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Posted 8/28/14 , edited 2/7/18
by Koda89

It is tough fitting in at a new school that nobody you know attends, but that is exactly the situation our leading lady finds herself in. That is until she meets a beautiful upperclassman who owns a Desert Eagle airsoft gun and who eventually ropes our leading lady into joining the school's survival game club. If that sounds familiar, then it should, as that is the premise of last year's rather underwhelming Stella Women's Academy, High School Division Class C3. It is also the exact same premise of this season's Sabagebu! - Survival Game Club!. Don't worry, this one is better.

Make no mistake, Sabagebu! acknowledges that it is a lot like Stella Women's Academy. It even flat out takes a potshot at Stella Women's Academy's rather infamously overdramatic second half. The first of many, many potshots, I might add. Additional jokes made at Stella Women's Academy's expense include pointing out how doing survival games in swimsuits is a really dumb idea, which was exactly what the cast of Stella Women's Academy did for a few episodes.

But aside from the exact same basic premise, the two shows couldn't be further apart. And this all starts with the primary cast of Sabagebu!. First up is Momoka Sonokawa, the main character of Sabagebu!. She is an out and out jerk. She has a vindictive streak as big as the solar system and is extremely petty to boot. This combination means she will exact a drastically disproportionate measure of revenge against people. On top of that she is extremely greedy and materialistic, often agreeing to do things only after being told she'd be well compensated. Then there is Miou Ootori, the beautiful upperclassman that forces Momoka against her will to join the club. Nearly all she thinks about is survival games, and because she was held back a year, she gets to use airsoft guns no one else in the club can use, such as a minigun. Next is Urara Kasugano, the main reason the club has so few members. This is because she loved Miou so much that she would attack potential new members. This all changes when Momoka hits her so hard that she becomes a masochist and falls in love with Momoka instead.

Next is Kaya Gotokuji, the club's resident cosplayer who only joined because it gave her a reason to cosplay. She often participates in survival games dressed as Jill Valentine in her Resident Evil 3 costume. Lastly is Maya Kyodo, a well-endowed girl who is a model when she isn't involved in club activities. Her curvaceous figure causes great distress in Momoka because she is flat-chested, so she tortures her with the fermented soybean dish, natto, to the point that Maya develops a fear of it. The club also has a platypus named Platy. Why? Just because, I suppose. The recurring cast is rounded out by Momoka's mother, who is also a master at using airsoft guns herself, the club's faculty advisor, and the narrator, who is by far the best character in the show.

Beyond the cast, Sabagebu! differentiates itself from Stella Women's Academy in the way each episode is done. Whereas Stella Women's Academy is one continuous story, Sabagebu! takes on a more episodic nature with each episode being broken up into at least two mini-episodes, with many episodes having three of them. In addition, the narrator is kind enough to constantly remind the viewers that what we see during the action scenes in Sabagebu! is all in the characters' heads.

Lastly, Sabagebu! is just a hilarious series. Because of the combination of the characters using their imaginations and how the show is set up, we get to see a large variety of scenarios. Such as the cast fighting over the new chair the club advisor brought to the club room, but with everyone pretending to be yakuza members. Why? Because they had just finished watching a yakuza film where they fought over a similar looking chair. A large chunk of the humor also comes from the narrator breaking the fourth wall. For example, in one mini-episode Momoka gains a lot of weight, only to eventually lose it, but the very next mini-episode she tells her mom she'll eat whatever the hell she wants, to which the narrator points out she forgot what happened just minutes prior.

All in all, Sabagebu! - Survival Game Club! is a very entertaining series. It is one of the few shows I have seen to properly handle a douchebag main character and on top of that manages to break the fourth wall in a way that never loses its effect and actually forms a big part of the show's humor. Anyone who turned away from this show because of its similarities to Stella Women's Academy, and anyone looking for a fun comedy series that they can just kick back and watch, should definitely give Sabagebu! - Survival Game Club! a chance. To see if Sabagebu! - Survival Game Club! is your kind of show, please check it out on Crunchyroll.
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Posted 9/4/14 , edited 9/5/14
I love the review!

AND the show! !ultiple thumbs up! [...don't ask where I got the other thumbs from...cocking airsoft SVT-40]
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Posted 9/4/14 , edited 9/5/14
Great review! I am absolutely loving this anime. Definitely my #1 anime for this season.
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Posted 9/5/14 , edited 9/6/14
This is definitely my number one under rated anime this season, it isn't getting nearly as much coverage as it deserves.
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Posted 9/7/14 , edited 9/7/14
I might have to try this one out ^.^
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Posted 9/13/14 , edited 9/13/14
This show has me laughing so hard that tears of joy spring forth and ooze out of my eyeballs. I hope it never ends!!!
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Posted 9/21/14 , edited 9/21/14
I need Sabagebu on DVD for a friend of mine. I'm a paintball player and be believes Paintball will turn young people into serial killers. I know he'll hate me for such a present, but I can live with that. I know he'll watch it. I know it'll be good for him even when he starts hearing voices at night .
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