

Shiroe then looks at everybody.

Shiroe: The question becomes - what do you all want to do? Do you want to return to your times or will you stick around here and watch how things end?

Ciel walks forward.

Ciel: I certainly do not want to continue being involved in all of this mess. I've got better things to do.

Ciel extends his hand out. Sebastian walks over and hands Ciel a tablet. The screen shows Love Live! School Idol Festival. Ciel sips his tea. Sebastian politely bows.

Sebastian: My Lord requests that we be sent back to our time.

Ginko nods. He opens up a portal behind Ciel and Sebastian. They both turn around and walk through it. Ciel looks back for a moment.

Ciel: Try not to get killed.

The portal closes.

Ginko: Anyone else?

Akane steps forward.

Akane: I should really get back to my time.

Ginko nods.

Ginko: It was an honor meeting you.

Akane smiles. Ginko opens up a portal for her and she steps through it.

- - - - - - - - - -

Akane appears back in her time. She sees a wanted poster on the ground. She picks it up. The person on the poster was none other than Killua Zoldyck. Akame shakes her head.

Akane: I should have asked him to come and get Killua out of my time...

- - - - - - - - - -

Ginko: Anyone else?

Peco and Smile step forward.

Peco: Ya, I reckon we better gets back to our time. Me and Smile got a lot of catchin' up ta do.

Smile adjusts his glasses.

Smile: It was a pleasure meeting you all.

Ginko shakes both of their hands before opening up a portal for them. They enter it and disappear.

Ginko: Who else wants to go back to their time?

Shougo steps forward.

Shougo: Yeah, I better go back. I've got a friend who's useless without me.

Ginko nods and opens up a portal for Shougo. He yawns as he goes through it.

Ginko: Any more takers?

The remaining people look at each other and shale their heads.

Nobunaga: There is no need for me to go back. I've just realized this is my timeline.

Everyone looks at Nobunaga.

Kenshin: Are you sure?

Nobunaga nods.

Nobunaga: I am certain. It took me a while, but I realized that we've ended up in the middle of the game that I initiated.

Kenshin is perplexed.

Kenshin: Game?

Ginko and Shiroe look at each other. Sanji looks over at Ginko and Shiroe. Hayate is confused. Joseph nods at Jotaro. Himura looks around and grasps his sword. He rushes forward and stabs Kenshin through the heart! Kenshin coughs up blood.

Nobunaga: Kenshin!

Nobunaga unsheathes his sword and swings at Himura. However, he quickly backs away. Kenshin falls to the ground. Nobunaga reaches down and holds Kenshin. Kenshin holds up a hand before his eyes slowly close. He had passed away.

Joseph: OH MY GOD!

Nobunaga looks at Himura.

Nobunaga: Why? Why did you this!?

Himura glares at him.

Himura: You said it yourself. We're in the middle of the game. You guys stand in the way of my desired results. I cannot let you leave here alive.

Shiroe lifts a hand up. He casts a restrictive spell on Himura. Himura tries to move but he can't.

Himura: What...the...I can't move...

Nobunaga rises to his feet and looks Himura in the eyes.

Nobunaga: This is for Kenshin.

Nobunaga proceeds to drive his sword into Himura's stomach. Himura yells out in pain as he coughs up blood. Nobunaga shoves the sword as deep as he could before pulling it out. Shiroe releases his spell as Himura drops to the ground in a puddle of his own blood.

Hayate: I don't understand. What is going on here?

Hayate is confused as to what just happened. What is this game they speak of? Sanji looks at Hayate who he considers a friend.

Sanji: You're too nice a kid to get involved in this.

Sanji looks at Ginko. Ginko nods. He opens up a portal behind Hayate.

Sanji: See ya around.

Sanji pushes Hayate into the portal.

Jotaro: Isn't it about time, old man?

Joseph checks the time.

Joseph: OH NO! You're right! Let's go!

Joseph and Jotaro start running towards the ensuing mech battle. Shiroe watches as they run off. He adjusts his glasses.

Shiroe: I assume they're going to the same destination we are.

Sanji blows some smoke.

Sanji: It would appear so.

Nobunaga sheathes his sword.

Nobunaga: This game is coming to an end. I just want to see who wins.

Ginko scratches his head and slowly rises to a stand.

Ginko: Well, we better get going.

Ginko and the group start walking towards the epic mech battle.

- - - - - - - - - -

Esdeath: Men and their big toys.

The Emperor looks over at Esdeath.

Emperor: Looks like things aren't looking good for us.

Esdeath smirks.

Esdeath: Maybe for you. I have a toy of my own.

The ground begins to shake. Suddenly appearing behind Esdeath would be the Star Build Strike Gundam. Esdeath turns around and enters it. The Emperor looks at the Gundam and then over at Gurren Lagann.

Emperor: Well, this certainly isn't fair. You guys have awesome mechs. I gave my knights all my valvraves too...

The Emperor places a hand over his forehead.

Emperor: If only I had an amazing mech...

The Emperor looks concerned...but then smiles.

Emperor: Oh wait, I totally do! CHAMBER!

A black and white mech appears before the Emperor.

Chamber: You called, sir?

The Emperor nods and jumps inside. Gurren Lagann, Star Build Strike Gundam, and Chamber. Three incredible mechs piloted by highly capable people.

Emperor: Well then, it's a party now.

Gurren Lagann lifts up its drill. It starts to spin.

Kamina: Our drill is the drill that will pierces the heavens!

Mugen: Yeah, what he said.

Esdeath's Star Build Strike Gundam points its rifle straight ahead. It starts to charge up Plavsky particles.

Esdeath: I hope you boys can handle a little pain.

Chamber starts gathering shadows in its hand. A black orb forms.

Emperor: Here we go.

Chamber shoots his black orb forward. The Star Build Strike Gundam fires off a powerful shot. Gurren Lagann twirls forward.


All three attacks hit each other. A huge explosion occurs in the sky.

- - - - - - - - - -

Yato is surrounded by the Professor's harem. He is outnumbered four to one.

Professor: I told you you'd regret making this choice.

Hachiman nods.

Hachiman: Yup, he's definitely regretting his choice.

The Professor sighs.

Professor: I know, I just said that. Do me a favor and stay quiet.

Hachiman mumbles under his breath.

Hachiman: Jerk.

