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Role Playing For The Mystic Community
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32 / M / from the midnight...
Posted 2/16/08 , edited 2/16/08
"As they walked home Zenon sensed of another life present"
Zenon:"Haru, dont be alarmed but i think were being followed" *walking carefully *
Haru: "Followed?!, are you sure?"*startled*
Zenon:"shhhh, we dont want her to know that we're on to her" *instructing Haru with his thoughts*
Haru: "how do you know its a girl?" *talking telepathically*
Zenon: "i can smell her flesh, its soft and feminine"
*suddenly two dirty men(a well educated alchemist, and a big man with a big sword) jumped in
front of the dirt road
Alchemist: "sorry to disturb you miss but thats a fine dragon you got there"
Zenon:"Haru i dont like this two, they covered themselves with mud & leaves on purpose"
Alchemist: "oh dont worry miss we wont hurt you, we just wanted to ask if you would like to sell your dragon fairly. dragon's blood & scales are quite needed in my line of proffesion."
Haru: "sorry but my dragon is not for sale, so could you please let us pass" *worried*
Alchemist: "i think its not that simple, cause you see my friend here he's a slayer, a dragon slayer"
Haru: "please leave us, zenon didn't cause any trouble"
Slayer: "hmph! you already gave it a name, dragons . . .you know it may be small today, but if it grows youd only be feeding yourself to it."*using a convicing voice*
Zenon:"Haru, listen to me. shes making a move, jump over my back quickly"*catching Haru*
Hybrid: "Comites omni hara diei" *sinking the feet of the 2 men with quicksand*
the hybrid quickly ran towards them, Zenon carrying Haru ran away from the scene
Alchemist: "Its a female hybrid, an Elven and a vampirian, oh and also a demon. rare indeed"
Slayer: "nows not the time to be impressed, GODS GIVE ME STRENGTH!!!! "------BACK haru and zenon
Zenon: "i think we've lost them, haru? you ok. . . ."
Haru: "just take me home zenon" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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27 / M / In the void betwe...
Posted 2/16/08 , edited 2/16/08
The doors to the mystic council opened as a soldier rushed it. He bowed in front of the council and began to relay the message he was told to give.

Sirberius: We already know of the threat. We are taking the neccesary measures.

Youichi Hiruma: The situation is under control, you may tell your general to gather the troops and come back.

Soldier: Yes council.

With that he bowed once more and went to give his new message.
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27 / M / writing my storie...
Posted 2/16/08 , edited 2/17/08
Sirberius: Do we really have this situation under control Youichi?

Youichi : No but it is being dealt with. It seems the Zarkarian race is trying to revolt too....

Sirberius: Just what we needed. At a time like this they decide to wage war against the us.... What great timing...

Youichu: should we sent out the Furyian Vampire Clan to deal with them. You were once part of their clan. Maybe they will---

Sirberius: They will not. Since I chose to embrave my dragon side, they haven't exactly been too open with me..

Youcihi: But as Grand Mystic I'm sure that they would reconsider-

Sirberius: No! We shall not drag them into this..... I shall deal with the Zarkarian threat myself.......

