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Forum Games Index [Looking for maintainer]

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New York
Posted 6/27/07 , edited 7/22/12
This index is obsolete and needs a maintainer. PM Jorlwind to apply

With all that's been going on in the Forum Games Section, a major revamp in the Index has been done. Please take note that all quizzes and most of the rating games have been removed, and new systems have been put up for both Quizzes and RPs. Follows is a list of the removed threads:

**Rate the avatar above you!
**Rate the profile above you!
**I change the person above me into _____
**Rate the Anime above you
**3 Words Before Sex
**Throw something at the person above you
**Rate the Anime Picture Above You! (Please Read Rules!!)
**About The Person Above Me (**First Post-UPDATED**)
**Rate the username above you
**Rate my photo gallery game / PLEASE READ FIRST POST!!!!
**What car are you?
**rate the anime opening or ending
**Rate the Person above me!!
**Rate the lame joke above you
**3 words after sex
**The Penis Game!
**Rate the Celebrity
**Rate the Video Game
**The Story of all Story is being created Now!
**This is the Ultimate Showdown Game
** The Joke Game
**How many different ways can you spell one word?
** Will the real... Please stand up (Game)
**I Curse you
**Slap a CR Member!
**Rate the answer Game
**Rate the gaia avi picture above you (if you have a gaia acount)
**Shut Your ______
**Rate the Video Game Picture Above You! (Image Sensitive!)
**random act of kindness
**Rate the song above you
**Rate the Anime Character
**Rate the above person's life
**Rate the manga above you
**Answer a Question with Another Question

I may have accidentally removed some community and create-a-character threads by mistake from the index. If you find them, feel free to post them in this thread. Thanks!

~ edsamac


Feel free to post new games so I can add it to the index. Please notify, also, if there are any mistakes or missing threads.
Try to avoid making duplicate threads.
Everything is in alphabetical order to make it easier to find.
Special thanks to animoo_x for her help
**General games are those that continue in chains while the miscellaneous games relate more to yourself or are non sequiturs...**

▸Relating to the person above/below you
▸Role playing


Alphabet Game
Anime Character Alphabet
Anime Show/Manga Alphabet
Crunchyroll Member Alphabet
Movie Alphabet Game
Name Alphabet
Song Alphabet
The Drama Show Alphabet Game
Video Games Alphabet

5 Lettered word game
6 Degrees of Separation
acroNAME game
Anime Begining and End
Anime Connection Word Game
Anime Question
Anime Telephone
Answer a Question with Another Question
Band Name Game
Bash your head on your keyboard game
Bishie Battle
Cause and Effect
Celebrity Name Game
Change a word!
Choose between two options
Connect the Celebrities
Connect the Last Letter
Connect the Words
Continue The Story
Converse in Song Titles
Counter Attack
Do the Math
Donate A Member Game
Fact or Crap
Find the Hidden Message
Food Chain Game
Gakuen Alice
Give Me Five
Good and Bad
Guess the Anime
Guess the Anime/Cartoon Quote
Guess the Mech!
Guess the Music
Guess the Outfit Game
Guess The Picture
How Do You Feel Today Game
I Own
I Spy...
If I Gave You…?
In My Back Garden
Japanese Shiritori
Kingdom Hearts Game
Last letter/First Letter Chain
Lyrics Quiz
Make Up A Definition
Match the anime with the song
Maths Game
Naruto Survivor!
Questions and Answers
Rhyming Words
Six Letter Words
Snake song
Song for every mood
Sports Star Game
Supply The Meaning and Provide The Theme
The 4 lettered word game
The Boggart Game!
The dating game
The last letter Anime game!
The, Like, And, Or, As, I
The Misunderstood Quote
The Pass It On Game
The PWN’d Game
The Riddle Game
The Rumor Mill Game
The Ultimate Fighting Game
The Vending Machine
Three Word Story
Tournament of Character
True or False
Unscramble the Word
What would you do?
Who Am I? Anime Character Game
World's Worst
Writing A Story Game
Your Thoughts About the Person You Hate