Yato looks at all the ladies and then sighs. He lowers Sekki. The girls are confused by his actions.

Izuna: What do you think you're doing, desu!?

Yato stretches his arms.

Yato: There's no reason for us to fight.

Nonon points her baton at Yato.

Nonon: What do you mean you have no reason to fight us? Of course you do. You're trying to kill the Professor! We won't let you.

Yato looks at the girls.

Yato: Why do you girls protect him?

Shiro raises her hand.

Shiro: He gives me cake!

Yato raises an eyebrow.

Yato: Righttttt. Anyways, what has he ever done for you? Does he really care about you?

Yato looks at Izuna.

Yato: If he cared about you, wouldn't he have led you to victory in the second game?

Izuna thinks about that for a moment.

Yato: I mean if he truly cared, it would have been easy to make you best girl, yeah? After all...

Yato looks at Steph.

Yato: He did it for her.

Izuna looks at Steph with an irritated look. Yato looks over at Nonon.

Yato: And you, you didn't even make it that far. Doesn't make sense, does it? The Professor says you're precious to him but doesn't help advance you? Not only that, your precious Satsuki-sama was defeated by the girl he's holding a hostage right now. Why? Because it was his will.

Nonon looks towards the professor, not too happy. Yato looks at Shiro.

Yato: And you! I didn't even knew you we aligned with the Professor until today. He doesn't mention you at all. Kind of sad, isn't it?

Shiro frowns. Yato looks at Steph.

Yato: You have to be the worst off of them all.

Steph is confused by this.

Steph: What do you mean!? I was named Best Girl! I won! The Professor loves me!

Yato shakes his head.

Yato: Does he? If he loves you, why does he call you stupid all the time? Why does he make fun of you? Why does he not stand up for you?

Steph is shocked to hear this.

Steph: W-what? Th-that's not true.

Steph looks towards the Professor. The Professor looks very nervous.

Yato: This man does not care about you at all. You are merely his pawns. He plays with you as he likes. When he longer needs you, he will throw you away. Look inside yourselves, you know this to be true.

The girls look at each other.

Izuna: He's right, desu. He doesn't care about us at all.

Steph: He calls me stupid behind my back!? What a jerk!

Shiro: The cake was a lie!

Nonon: It's your fault Satsuki-sama lost!?

Shiro pulls out numerous blades and hands each of the girls one. They start to approach the Professor with murderous intent. The Professor eye's widen.

Professor: Ladies, please. Don't tell me you're going to believe the words of a ramblings of a hobo god. I've done everything for you. You dare turn your backs on me now?

The girls would not listen to his words. They continued to approach him.

Professor: Hachiman! Stop these foolish girls.

Hachiman looks at the Professor. He blinks.

Hachiman: Yeah...about that. I'm done listening to you. I appreciate you helping me win the first game but I'm done with you. Good luck.

Hachiman walks off and leaves the Professor by himself. The Professor is angered.

Professor: Hachiman, you bastard! You're nothing without me!

The girls reach the Professor and they all look at him with yandere like eyes.

Professor: Ladies, we can talk about this. Just put the k-

But before he could finish his sentence, the girls stab the Professor. Repeatedly. His clothes are stained with blood. Blood is all over the floor. He looks up at the girls as he coughs up blood. He lowers his head as he lies in his throne, a bloody mess. The girls look at each other, drops their knives, and exit the throne room. Yato rushes over and holds Hiyori in his arms.

Yato: Hiyori, you're safe now.

- - - - - - - - - -

The explosion sends debris flying everywhere. Once the smoke clears, all three mechs have been destroyed. Their debris continues to fall to the ground. All four of them are falling rapidly towards the ground. Esdeath is about to hit the ground when suddenly Joseph leaps into the air and catches her!

Joseph: OH MY GOD! Caught you just in time!

Joseph then puts Esdeath down.

Esdeath: Thank you, Joseph. You've always been loyal.

The Emperor is always spiraling down towards the ground. However, he starts to gently float down. Shiroe has his staff pointed at him and helps him down. Ginko is taking a puff from his cigar next to him.

Emperor: Am I glad to see you guys.

Mugen and Kamina are also falling. Shu quickly runs out and sticks his arms out. He somehow catches them both in his arms as he falls down, holding them.

Kamina: You're a lifesaver.

Mugen: Yeah, thanks.

They get off poor Shu. Shu stumbles to his feet and gives a thumbs up.

Shu: Just doing my job!

Mugen and Kamina then look at the Emperor.

Kamina: We're not finished. We kill get rid of you and then we'll kill him.

Kamina points at Maou who has just been hanging around not doing much. The Emperor starts laughing.

Mugen: What's so damn funny?

The Emperor eventually stops laughing.

Emperor: I'm laughing because you guys don't realize that you've just lost the game.

Kamina and Mugen look at each other confused.

Mugen: The hell you talking about?

The Emperor looks at Esdeath.

Emperor: I think it's about time, don't you?

Esdeath smirks.

Esdeath: I think it is.

Esdeath then freezes the ground beneath Mugen and Kamina. The ice reaches up to their legs and freezes them as well. The Emperor raises a hand and places a restrictive spell on them. Shiroe amplifies the Emperor's spell.

Mugen: What the hell is this!? I thought you two were enemies!?

The Emperor laughs.

Emperor: That's what I wanted everyone to think. In reality, the JLeague has always worked for me. It was never disbanded.

Kamina is pissed.

Kamina: You bastard!

Maou then walks over to Kamina and Mugen. He slaps both of them in the face!

Maou: This is what you get for trying to kill me, you bastards!

Kamina and Mugen glare at Maou. The Emperor looks at Ginko and nods. Ginko opens up a portal behind the two.

Maou: I hope you enjoy being stuck in time!

Maou pushes Kamina and Mugen into the portal. It closes a few seconds after. Maou starts crying tears of joy.

Maou: Finally! I can have peace!

Esdeath walks up behind Maou and then stabs him through the back with her rapier! He coughs up blood.

Maou: W-what?

She starts to freeze him as well.

Maou: Why?

Esdeath simply smirks.

Esdeath: I never had any intentions of letting you live.

Esdeath takes her rapier out of his back and watches as he completely freezes. The Emperor walks next to her and places a hand on her shoulders.

Emperor: Good work. I think everything turned out nicely.

