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Posted 2/1/08 , edited 2/23/08
sadly you didn't highlight the chem reference, so we can't accept this for the contest, thank you tho! ~Duster

Ehem.. Guyzz this is it... I'm really sorry about the long wait. I was in my "first-time-hands-on" in this kind of environment...never used to...

Actually, I was trying to finish this story soon because I'm planning to send this to the contest... But I just thought, if I can't make to the contest, it'll only get spoiled round my head, just like all the other stories I wish to make... So, whether it get to the finals or not, well, I'll just share to you my talent.. XD...

As I said before, I'm still trying to work on my fantasies stories, so I hope this be a good start (if ever) for I haven't done any non-fantasy before...

The story is just partial and I'm still working on the next pages...

Please comment if ever so I'll know where I should get corrected... Okey? Thanks...

Here it goes...

It was cold and rainy though, but this didn’t stop Mimi to go to the place she wishes to stay on. The dark clouds might be a great threat for her, but she continues to run. Her clothes were soaking wet and the path that leads to her destination seem to get fogged and disappear. But because of her determination, at last, she came.
The tree was still standing on, at the middle of the great yellow meadow. But it keeps on swaying to and fro, seems to fight the wind that blows over it. The grasses on the ground also bents down; almost everything was being carried off by the storm. Fright was on the eyes of Mimi when she realized that there was danger with her in that place. She began to feel her tears on her cheeks, and when a great lightning strike on the sky, she screamed loudly, clear and sounded. She bent down her knees and covered her ears. Then, she shivered. She hoped somebody might found her there.
“Mimi…” She heard a voice. But fear was on her mind that she ignored it, thinking it was only in her imagination.
“Mimi…” She heard it again; this time loud and clear. But still she would not listen.
Suddenly, she felt a clutch around her shoulders, feeling a hot energy around. She then faces up; she saw the person.
“Mimi, it’s me.” The person said.
“Cai!” Recognizing the person, she immediately cuddles tightly to him.
“Thank God, I found you! What are you doing in this place, around this time?” He asked immediately. The tone of his voice was seemed mean and angry. “You should know it’s dangerous out here!”
Mimi bended her head down timidly. “I thought you were here…also…” She replied in a sad voice.
Cai looked at Mimi with a hard stare. Though he wishes to scold her more, he still sees the innocence of his childhood friend. “Come on. Your parents must be anxious about you this time.” He looked around. “We’ve got to get out of here…” Seeing that the sky seems to go more and more sorrowful to look at, he immediately clutches the hand of Mimi and dragged her gently towards him.
Mimi followed obediently. She knows that Cai won’t leave her. He cared so much about her, even before they became close friends. She was always a little sister to him. A little sister, like the many other incidents that happened before, like now, he cared only for her like a sister. But because of this, Mimi felt so much closeness to him, even though the thought that being only a little sister to him was so grave to feel.
The two, hand in hand, successfully left the place and arrived at their homes just in time as the rain had stopped.