Sirberius gets out of his chair and walls out of the big, oak doors that lead to the Weaponry room. He picked up his two sword like daggertails and walked out of the Mystic Palace to deal with the Zarkarians........
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32 / M / from the midnight...
Posted 2/17/08 , edited 2/17/08
Meanwhile. . .the two prophets accompanied each other moving from city to city, never even planning to introduce themselves to each other
Larac: "So goaty, what makes you sure im a friggin prophet?!. and why the hell should i listen to you!!?"
Tauren: "Im a tauren and i have a name which you need not to know. and you should listen to me because i know what you seek, shapeshifter!. . . im confused shapeshifter, on why you keep a form of a human?"
Larac: "thats none of your concern! you heffer!, where are we headed anyway?. "
Tauren: "hmph!. . . we are going to a prison camp. rumor has it that a convicted murder was possessed, eyes bled and his tattoo released a luminous white light. same as the idiot accompanying me"
*Larac changes his face into a tauren and imitated the tauren*"same as the blah blah blah"
*When they reached the prison camp, paperworks were being done. after a few hours they talked with the convict*
Murderer: "your prophets arent you?, please get me out of here, im going to be hanged a week from now.i'll help you with anything, uhm. . . i have visions of your war just please help me get out of here"
Tauren: "I never thought this kind of obstacle would arise. hmmmmm, did you kill those families?"
Murderer: "im innocent, please just get me out of here. and look my tattoo, its my scar as a prophet"
Larac: "first, tell us what your vision is, kinda like your initiation to get into our happy family"
Murderer: "ok just promise me youll get me out"*Larac raised his right hand*"i see a war and also the three of us meeting at someplace and i told you something, . . . .Spar. .Sparda. yes thats the word"
Tauren: "hmmmm, must be a city or a clan. is that all?"*the convict nodded*"before you are hanged we'll be there, so don't worry. come on shapeshifter"
Murderer:"thank you, thank you very much. i will not dissapoint you"*with a cheerful tone of voice*
Larac: "your joking right?, he's a convicted murderer he killed 2 families for siberius sake and how the hell can we help him escape from this maximum hell"
Tauren: "i never said we would help him escape."*Larac was baffled* "and another thing is, he could've told us where that someplace was. i believe his purpose as a prophet was for that 1 word. let us leave". . . . . . .
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27 / M / In the void betwe...
Posted 2/17/08 , edited 2/18/08
Voice: You did well, now for your release.

Prisoner: Thank you master!

A few seconds later, the guards began to shake and jerk violently. There eyes rolled back into their heads.

At that moment the cell door opened.

Voice: Hurry before they wake up!

When the two guards awoke, they found the murderer gone.
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32 / M / from the midnight...
Posted 2/18/08 , edited 2/18/08
. . .At Mesa. outside the local school. . . .a cute spunky girl frolics with a boy
Tomboy: "Sparda come on, what was that thing you were carrying?, inside your backpack. A knife, a Wand, a potion with a wierd bottle? or was it a relic of some demon possessing your mind?"
Sparda: "uhhhmmm sorry to ask miss, but i just want to remember the reason why your hanging around with me again?"
Tomboy: "Sparda?!, you forgot. the way you kissed my lips and devoted your love for me the other day"
Sparda: "WHA?, who did what?!. Why cant i remember any of it?!" *SUPER SHOCKED*
Tomboy: "im joking Sparda,WHO forgets a kiss anyway? LMFAO"
Sparda: " HAHA its so funny i forgot to laugh "*Sparda continues to walk home upset*
Tomboy: "Sparda!, wait im sorry. the reason i always hang out with you is because you seem kinda lonely. i thought you might need a friend & besides the other students looks boring, not cute like you. . . . ."
*The girl closed her eyes & puckers her lip preparing to kiss, Sparda did the same thing*
Tomboy: "GOODBYE SPARDA!"*the girl was miles away shouting*"SEE YOU AFTER SCHOOL TOMORROW"
Sparda: "girls, hmmm wheres my backpack?" "that girl she took it, well at least i know she can't open it without the key to the lock, hmmmm what was her name again?". . . . . . . . . . .. .
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27 / M / writing my storie...
Posted 2/18/08 , edited 2/18/08
Back at the Mysic Palace in Glycosa
Sirberius: Legnis! Come here for a second. I require your assistance.

Legnis: Yes Sire.

Sirbeirus: The Zarkarians are rebelling and are trying to overthrow the Council and the society that we have built.

Legnis: Those stupid creatures. When will they ever learn their lesson.

Sirbeius: says with a smile Probably never. I am going to handle this matter personally.

Legnis: So what do you need me to do?

Sirberius: I need you to go and tell Loveless that I wish for him to handle my duties as Grand Mystic while I am gone. Then go and gather Narcotize, Nyckage, Roxy Sweet, Misayoru, Elodie, Tiolee, and Mewt. Tell them to get ready to go to a battle.