Esdeath looks at the Emperor.

Esdeath: Almost. I believe there's still the matter of the game. We agreed that my loyal Jaegar Joseph will be the victor.

Joseph smirks. Jotaro tips his cap. The Emperor looks at Joseph and shakes his head.

Emperor: About that...

A portal opens up behind Joseph and Jotaro.

Emperor: There has been a slight change of plans.

Esdeath is not amused.

Esdeath: What?

Shiroe then points his staff at the Jojos and sends them flying into the portal.

Joseph: OH NO! This isn't what was supposed to happen!

The portal closes. Esdeath is enraged. She points her rapier at the Emperor.

Esdeath: Jellal, you bastard! This is not what we agreed on! You dare betray me!?

The Emperor shrugs his shoulders.

Emperor: Sorry, this has always been a part of my plans. You played your part perfectly and I thank you. I apologize but you must exit the game. I'm sure we'll meet again in the future.

A portal opens up behind Esdeath. The Emperor pushes her into it.

Esdeath: I won't forget this! Mark my words, you will pay for this!

The portal closes. The Emperor looks at Ginko and Shiroe.

Emperor: You two have done well.

Ginko blows some smoke.

Ginko: Everything has turned out the way you had hoped.

Shiroe adjusts his glasses.

Shiroe: Indeed they have.

Sanji and Nobunaga arrive at the scene a few seconds later.

Sanji: The other matter has been taken care of as well.

Nobunaga nods.

Nobunaga: It seems a winner of this game has been determined. Shall we head over there and congratulate him?

The Emperor nods. They all head towards the Professor's location.

- - - - - - - - - -

Hiyori wakes up in Yato's arms.

Hiyori: Y-Yato!?

Yato is relieved to see her awake.

Yato: Hiyori! You're awake! I'm so glad!

Yato starts crying and hugs her tightly!

Hiyori: Where am I?

Yato rises to his feet and carries Hiyori in her arms.

Yato: Don't you worry about it. I've saved you and that's all that matters. Your loss has been avenged. We won this time Hiyori! We won!

Hiyori looks up at Yato and smiles.

Hiyori: That's good.

Hiyori then passes out again. She has been through a lot. Yato decides to let her rest. The door opens to the throne room and entering would be the Emperor, Ginko, Shiroe, and Sanji. The Emperor looks past Yato and sees a bloody Professor sitting on the throne. The Emperor cracks a smile.

Emperor: All according to my plan.

The Emperor walks up to Yato and embraces him while he's holding Hiyori.

Emperor: We did it. My plan worked flawlessly. We've gotten our revenge.

Yato is still crying.

Yato: It wouldn't have been possible without your help.

The Emperor chuckles.

Emperor: Naw, don't worry about it. All I had to do was taken over the Vers empire, take control of the JLeague, start a war with Earth, mess around with the fabric of space and time, lead a whole bunch of people to their deaths, make friends, break some alliances, and fool everyone by thinking I was supporting someone else. You know, no big deal.

The Emperor then turns around and shakes the hands of Sanji, Ginko, and Shiroe.

Emperor: I thank you gentlemen. We of the Hiyori Coalition have waited so long for our revenge. We finally got it.

Sanji smirks and nods in approval.

Sanji: That we did.

Ginko takes a puff from his cigar.

Ginko: Always happy to help out a friend.

Shiroe adjusts his glasses.

Shiroe: Think nothing of it. I'm just glad you got me out of that Elder Tales game.

Nobunaga arrives at the scene. By now, you should know he's really Kakashi. He looks at the results of this game he created.

Kakashi: Ah, so Yato is the victor? Congratulations.

Yato wipes tears from his eyes.

Yato: No, thank you for creating this game where we could get our revenge.

The Emperor reaches into one his pockets and pulls out a handful of salt. He tosses it onto the floor.

Emperor: And with that, my job is complete. Let us go celebrate our victory.

Everyone exits the throne room. There will be much partying to be had in celebration of Yato's victory.

- - - - - - - - - -

The Professor lays in his throne, a bloody mess. He slowly opens his eyes. If you didn't already know, he's immortal. He looks up.

Strauss: You have all made a grave mistake. I will not forget what happened here today. You have not seen the last of me. You will know my vengeance. You will know the name Strauss.

- - - - - - - - - -

As the Emperor and everyone are heading to party, he stops for a moment and looks back at the Professor's location. He smirks and clenches his fist. He holds it up in victory.

- - - - - - - - - -

Yato vs. Joseph Joestar
A Tale of Redemption


Yato (Noragami) - Yato speaks to me on a personal level because he's a good guy. You may not think it, but he is. Me and him have been through a lot. We've experienced joy and heartbreak during the Best Girl tourney. We're buddies, me and him. We lost that tourney, but we'll win this one and get our revenge.

Warm-up Story #1: Akame ga Kill Rewrite
Warm-up Story #2: Nobunaga Concerto Rewrite
Warm-up Story #3: Aldnoah.Zero Rewrite
Warm-up Story #4: Tokyo ESP Rewrite

Main Story #1: Toru vs. Senketsu (Fairy Tail Rewrite)
Main Story #2: Rentaro vs. Joseph (Stardust Crusaders Rewrite)
Main Story #3: Aladdin vs. Harutora (The Devil is a Part-timer Rewrite)
Main Story #4: Killua vs. Alibaba (Re:Hamatora Rewrite)
Main Story #5: Yato vs. Megumu (Sengoku Basara Rewrite)
Main Story #6: Shiroe vs. Ginko (Steins;Gate Rewrite)
Main Story #7: Tatsuya vs. Peco (Ping Pong Rewrite)
Main Story #8: Sora vs. Tanaka (Haikyuu! Rewrite)

Epic Story #1: Yato vs. Senketsu (Aldnoah.Zero x Valvrave)
Epic Story #2: Ginko vs. Killua (Psycho Pass x SAO)
Epic Story #3: Joseph vs. Tanaka (Strike the Blood x Jojo)
Epic Story #4: Aladdin vs. Tatsuya (Magi x Irregular)

Legendary Story #1: Yato vs. Aladdin (Tokyo ESP x M3 x Valvrave)
Legendary Story #2: Ginko vs. Joseph (Tokyo Ghoul Massacre)
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h9902014 wrote:
What'd she do? Or are u just hating her for getting screen time?