Mimi was wondering if Cai was mad about her the day she came at the meadow during the storm. She had remembered well how her mother gone furious when she left their home that day. She got one hard scolding from her, which her father or brothers can’t blame about because she went disobedient. But what can she do? She just wished to go to the place to see Cai. And to remember well, Cai also got one good scolding from her mother too, after he brought her home.
She sighed. She just wished everything will be fine after those incidents. She then came back to the meadow, (that was now clear and warm because it was sunny,) hoping that Cai would be there. The meadow was their meeting place, their play ground during their childhood days and now their leisure spot where they talk about the many things that happened in their lives which they shared.
Yes, there was Cai, laying himself on the grass and staring at the sky. Mimi came near him, stepping slowly. She intended not to disturb him, because she was thinking about his temper.
”I know you are there.” She heard him said.
Mimi came then to him and sat beside him.
Then, a great pace of silence was between them. Neither one would talk.
Mimi was only looking at him once in awhile. She was watching out about him. The cool breeze of air filled the surroundings, and dragonflies playfully fly by with the butterflies. Thank God! It’s a peaceful day…she thought.
Cai then broke the pace, “Why does the sky always seem near?” he said. Neither the question was meant for Mimi. “Yet, whenever I wish to reach it…” He raised his arms upward, pointing to the sky, acting to reach it. “…It doesn’t reach ever on my fingertips…”
Mimi looked at the sky. “Well, at least you have seen it.” She said.
Cai then took back his arm. “One question…” he said again.
Mimi was obliquely listening.
“How can you reach an unreachable thing?”
Mimi was surprised about Cai this time. He was never asking such a question before. “What kind of unreachable thing?” she asked back.
There was no reply. Mimi thought this was one of Cai’s riddles which he often talk to her. She relates to it at the same time, even though she doesn’t understand much. She went silent for awhile, thinking for a good answer. Then, she said, “Whenever I wish to reach something, I will try to find a way to get it.” She looked at the sky. “It’s not difficult to do something if just believe in yourself that you can do it.”
A sigh was all heard from Cai. “I’ve tried to reach far and wish to reach further. But this time, I can’t say I can get to it…”
Mimi went confused with what he said. “What can’t you get?” She asked.
This time, Cai sat up. He looked at Mimi’s face.
“What?” She asked.
He said nothing. But his gaze went long and observing.
Mimi was stunned and blushed at that point. She shivered with the stare. No, it was only a look… yet a different kind of look. “Please, Cai, don’t look at me like that…” She begged and got rid of the looks.
Suddenly, she heard giggles coming from him. It turned into a laugh.
This made Mimi surprised and embarrassed. She then slapped Cai on his face. She was stunned then when she realized it was a hard one.
But Cai continues to laugh, seems making fun of her. Then, after that, he calmed and said, “If you could only see your own astonished face…” He chuckled back. Then, he went silent again. He was looking at the great pasture that surrounded them. “Good thing it was a nice day again…” He remarked.
After hearing this, Mimi remembered the stormy day.
“You know, Mimi, I was really afraid yesterday…” He said; he was still looking beyond the pastures.
Mimi looked at him.
“That day was so horrifying. I thought I won’t reach you here in time.” He then looked back at her. “I thought I won’t see you again…” This time, the look was more meaningful and sincere.
Mimi looked back to him. Then, drooping her head, she said, “I’m so sorry…I made you worry.”
Cai held her on her shoulders. “Promise me you won’t do it again…” he said.
Mimi nodded. Then, suddenly she felt the tight embrace of Cai around her. The warm cuddle that made her feel floating, the sensation undefined. This was not like those ordinary hugs she felt from him. This was something, something more…intimate?


Cai and Mimi are in the same year level. They were both graduating students in the secondary level. Mimi belongs from a well-to-do family while Cai came from a lower class. But this didn’t cause them not to get closer. Even though Cai may lack of material things, Mimi liked his kind way of thinking & approach. Since their childhood days, Mimi had never heard anything nasty from him and always treat her more than a close friend. And with this, she felt she had to be closer to him…much more than she had expected before.

Everyone was in their classroom after the school bell rang. The teacher hasn’t come yet, so the rooms were full of students’ noise. Everybody was talking about the Prom day that will happen the next day.
“Mimi…”It was Sarah, Mimi’s best friend. “The day is so quick, but you are still slow. Had you got your partner yet?”
Mimi heard her but she did not answer. But after awhile, she said at last. ”I haven’t got one.”
“How about Cai?”
Mimi went silent for awhile. Then she shook in disapproval.
“Why not? Haven’t he ask you about it?”
Mimi just sighed. “No—“
“Mimi…” Someone, next to Sarah, came. It was Cai.
Mimi was stunned.
Sarah slowly walks away. “I think I got to leave you for awhile, Guys…” Then, she left.
Mimi and Cai were left alone.
“What do you want?” She asked him directly.
“Mimi, can I be your partner at the Prom night, tomorrow?” He asked.
Mimi shivered. She should not accept his proposal. “Sure, why not…” She replied at last.
Cai smiled at her. “I’ll pick you up at your house before 6’o clock.”
Mimi nodded.
Cai left after then, leaving a regretful Mimi, who was sorry about answering him.


The Prom night. Mimi’s mom placed the last hair pin on her hair.
“Stand up now, and let’s see you.” She said.
Mimi obediently followed. She looked gorgeous in her long night gown.
Then, her father came and called them. “Mimi, are you finished?” He asked.
“We’re done, Papa.” Replied her mother. Then, they came out from the room.
“Well, now that everything’s ready, I think you have to go now at the gate. Your escort is waiting for you.” Her father said.
Mimi smiled at him. After many kiss of “goodnights” and “take cares” form her family, Mimi left them and came at the gate to meet the waiting Cai.
There he was in his best suit. He smiled at her after seeing her. “You look beautiful.” He said, when Mimi had approached to him.
Mimi blushed in his remark. “You look handsome too.” She replied.
Cai frowned a bit. “My suit was dated in my father’s time. It’s a bit shabby.”
Mimi clutched around his arm. “It doesn’t matter. You still look handsome.” She said. “Let’s go.” Then, they started to walk. (The school was just a street away from Mimi’s house.)


