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Matsumoto Jun

Fight it one by one. 2008 Matsumoto Jun
I want to live fighting everything one by one regardless.
The feeling of approaching it with that kind meaning.
Though it’s okay to give in.

1.) As something you wanted to try to do in 2007, you were saying that you wanted to have a good balance with doing good work as an individual and as a group like 2006, but how was that?
It turned out exactly like that, didn’t it? Besides, the degree of density thickened. Being able to say it for about two years, While individually I’m in a really good state, the mass and time we worked the five of us has increased. Isn’t that a really good thing?

In your personal life, you were saying how wanted to enjoy making music and study languages, but how did that go?
In the end, it feels like I couldn’t get into either one. Because I had completed many lives and such, in that part, I was able to enjoy music, but it was too bad I couldn’t do a thing that was creative. Same goes for languages. To say the reverse, I was so busy I couldn’t do things with my personal life. Though that’s the truth, and is an escape (laugh).

2.) What are your memorable moments of 2007?
Group-wise, first of all, we were able to have our first concert at the Tokyo Dome. Individually, I did “Hana Yori Dango 2” didn’t I? Recently, I’ve looked back at “Bambino!” for the first time in a while. Thinking it’s interesting to look back at what I did. It’s been a while since I’ve made pasta and eaten it (laugh). After that, I met the swimmer Kitajima Kousuke on the television show (TBS’s 2007 Greatest Sports Thanksgiving Festival in History). When I greeted him in the beginning, the athlete Kitajima is rapidly coming closer, and with the feeling, “Kitajima Kousuke is coming”, it was really moving. He has a good body build and is quite simply an athlete! And, watching him swim in front of me, ultra tension rose with my thoughts of having seen him on TV before (laugh). Putting on fins, I took him on swimming the crawl stroke, didn’t I? I wasn’t thinking about winning, but Kitajima was serious, and seeing that my tension rose as well. When our names were called before the start, my switch turned on[ Motivation went up ]. When I busted my tail off, I won, and I was surprised at myself (laugh). Because the filming time was short, it was too bad that the sense of distance didn’t shrink at all, but if I have the chance to meet Kitajima-san again, rather than just swimming with him, it’d be nice if I could take him on with various things.

3.) Please tell us what you’d like to do in 2008.
I want to live without making goals. Because when I lay out goals, I’d be asked one year later how it went (laugh). Well, in 2008, “The Hidden Fortress” and “Hana Yori Dango Final” are both coming out. They’re works that are completely different types from each other. “HanaDan” is the last festival. Because the cast, staff, and everyone are all congenial with each other, I’m thinking I should enjoy it and close the last one properly. In my personal life, there’s nothing! Anyway, I want to work so much in 2008 to the point I could die (laugh).

Latest Happenings: Filming movies. It’s quite a busy end of the year, isn’t it? When “The Hidden Fortress” filming is over, I think it’ll feel that finally 2007 has come to an end. I’ll do my best in the climax.

credits: [email protected]
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Thanks for this! ;D <3333
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