She strings guys along and doesn't put out. Basically she acts like she doesn't care, but her whole ego is supported by how others see her by the ending when that guy spent THAT MUCH effort just to hit on her. I want her to go away and stop wasting my time.
Posted 10/3/14 , edited 10/3/14

bathroom64 wrote:

h9902014 wrote:
What'd she do? Or are u just hating her for getting screen time?

She strings guys along and doesn't put out. Basically she acts like she doesn't care, but her whole ego is supported by how others see her by the ending when that guy spent THAT MUCH effort just to hit on her. I want her to go away and stop wasting my time.

I told u, u should skip those chapters
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ShawnHacaga wrote:


Awesome story, I was in tears by the end.

This is my placeholder reaction comment.
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The key to this round lies with the thoughts and votes of the forum regulars. I said that two days ago and I say it now.

Unfortunately. Those shameless bastards are against me! It's like Vietnam all over again!
Those g-men think they won, but they couldn't possibly.


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Felstalker wrote:

Once again, our votes are only seconds apart. Are you stalking me?
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bathroom64 wrote:

ShawnHacaga wrote:


Awesome story, I was in tears by the end.

This is my placeholder reaction comment.


This is a placeholder for a link to retort to your reaction.
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This is my jtav001 vote
A Final Jaeger Mission

"Aaaagggghh--" another combatant died at Esdeath's sword, as the salt-rain sprinkled on the battlefield.
With that death a small lull in the battle ensued. Esdeath took a deep breath. The battlefield air was humid with blood mist. At some point the battle had turned to complete chaos, and friend and foe had lost all meaning. She exhaled and took a stepped through the now spongy ground to synchronize at the high ground. What had become of her Generals?

Looking around, she saw what remained of the Tounrey forces. All of her blue-haired Generals had fallen. This was a travesty. Somehow, Joseph Joestar was still fighting. A resilient tactician, that one. The god of calamity was still wreaking havoc as well. The adventurers (voters) kept respawning, so the battle would never end until either Joseph or Yato were defeated. Her former Jaeger Generals were all still fighting valiantly, divided amongst themselves for one of the last two characters left.

Something else was bothering Esdeath.
Tatsumi was no where to be found. What had become of him?
This took precedence. Tatsumi must be found.

With tremendous vigor, Esdeath decisively gathered all of the Jeagers for one final mission.

Esdeath addresses the Jaegers. "I know the Jleague is disbanded. However, I've brought you here for one last mission."
The reaction was mixed. There was a battle going on, after all. Yet there was some residual loyalty that they felt.
"You all are my beloved Generals Emeritus. For that reason, and due to the dangerous mission at hand, I bestow you with your own Imperial Arms. I trust you will complete this mission with your newfound power."
The reveal of the Imperial Arms seemed to bring them all on board.

General Loomy: "Hell yeah this is awesome! I'm so hyped for my Imperial Arms!"
Esdeath smirks with a twinkle in her eye. "General Loomy, ever hyped. I bestow onto you...


"Grafikken was created by a Norse graphic artist legend, who fought against censorship. Use it and it will let you turn every battle into its most graphic potential. Very unfortunate indeed for your enemies."
General Loomy: "This is so cool jtav I mean Esdeath! I'm going to use this on all my anime watching after this!"
Esdeath smiles "I knew you would like Grafikken, General Loomy."

General AvidReader: "I wonder what Imperial Arms I'll get..."
"Ah, General AvidReader. Always able to write your way in a story. A true rebel. This Imperial Arms is perfect for you:


"Inprimagailu is a special type of printer that was only found in the Basque region between the countries Spain and France. It is said that the life of one of the printing staff was merged with the printer, and ever since whatever was printed from it rewrites the recent history. However it only works a few minutes into the past, and you're only able to change things when you're in a pinch."
General AvidReader: "I can see why jtav001 limited it... otherwise her story would have been completely derailed. "

General BigChocolate: "Did you notice me too, Leader?"
Esdeath smiled a smile like Tatsuya (to the extent that is possible) "Why yes, I noticed you as well, General BigChocolate. Nothing but the most OP arms would do for you..."

"Silver Trident"

"Once there existed an engineer with such insight that he made the most OP of weapons. Even the emperor gathering the Imperial Arms thought it was too unbalanced and strong, so the engineer was asked to limit it's power in the code. It can do Gram Dispersion, but Mist Dispersion and Material Burst only work at distances between 10 and 20 meters. Even so, it's power is tremendous. You are perfect to wield this Imperial Arms."
General BigChocolate: "I was noticed "

General Harp: "Ooh me! Show mine next "
General Harp: "It's a harp, right?? Right??????"
Esdeath smiled at Harp's exuberance. "Indeed it is, General Harp."


"This purifying power of this harp was known to stop wars. A traveling band of celts roamed the European continent and spread peace and harmony wherever they went. It was so powerful that it was stolen in the middle of the night and then locked up in a cave in a forest until it was acquired by the empire. Truly the Arms that can enact the most change. General Harp, i can think of noone better than you to wield this Imperial Arms."

General Swuishu: "What imperial arms do I get, Esdeath?
Esdeath handed General Shuishu a strange cookbook, that looked more like a notebook.

"Culinary Note"

"The Culinary Note allows you to write a recipe for anything that you see and have a name for. As long as the result is edible, the recipe will immediately transform what you see into delicious food. As the food science expert, you are best candidate for this Imperial Arms, General Swuishu"
General Loomy: "I'm definitely using the Grafikken when you use your Culinary Note, Shwuishu!"

"General QTAC, you shine like no other. For you I give you,"

"Imọlẹ Kókó"

"Cultivated from the most sparkling of traps, this Imperial Arms allows you to change the orientation of any enemies you face, and blind them with extreme light. Truly, your foes will be very confused."

"Where is the Rap General? Has anyone seen General idiot911?" Esdeath looks sadly at the imperial arms.
Wait what is that sound? Coming from a distance...
It's... Blue Power!
General idiot911 joins the group holding a hitech boombox.
He was wearing his I'm on Cloud Nine face.
General idiot911: "Reporting for duty!" *salutes*
Esdeath tips her hat to him. "So, are you ready for your Imperial Arms?"

