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Posted 2/1/08 , edited 2/1/08
Trivia#1: Rukawa is a gay!!! (why, why, why he is so handsome yet he is a gay!!! waahh)

Trivia#2: Naruto is the son of the Namikaze aka the fourth hokage!!!

Trivia#3: Ryoma and the other regular players create a concert!!! (you know ryoma is the lead singer)

Trivia#4: If Cagalli and Athrun get a child the color of the of there child will be green!!!(I think they call it nicol if it is a boy)

Trivia#5: During her senior year in high school, Yukino becomes pregnant. She marries Soichiro after graduation, marrying at a young age as her parents did. Although her goal in high school was to become a politician or a lawyer, she realizes that she has always wanted to be a doctor. She eventually becomes a doctor at a hospital run by the Arima family, specializing in reconstructive surgery.

Trivia#6: # Sai disappeared on Boy's Day, May 5th (fish flags outside the window after Sai disappears reveal the date).[4]
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