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Posted 2/1/08 , edited 2/1/08
This is a Casual Chat with all Aliens, Time Travelers, and Espers...if i must include Normal Humans fine...but Haruhi isn't interested in the likes of normal humans lol.

Rules of Chatting:

1. Avoid Double/Triple/etc posting. TheEdit/Delete Functions were made for a reason. If you intend to continue breaking this rule... you shall suffer the wrath of Haruhi's God like powers
2. No Flaming each other: This isn't a war between Aliens, Time Travelers, and Espers. So get along... You may give a shout out towards your fellow Alien, Time Travelers, and Esper Peers. There might be a acceptance when it comes to people who are Normal Humans =P. maybe...(if so keep it to a mininum)
3. Its a Casual Chat but don't always go off topic....
4. NO Spamming/Advertising: You will suffer from Haruhi greatly...
5. You can use the Group GB or the threads that are have Chat on it to freely talk. Don't go breaking rule 4 though.

New rules might be added depending on how well the thread goes.

This is only a Casual chat for everyone.

Currently Under-Going Beta
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