"Información desaloxo"

"This is the Info-Dump Imperial Arms. It allows you to stop a battle in time, and explain in great detail what just happened. The enemy has to listen, and their eyes may glaze over and roll back into their heads. It's also great for gloating. The info-dump can even be done in rap format. It can truly crush the enemy's spirit. There's no one better than you for this Imperial Arms, General idiot911."
General idiot911: "It doesn't seem like the most powerful one, but it is the most awesome "
Esdeath smiles knowingingly. "It most certainly is."

"Avatar Lio, you get this amazing director's wand."
General Lio: "I direct the news, not a band..."
"Have you forgotten your training?" Esdeath scowls slightly
General Lio: "Of course not. *gulp* I think I can direct anything after that."
Esdeath smiles "That's more like it, General."

"Dragon Roost Conductor's Baton"

"Wherever you see imbalances, this Imperial Arms will allow you to correct them. Simply conduct how you wish the world to be."
General Lio: "That's a big responsibility..."
Esdeath smiles knowingly. "Just think of it as having fun with the world."

General Nobodyofimportance had already found and was wearing his Imperial Arms. It was a bunny suit!
Esdeath: "You look quite fine in that, General Nobodyofimportance. It lets you nibble through archives of information."
General Nobodyofimportance: "*nibbles on some information* I know I've found some already! Truly the wealth of information I can access is as limitless as the sky. Let justice be done, though the heaven's fall!"

"Bunny cyfiawnder"

Montage of Jaegars learning to use their new imperial arms...

The Mission

General QTAC had just finished changing everyone's orientation several times, because it was fun. "So what is the mission?"
Esdeath: "Tatsumi... has gone missing. I need you all to find him."
General BigChocolate: "We left the battlefield for that? I wanted to tear up the battlefield with some Mist Dispersion."
Esdeath: "I understand your bloodlust, General BigChocolate. Please have some patience."
General Loomy: "All right lets do this!"
Esdeath: "I trust you all to find Tatsumi. I will go back to the battlefield."

Much later, after the Generals had searched a large amount of terrain, they were assaulted by a pack of danger beasts.
General BigChocolate: "Mist Dispersion."
Just like that, the danger beasts 10-20 meters away were dispersed into energy. It was truly OP.
Some danger beast
General Nobodyofimportance: "There's still some on their way! They are closer than 10 meters away."
General Loomy: "Shwuishu, you got this! I'll support."
General Shwuishu: "You got it, Loomy! I name this recipe Danger Stew!"
General idiot911: "Their combined attack caused the Stew to form especially graphically. Shwuishu had wisely identified some herbs in the vicinity, a birds egg, some mushrooms, and a few flowers to give the dish that extra pop. After using the Culinary Note, these ingredients flew towards the danger beast as the danger beast immediately started to be cooked in it's own skin. Cuts of meat from the danger beast seemed to magically be cut even though there were no knives. The cuts of meat moved moved out of the skin and reassembled like in Transformers. Except the transforming sound was a little less mechanical and a bit more meaty. The Danger beasts eyes began to melt, and mix with the other ingredients as they caramelized on the meat. The result looked quite appetizing."
General Loomy: Did you really have to describe all that, idiot911?"
General idiot911 puts the Información Desaloxo away. "Yes, yes I did." *salutes*

They were about to taste the stew, when they realized there was a body laying just beyond the dead dangerbeasts.
General Lio: "Is... is that Tatsumi?"
They move in closer to take a look.
General QTAC: "It's hard to tell, it's so badly mauled."
General idiot911 pulls out the Información Desaloxo. "It's body was mauled, as if --"
General Loomy: "Hold up idiot911, this needs to be more graphic "
General idiot911: "Its remnants were spread around, entrails in multiple warped pieces, looking as if they had been bit up, while they were still in its body. Whoever it was was probably still alive as their intestines were being chewed upon. Bits of shredded clothing lay inbetween all the organs, bones, and bloody messes of flesh."
General Loomy: "That was pretty good."
General Nobodyofimportance chomped on a bit of the clothing. "This textile... is from the countryside, in the region that Tatsumi is from. We should conclude that this is Tatsumi."

The initial shock began to fade a little bit, but the team morale was down a bit after seeing the objective fail.
General Harp: "What we need is a little song to get us going again and forget about the Torture Chamber. "
Harp strums the harp. Immediately everyone began to feel more at ease.
General Harp begins singing.
"♫ There once was a hero"
"Who liked to eat Gyros"
"And was kidnapped by General Esdeath"

"♫ He had so much promise"
"So how can we feel solace"
"Now that he no longer draws breath?"

General Lio: "That's morbid. Should I feel bad for laughing at that?"
General Harp: "I don't know, these are jtav001's lyrics. But I get to play the harfe, so it's good "

After a few more verses, everyone is now singing along and grabbing stew to eat. Everyone was so jovial, that they didn't notice QTAC start to have fun changing people's orientation. What happened then? Well the good times after that were forgotten, because AvidReader rewrote back a few minutes in time to make sure that didn't happen.

General AvidReader went back to a few verses before and reminded everyone that they still needed to find a plan to face Esdeath with the news.
General Loomy: "It's wierd, I get this weird feeling that I was just GAR for a little bit "
The group snaps out of it.
General Nobodyofimportance: "That soup was really good Shwuishu."
Everyone thanks Shwuishu for the stew and admires her culinary science.
General BigChocolate: "So, about Tatsumi,"
General Lio: "Come to think of it, AvidReader, don't you have an ability that could rewrite time and bring Tatsumi back?
AvidReader: "I do, but I already used it, so I can't use it again right away."
QTAC: " "
Lio: "Really? What did you rewrite?"
AvidReader: "You don't want to know "
Lio: "That's Fine!" *thumbs up*
And so Tatsumi remained dead...

Shwuishu: "We can't just go back empty-handed. We gotta do something..."
Everyone looks at Lio.
Lio: "Why's everyone looking at me?"
Loomy: "Believe in the us that believe in you. You must bring balance."
Nobodyofimportance: "I think what Loomy is trying to say is that you must open a portal with your Dragon Roost Conducting Baton. So we can find another Tatsumi in another story."
Harp: "I don't think there were any Tatsumi's in any other stories, but this Tounrey has gone on a long time."
QTAC: "Just concentrate really hard on what jtav001/Esdeath wants, and then direct it and it should work..."
Lio: "Alright, just don't expect too much"

Several hours and several authors' stories later, after watching fireworks, watching a hero implode, experiencing synesthesia, and witnessing a lot of confessions, they finally return from the last story by ShawnHacaga with a headband Imperial Arms.