12 Songs
14 Reasons Why Valentine’s Is A Rip Off
30 seconds later
100 ways to know you are addicted to Maplestory
1000 ways to get banned from wal-mart
A Random Statement
Adopt a CR member
Anime Band
Anime Character Elimination
At least 5 ways to kill an enemy
Bad Costume
Blind Cat Drawing
Caption This
Color Game (Read First Post)
Create A Naruto Character
Create a New Word
Create Your Own Naruto Filler
Date Maths
Dirty Mind
Find The Weirdest Wikipedia Post
Fortune Cookie Game
Give A Hug Thread
Give a new name
Google Your Name
Hate is
Hit The Irritating Dummy
Hurt and Heal Game
I am______but i am not______
I_____ You
"I lost something very important to me..."
I Love Someone Named _______!
I would shoot
If Crunhyroll were a Pokemon What would it be?
If Green Was A Sound
If I'm...
If rain became a drink; what would you want it to be?
If you could have one of these three powers of God...
If you know me, you'd know that ________
If you were a ___ what kind of ___ would you be? Game
If You Were President What One Thing Would You Change?
If you were stranded on an island...
I'm afraid of...Game
I'm too sexy for
In My Panties
Insult This Piano
Invent A Holiday
It Was A Dark And Stormy Night
Knock Knock, Who’s There?
Letter Quiz!
Like is Like…
Make up your own race
Make Your Anime
Most Destructive Way to Blow Up a Car
My CR Family
My Heritage – Facial Recognition
Name The Famous Couple
Naruto Fusion Game
Naruto Hurt and Heal Game
Ninja game
Ninja Showdown: Ryu vs. Zin
Paste Away
Perfect Couple
Post random Anime attacks
Scary Sci Fi death
Serious Questions
Spell Your Name In Japanese
Stone Soup
Territory War
Terrorist Names
Test Your Love
The “Be Honest” Game
The Best Token Of Love
The Bored Game
The Death Note Game
The Dinner Invitation Game
The Five Variations of Mods
The funniest joke
The Milton Keynes Game
The Prank Call
The sound of a battle cry
The Ultimate Sword Creation
The War Game
The Win a CR Badge Game
The Women Draft
Things CR members wouldn't say
This _____’s a Very Rare Species
This Should Be Fun!
Thou Shalt/Shalt Not
Type your name with your elbow!
What are you touching now?
What Is The Best One Word Description of Crunchyroll
What men and women think about...
What song is stuck in your head?
What would you bring to a party and why?
What would you do for a Klondike Bar
Whats you Favorite Anime Element?
What's Your Fortune?
Who Is Better? Girls or Boys Game
Yo’ Mama Jokes
You Know You Live In _______ When _______
You Know You’ve Been Playing Too Many Video Games When ____
You know you've been watching too much Anime when...
Your City (Good and Bad)
Your Dream Celebrity

Make Up Your Own Horror Story
The "What Are You Doing Now?" Game
What Do You Think?
From 1-10 how much do you like the person above you?


Ask Ask and Ask
Avatar Make U feel game
Avatar Speaking Game
Blame it
Compliment the Person Above You
Corrupted Wish
Fear factor
Figure out the personality of the person above you!
How well do you know the person
I change the person above me into _____
Lie To Me
Look Out Below!!!
Make Up A Nickname
Picture Wars
Say Something Mushy/Romantic About The Person Above You
The Avatar Caption Game!
The Cute Avatar Contest
The -hilarious- Dating Game
The Murder Game
What Food Are You?
What would an Anime character react to the Avatar above?

[RP-N] Bleach [13/15] by Sota228
[RP-N] Supernatural [6/7] by uchihakunoichi
[RP-N] The Law of the International Battle Game [7/10] by bjay_ang

[RP-N] Drow Defense [FULL] by Geshnurpla

PM edsamac for RP approvals!
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Posted 6/27/07 , edited 6/28/07
meiskan and animoo_x kick ass!
Thank you! I really appreciate this.

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New York
Posted 6/27/07 , edited 6/28/07
Woohoo! ^-^

...and I'm not sure if you saw, but:

How Rare Is Your Personality?

Wrong Section?
KH2 or FFXII Wrong Section?
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Posted 6/27/07 , edited 6/28/07
^ Yeah I saw it.
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79 / F / in the club
Posted 6/27/07 , edited 6/28/07
Shocks, Meiskan beat by an hour. Damnit! I'm too late to post mine.
Posted 6/28/07 , edited 6/28/07
^ Aww *hugs*

Well done Meimei! *one man applause*
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29 / F / UK
Posted 6/28/07 , edited 6/28/07
Oops i didn't know we wanted one. Haha i made one for myself on word because i was fed up of looking through all the games when i found a duplicate! ^-^

Well done meimei and claire! ^-^ This should mean less repeats! Well organised too ^-^
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32 / M / Japan
Posted 6/28/07 , edited 6/28/07
*Applause* Great job! :lol:

I was midway between mine...
Posted 6/28/07 , edited 6/28/07
New Game thread for you meimei

The, Like, And, Or, As, I
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Posted 6/28/07 , edited 6/29/07
^ Thank you
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30 / M / ~CrunchyRoll~
Posted 6/28/07 , edited 6/29/07
awesome thread, well organized too... keep up the good work meiskan
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28 / M / Jersey
Posted 6/28/07 , edited 6/29/07
And you told me not to make one...
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32 / M / Japan
Posted 6/28/07 , edited 6/29/07
New threads:

[Quiz] are you stupid?

So you want to be a Villain......

Digimon RP

[Quiz] What Should You Be For Halloween?

[Quiz] What is your Star Wars Name and Title?

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New York
Posted 6/29/07 , edited 6/29/07
^ All added, thank you Ed
Posted 6/29/07 , edited 6/29/07
Another one for you meimei

Life in Washi Huchibashi High School

Not sure if I spelt that right
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