At the Prom. The glamorous ladies and fine gentlemen were dancing at the center of the ball room. Some of the ladies were at the side of the room, chatting with their friends or just waiting for someone to dance with them. Mimi was among them. She was just looking at the fair dancers. Two from the many pairs were Sarah and Cai, dancing waltz together.
Mimi sighed. She can’t approach Cai too close right now. She shivered with the thought again. In nowhere, somebody came in front of her with a reaching hand.
“Can I dance with you, Mademoiselle?” It was a guy.
Mimi was stunned. “I—“She wanted to give an excuse. “I don’t know how to dance.”
The guy smiled at her. “If that’s the case, I can help you…” He still reaches his hand, insisting his offer. “Now, Mademoiselle?”
Mimi was supposed to refuse. But she had already placed her hand over his. “Very well…” She replied politely.
“Thank you…” Then, they came at the center. The guy and Mimi danced together. Mimi learned fast. The guy was good to her.
After the music, the guy said to her, “My name is Jan de Martin. It’s a pleasure to dance with you, Mademoiselle.”
“Same to you, too.” Mimi replied.
Then, music started to play. This time, it was love song being played.
Then, Sarah and Cai came to them.
Cai approached Mimi. “Sir, may I have a permission to dance with your beautiful partner?” He said to Jan, as his eyes were direct to Mimi’s.
Though Jan may be confused to his behavior, he gave his consent.
“May I dance with you, Beautiful lady?” He laid his hand in front of her.
Mimi shivered. This time, she was shaken than ever. She placed her hand on his. “C-certainly.”
They came at the center of the ballroom. They dance at the slow rhythm of the music. Mimi felt the soft touches that clutch her waist. This was what she had feared about. The night was so long, she had thought.
“Don’t tremble.” She heard from him. Then she felt his hard gazes from him.
“I…I can’t help it…I’m not used to this…” She got rid from his looks.
Cai leaned his head on hers. Then she felt his lip touches her forehead. He looked at her. “Feeling better?” He asked her.
Mimi stared at her. Then she slowly nodded. She laid her head against his chest; he didn’t mind it. Both of them danced the rest of the night.


Mimi and Cai readies to leave the ballroom. Side by side, they walked together; silence reigned their way.
Mimi was still quiet. She remembers the things that happened that night.
They came on the roadside and planned to part their ways as they have to go home.
Mimi was the first to act. She stopped walking and turned to Cai, who followed.
“I guess until here, Cai…” She said and nodded to him in respect. She was ready to turn her way when she felt that her arm was clutched.
“Wait…” Cai held her and leaned his face towards him. Their eyes met.
Mimi shivered so much in their position. No!! This can’t be! Her mind was battling with her heart. Is this it? Then, she felt her lips being caressed with his.


That night, Mimi cannot sleep a wink. She was reminiscing again all the things that happened that night— mostly, the moment on the roadside. She blushed with the thought. She touched her lips once.
Why did he done it? She thought to herself. It was not Cai. Cai can’t do it to her intentionally. Or does he really intend it?
No! He can’t be— … She cannot say the word even in her mind. She shook her head. No! It was not him! Cai was only a friend to her.
Friend? How could you say that you treat him as your friend when you really love him? It was her heart talking to her.
She was lying alone on her bed. She tried to sleep but her eyes were still wide awake. Her body still shivers to the thought that Cai feels also something for her…
If it really was, how can she know? A thought crosses her mind. What if she tells him what she feels? She thought it might be absurd but what if it is the only way to know? It will be good for all if it happens. At least she won’t wish to aim much more if she knows it sooner.
Thinking too much of this, at last, she fell asleep.


Good luck to me....:)
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its good =]
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Aww~~ It's way past my bed time, but I'm glad I read this.

It's like me when I was really young.. Just wondering.. Except my prom went wayyyy further than just a lil loving lol

Very sweet and cute and loverly story ^^
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