General BigChocolate: "Will this really do the trick?"
General Nobodyofimportance: "It's the most we can do."
They returned to the battlefield only to find that the victor was already declared. Old Joseph had finally tired out. Esdeath was displeased, but immediately inquired about Tatsumi when she saw the Generals return.
General Lio: "About Tatsumi..."
Loomy: "Look here's a headband! It should restore Joseph to his young state."
Esdeath takes the headband and hands it to Joestar, but the battle was already over. His amazing blue hair that activates when he uses his power could no longer be used in this competition. That would be unfair anyways since that was from a previous season.

Esdeath: "This battle may be over, but I'll be back in the next Tounrey. And this time, I'll compete myself."


Joseph Joestar gets my vote because with ShawnHacaga's bandana and when he uses his powers he has blue hair. But what speaks on a personal level is his anticipation and craftiness. He is quite the loveable hero, and I aspire to him more than Yato.

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My Vote:

Bad End Friends Part 7: Bad End Friends

The shattering of the crystal palace rings around Alibaba like a bell knelling the fall of the world.

Against the dark ruhk blanketing Alibaba as it drifts down, shrouding the world in night, the pulsing white glow of the angel Miyuki brightly shines. It is too bright for Alibaba, who lowers his eyes and sinks to his knees.

“Stupid girl! If you get between me and Alibaba Alibaba ALIBABA I will do away with your as I did the redheaded one!”

Laughing manically Alibaba spins his rod and out of a cloud of dark rukh rides Yato and his biker gang.

“Wicked girl, defying my and Alibabas’ love is a crime! Let my Hells’ Angels pluck your wings!”

Taking out her rifle, Chaika rushes over to Alibaba with JoJo and Akari.

“Alibaba! We stop bikers. You……uh……….hide?”

As the others rush over to join battle, Alibaba takes out his dagger and stares at his image in the blade, darkened by the true form of the rukh.

This is the true form of the rukh……this destiny, in this blade, is the truth of me…….my battle is here and I……I am tired of fighting………..

Alibaba raises the dagger towards himself----


Elsewhere, as Akari and Chaika do battle with Yatos’ forces, JoJo and Yato meet.

“Geezer you must be senile if you think you can rock and roll with Papa Yato.”

The sunglasses bedecked motorcycle gang leader smirks as he pulls a long knife from the folds of his jacket. JoJos’ eyes go wide. He
steadies his fear.

He matches Yatos’ gaze.

He strikes a pose---


Yato turns to look to see where JoJo points. Megumu stands there, her dress tattered and in shambles. Yato turns back around but JoJo is already running away---

“Yes, some do indeed call me that, JoJo.”

Yato feels something brush against his jacket. Looking down, he sees Megumu holding his knife.

“This trap has been sprung.”

Plunging the blade into Yato, Megumu watches as he falls and calmly walks over Yatos’ crumpled form and, taking off the disguise, reveals himself to be the One True Onii-Sama.

I can be with her…….I can be with Morgi together again.

Alibaba trembles as the blade approaches.

Together…….ah, Aladdin, isn’t that you want?...........


Miyuki, beaten down onto her knees by the might of Aladdin, allows the memories of her Onii-Sama to flow through her. Her translucent crystalline form becomes a blazing white tornado of ice as she forces the young Magi and the dark rukh back.


Shivering with delight, the young Magi spins his rod and sends Miyuki soaring across the battlefield. Dark rukh swirls around as he floats towards Alibaba, and lands into his open arms, cuddling against his Chosen Love.

“Aladdin…..I want to be with you too………..forever……….I always wanted that…….what was all this for? could you ever think I didn’t want to be with you?”

“Alibaba Alibaba Alibaba……”


Tatsuya, carrying Miyuki with him on Yatos’ motorcycle, arrives to where Alibaba and Aladdin embrace. Leaping off the motorcycle, Miyuki floats in midair, her blazing incandescence dwarfing even the darkness of the rukh.

“Aladdin………I speak to you the truth. We will always be together………


And me…………

…………And Morgi.”

Howling his fury, Aladdin summons the dark rukh to him but is held tight by Alibaba as Miyuki concentrates her might on the pair, the darkness of the rukh obliterated by pure white. Descending, the angel Miyuki looks upon the pair, pillars of Salt.

“Tatsuya, Tatsuya, are you not pleased-------”

The ground trembles. Darkness flows forth from Aladdinbaba.


Miyuki nods.

If her Onii-Sama so commands………


“OH MY GOD! I must have fallen asleep.”

Standing up groggily, JoJo looks around to see the world shrouded in pure white. Something pale and bright drifts from the heavens above. Sticking out his tongue, he is greeted by……….


Before him, Akari and Chaika are frozen in salt in their battle with Yatos’ forces, a never ending war. Aladdinbaba sit frozen as a single pillar of Salt.




“Yes, JoJo. As you so recognized me, so I have left this world of men to you, so that you may show men how to be Men.”

Tatsuya keeps his back to JoJo as he speaks, peering out across the endless salt plain.

“Yes……I am the god of this world.”

Bringing Miyuki in close, Tatsuya kisses her.

“And now it is complete. A world of salt……….a perfect world. A world as pure and perfect as salt. And as the god of this world, as the god of salt………….




Vote goes to JoJo. He makes men Men.

And proves there are no victors.

No losers.

Only salt.