Legnis: Ok Sire. Legnis then runs off into the Mystic Palace. Dapzuel emerges from the palace panicking.

Dapzuel: Sirbeirus. We have a grave problem.

Sirberius: Can it wait? I have an important issue to handle and it must be taken care of before it get' out of hand.

Dapzuel. You decide which is more important. The high level prisoner that we captured after committing mass genocide has escaped from his cell without a trace..........
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27 / M / In the void betwe...
Posted 2/20/08 , edited 2/20/08
Legnis: I got all of them except for Mewt.

Sirberius: Very well Legnis, but why not Mewt?

Legnis: He said that he had reasons he will explain to you at a later time. However he sent Roax in his place. Is there anything else that you need me to do?
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28 / M / Everywhere Yet No...
Posted 3/28/08 , edited 3/28/08
While all of this is happening, Karis, an angel of God, visits SALIGIA to find an explanation for this madness. Karis enters Valentine's music room where Valentine is playing Nostaligic Melody on the piano.
Karis: why is the Balance of Good and Evil out of whack? Misayoru demands an explanation.
Valentine: the almighty Misayoru, leader of the angels and Heaven didn't forsee this? hmph, she was already weak in my opinion. Since you won't be leaving alive, I'll tell you. We, SALIGIA, have joined up with a person who calls himself Phaethon. His goal is to command the entire mystical community. To do so, he must have the Mystic Council masacred. He came to us to cause some chaos to disrupt society so his plans can be done in secret. Becareful, one of the Mystic Council members are not what they seem.
Karis: you'll pay for this!!! [/blue]*attacks Valentine*
Valentine: weak *slashes at Karis*
Karis, mortally injured flees before Valentine can finish him off.

Larac is about to leave his home when someone knocks on the door.
Larac: who could this be
Larac opens the door.
Karis: please, be warned...
Posted 6/1/08 , edited 6/2/08
Larac: Warned? What nonsense could this be?
Karis: *coughs* I am only going to say one thing. Watch your back.
Karis leaves, leaving Larac confused and decides to stay home.

Meanwhile, there has been unusual carnage left throughout the country. Both Zarkarians and allies to the council have been killed. The council thought that it was just back and forth battling but villagers spotted an unusual character. An elementalist they have never seen.

The next morning Larac wakes up and takes a stroll out of his house and notices a random person sleeping on his porch.
Larac: Hey! These grounds are no area for lounging around and naping.
Raikosuke: *yawns* Now now, that is no way to treat an old friend.
Larac: No...Rai?!
Raikosuke: The one and only *winks*.

Larac races over to him and gives him a friendly hug.
Larac: My good friend, has it been close to a decade?
Raikosuke: Yea kind of. I had to take care of business and time flew by really fast.
Larac: Why so many scars on your body?
Raikosuke: Never mind that. I heard all the commotion with the council these days.
Larac: Indeed. But the battles have died down a bit. Maybe they are tired and worn down. So how is your training going. You're an elementalist if I am not mistaken.
Raikosuke: Yea yea. *picks his nose* I'm the same as always. Traveling around making friends, making enemies, then turning them into friends.
Larac: Indeed you are the same as always. Well I have to be on my way now. I assume of you the same. Farewell old friend.
Raikosuke: See ya.

As the sun sets, Raikosuke stumbles upon a battle going own down in a deserted village. There is a lot of bloodshed but is an even battle.
Raikosuke: I really dislike troublesome people. So much bloodshed, so much sorrow, so much death, yet so much joy? People talk about the imbalance between the council and the Zarkarians. If there is going to be imbalance between them, so be it. It'll be my pleasure to wipe out the both of them so there is nothing causing the imbalance. Balance or nothing.

Raikosuke reaches to his back and takes out his thunder halbert. He points it thirty degrees behind him and then strikes the ground infront of him sending an electrical earth spike which rushes toward the battle. The others notice the attack but have no time to dodge or defend. Once the spike hits the village, it causes a massive electrical explosion wiping out the whole village.
Raikosuke: All I want to do is make friends but these battles are going to take my friends away.
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