Bad End Friends:

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Part Two: The Boy-King and The World :

Part Three: The Boy-King In Love:

Part Four: The Boy-King in Hell:

Part Five: The Boy-King Rising

Part Six: The Golden Boy-King

Part Seven: Bad End Friends (What You Just Read!)
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This is My Vote

The Guilt and Glory of a God

Yato’s eyes snap open to behold a dark room with a single glass plane extending the room’s entire width. The god finds himself sitting on something that feels like paper. He gets to his feet and turns around to see a throne that appears to have been painted a shade lighter than the room and a series of inscriptions on the wall behind the throne. He walks over to this wall, passing by the throne – which begins to disintegrate the moment he walks alongside it – in the process. When Yato reaches the wall, he sees that the inscriptions are moving – playing out a scene before his eyes. The scene initially depicts a total of sixty-four lines reaching up from a swirling pool at variable speeds. The lines continue to reach upward until they have completely risen out of the pool, each one at a different length; one by one, each of the shorter lines breaks into groups of pixels which proceed to disperse until they are too small for Yato to discern. Four lines stand taller than the others and cast a shadow over those near them. Upon them stand four male human shapes, one leaning lazily on leg, one standing completely firm, one with his arms behind his head, and one holding a pair of glasses up with two fingers. The pool begins to swirl more violently as hundreds of lines slowly travel up towards the thirty-two that preceded them. Five of these lines knock each other around in a race to meet their predecessors long after all of their peers have stopped climbing and sunk back into the pool. Two of the five are deadlocked no more than an inch shy of their goal, but one manages to knock another back just before reaching and even passing a few of the thirty-two. The pool begins to swirl in the opposite direction and pull the remaining line back in. Upon the new lines stand a merged shirt and skirt, a boy with crackling hair and palms, a man with a cigar in his mouth, and a human-like figure with the ears and tail of a cat.

The walls begin to squirm slightly as Yato turns away from the inscriptions and walks over to the glass plane. Through it, he looks out and sees a landscape made from fragments of different worlds. A sun-soaked grassy hill is cut off by scorching desert sands sprinkled with cacti; a snowy mountain is capped by a damp jungle. In the center of this and the rest of the landscape sits a building that is half modern skyscraper and half medieval castle whose peak is above the view offered by the room in which Yato waits. A flash of purple light catches the corner of Yato’s eye. Yato looks scans the landscape until he finds the source of the flash: an elderly yet buff man with purple vines wrapped around his arms and a polaroid camera in his hands. Several dots appear on the walls beside Yato and begin moving in different directions, each tracing a letter; when the letters are complete, they read a name across two walls: Joseph Joestar. Through the glass, Yato observes Joseph fighting a group of other, much younger males. One man attempts to charge Joseph with a black spiked club, only to have the purple vines wrap around his body, lift him up, and plow him through the sand before returning to Joseph’s arm. Parts of the sky suddenly darken curve until they have taken the form of dark clouds casting a shadow over the battlefield as Yato looks out to a few different areas of the landscape. A total of four battles are going on, each between 8 participants and each overlooked by a different sun that is orbiting around the central building. After a complete orbit of the four suns, only four remain standing in each group, while the rest are nowhere to be seen. A bang springs from the wall behind Yato and flies with a line from the pool inscription in tow past Yato, pierces the glass plane, and falls onto the landscape below. A moment later, three colored bands – one blue-black, one a wooden color, and one a pale blue – burst from the ground. The rays from each of the four suns bend and stretch out to one of the beams/line and begin to sew them into humans. After another complete orbit of the four suns, the sewing is finished. All four humans are young men, but each differs in appearance; one has blonde hair, one has blue-black hair an wears a black suit, one has straight brown hair and wears a white collared shirt, and one has somewhat messy and very light brown hair. As Yato stares at the scene before him, his feet suddenly find nothing but air. He looks down and sees the floor sinking and the entire room wobbling. His feet meet the floor again, and he immediately extends his arm out and opens his hand. A white-blue light drops into his open hand and narrows itself into a sword with a white hilt around which Yato closes his hand. Yato stabs the sword into the side wall – just above the letters – and spins in a complete circle, slicing through the entire room. The room rocks violently back and forth – causing Yato to slide around – until its upper half falls back. With sword in hand, Yato jumps over the remaining part of the glass pane into the darkened world beyond. While falling to the land below, he sees three others falling around him. One has red hair and wears a golden crown, one has black hair and wields a silver gun-like object, and one has blue hair and wears glasses. Each of the four lands on a separate side of the central building amongst five other fighters. One of the five on Yato’s side is the shirt-skirt combination he had seen in the inscription, which he could now see to be a navy blue school uniform with red and yellow markings in the shape of eyes. He turns around to see the building from which he had jumped sinking into a dark opening; once the opening has completely consumed the main part of the building, it widens to welcome the part of the room Yato had sliced away and swallows that part whole.

A buzzer catches Yato’s ear and pulls him around to face the central building. A door that is half glass and half polished wood in the center of this side of the building opens inward. Above it is engraved “4.” Yato sees that the other five in his group have begun running toward the door and starts running after them. As he approaches the five, one of them – the uniform – hangs back, allowing Yato to catch up to it. As soon as Yato reaches it, the uniform turns around and extends pointed fibers toward him. Yato swivels around to dodge the attack, but the fibers manage to scrape him and spill a few drops of his blood. The drops fall onto and are absorbed by a few blades of grass below, soaking them and turning them blood red. The soaked blades reach out and wrap around Yato’s leg, tripping him. Yato turns to look at what has grabbed him as he falls to the ground. The blood red blades continue to twist around Yato’s leg and toward his torso until the voice of a young boy shouts and echoes from within Yato’s head and out to the blades, tearing them as it reaches them. Yato climbs to his feet and sees that his competition is very close to the door. He pulls out a five-yen coin and flips it forward. The coin bends the world as it arcs through the air, wraps the world around Yato, and pulls both it and him forward to its landing point just behind the uniform. The first to enter the door is a man with blue hair and twin daggers at his sides; as he enters, the inscription above the door rearranges itself to read “3.” Yato is about to enter the door alongside the uniform, but a tug at his back slows him down enough for the uniform to pass him and enter the door; the inscription changes to read “2.” Yato enters the door and finds himself in a spacious room with bloodstained steel walls, a pair of open windows, and an icy floor. He looks back and sees a feminine-looking boy holding on to his jersey; above him, another inscription changes to read “1” and then to read “0,” at which point the doors slam themselves shut. Yato looks at his reflection in an unstained portion of a wall and sees a version of himself with longer hair, a larger body, and empty eyes. He turns away from the wall and breathes out an ice-colored breath; the breath diverges into several wisps that float over and into the blood on the walls.

Yato notices an inscription of a fist on the opposite wall. The bloodstains on the walls lighten in shade as Yato walks to the center of the room and looks out one of the windows. Through it, he sees a winged human cloaked entirely in black except for his eyes and ear-to-ear smile flying above the gun-wielding man from the four that fell. The winged human reaches toward his mouth, pulls out a single tooth, and pitches it at his opponent; the tooth draws in the air toward and around it to become a winged ball the size of the winged one’s eye. The other man calmly raises his gun to face the ball. Yato raises his sword in an attempt to intervene, but he is stopped by a pair of hands grabbing his arm and spinning him around. As he spins, his view alternates between the two windows. Through one he sees a burst of light envelop the winged ball; through the other he sees branches of lightning pushing back a couple of stray orange flames. Another spin shows him a blue and white flame where the winged man once was, followed by the extinguishing of the stray flames. Yato opens the hand holding the sword and calls out “Yukine!” A silver light envelops the sword and shoots out of Yato’s hand over to a spot beside the spinning duo. The light assumes a human shape and withdraws into the form of Yato’s young regalia, who promptly delivers a chop to the back of the feminine boy’s neck. Yato stops spinning as the boy falls to the ground. The ceiling spreads apart to reveal a hole as wide as the building. The floor stretches downward for a moment, then springs both Yato and Yukine but not the unconscious boy up through the hole and into an identical room. The floor closes up just as the two land where the hole had been. The only differences in this room are an inscription of a brain on the front wall and the body of the blue-haired dagger-wielding man lying face down next to a wall. Yato walks toward the body; when he gets to within a step of it, the sight of the uniform turning to face him flashes across the wall. Yato stops just as the uniform slides out from under the body and leaps in front of him, pointed fibers exposed. “Sekki!” The same light from the sword appears between Yato and the uniform, splitting the latter in half upon contact. Blood spews from the split-open uniform onto Yato’s face and hands. He takes hold of Yukine’s sword form once again and looks down at the icy floor as he is sprung into the room above. The difference in this room is an open ceiling. Yato looks up and sees a sky covered by dark swirling shapes. He looks back at the room and notices a young boy with blue braided hair and wearing a black robe with a white trim smiling at him. In the boy’s eyes, Yato sees himself empty-eyed, covered in blood, and hunched over. The boy walks over to him and places his hand on the hand holding Yukine. A trio of white butterfly-like shapes flies from Yato’s hand up to his eyes. He watches as they flap their wings in place for a few moments before flying toward the dark shapes above. His eyes shift back to where the boy stood but instead witness a column of the butterflies in his place. The butterflies scatter in all directions to the edges of the world.

The walls and the ice covering the floor start to melt away. When the wall to his left has finished melting, Yato looks to where it was and witnesses the head of a man with white hair being swallowed by a familiar purple light. The light flows over to a gathering of similarly-colored vines wrapped around the arms of Joseph Joestar, who is surrounded by a concentration of the swirling shapes. The clouds above burst open and drop a torrent of water onto Yato. The water washes away the blood on his face and hands and seeps into his body. As Joseph turns to face him, Yato raises his head and his sword, but a cackle wraps around his body and binds his arms before he can swing. Behind the dark shapes, parts of the sky open up in the form of a mouth and a pair of closed eyes. The cackle fades and releases Yato’s arms. Yato opens his mouth to shout, but his mouth is promptly shut by the opening of the sky’s eyes, one of which takes the form of a clock’s face with hands displaying just before three o’clock. From those eyes shine a pair of spotlights onto the floor in front of Yato, revealing thousands of footprints covering a well-worn path. Yato lowers his blade, takes a deep breath and closes his eyes. He opens them a moment later to find a stream of the butterflies – which he now knows to be called Rukh – gathering around the sword. One after another, more streams of Rukh fly over to Yato and Yukine, each carrying a different-colored beam into Yukine’s blade, altering it in various ways; one causes wings to sprout from the hilt, another causes orange flames to spread from the hilt over the wings, and yet another extends the blade to twice its length. Yato opens his mouth again and shouts:

I don’t care how many others have tread the path before me! This is the path I’ve chosen, and this is the path I will take! I know what I’ve done in the past, and I know better than to let that knowledge overcome me! I will continue to do what I do – to learn about the modern world and to provide help to anyone who asks it of me! For the sake of Yukine and Hiyori, I won’t falter here!


Yato swings the sword down, sending a brilliant beam of white light towards Joseph; the light forks around Joseph in the form of a pair of hands and grab the edges of the eyes behind him. The hands start to pull on the eyes in an effort to tear them apart; the mouth gives off a shriek in the form of a thousand bullets flying toward Yato. The wings on Yukine’s hilt flap flames that leap from one bullet to the next, incinerating each one they touch, until they reach the mouth; the flames spread over and into the mouth, burning its shriek before it starts. As the hands finally tear the eyes, the flames pierce the roof of the mouth and travel up to and around the eyes and into the tears. A few moments later, the flames emerge from the tears covering a stream of swirling shapes. The flaming stream separates into individual shapes, each of which joins with a nearby dark shape, allowing the flames to spread and overtake the dark layer covering it. Once all of the shapes are covered in flames, they all flock back to the sky’s face, where they first flow into the mouth and patch the hole left by the flames then flow out of the mouth, up to and around the eyes, and into the two tears, the last of them pulling the tear shut. The face closes its eyes, pulling the world closed as well. Before the world closes completely, Yato leans Yukine over his shoulder, tosses a five-yen coin through the edge of the world, and smiles as the coin pulls him with it through the edge just as the world closes completely.

Yato speaks to me personally in that he goes all out to help those around him. He won't expend much effort to those he doesn't know, but that just makes him more interesting to me.

I vote for Yato.
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Yato is a better man than both Joseph and Hiyori.
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Yato: 17 votes


Joseph Joestar: 10 votes

It's been a long and fun journey, guys. We laughed, cried, got angry, got salty, and everything in-between. Thanks for playing along and sticking it out until the very end! I had fun running this tounrey and I hoping you all enjoyed it as much as I did. I was consistently surprised by the creativity everyone brought to this contest. We had a lot of interesting stories, some major upsets, and we discussed some very interesting things. Look out around this time next year and I'll probably start this up again.

I'll still be hanging out in this thread until either Avid's tournament starts or everyone else jumps ship. Now that this is done, I can finally make a dent in one of my massive backlogs. I'll be putting all of the time I spent in running this back into gaming, so if you to add me in anything just ask.
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Yeah I gotta finish that story will quote people when it's finished.
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PhantomGundam wrote:

Once again, our votes are only seconds apart. Are you stalking me?


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