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26 / M / Under the covers…...
Posted 2/24/08 , edited 2/24/08
My names is Kason
I luv ta play drums and guitar, meet new people, and other stuff
B-DAY --> September 9, 1992
ummm.......i really lyke yogurt!!!
Posted 2/27/08 , edited 2/28/08
love to snowboard painball and do n e thing random
B-day... april 26 1991
i like spahgetti
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F / Im My Mind...
Posted 2/29/08 , edited 2/29/08
i like to do all interesting things (if not busy..) , including drawing and writing...
Mar. 3
I like all kinds of food....
Posted 3/1/08 , edited 3/2/08
Ei Ei
writing, music, & friends.
Nov 7
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31 / F / Lost in a fantasy
Posted 3/10/08 , edited 3/11/08
Read a lot (manga of course), draw, dance, hang out w/ friends...the usual
August 4- yep imma Leo, we rule... >.> <.<
Randomness-Wat i say is always random. Thats the fun part =P
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78 / M / Gravesend Neck Road
Posted 3/11/08 , edited 3/11/08
Writing , Draw/Painting , Drama/Anime
August `9th
Posted 3/11/08 , edited 3/11/08
writing,singing,dancing, love reding books. i luv comedy and romance. also i like books that invole crime
i am a virgo
and my birthday is september 19
i can be very funny sometimes
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28 / F / My phsycotic fant...
Posted 3/14/08 , edited 3/14/08
Song-chan, but most people know me as Maeko
I like playing music, writing, corrupting my mind by playing way too much video games, watching Anime and reading Manga.
My birthday is April 24th, 19##
...Hmm...I don't really know what else to put........I'm Vegetarian, that's something right?
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30 / M / Kingston, Jamaica
Posted 3/14/08 , edited 3/15/08
well i'm a on and off reader i write poems i have about 86 originals i was born on june 10, 1988 the year of the dragon and yes that means i'm little short tempered but i did something about that
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24 / F / A place far far away
Posted 3/16/08 , edited 3/16/08
Hi I'm Tabby better known as Kitty8you I like to write, draw, sing, and of course watch anime. I was born April 18th 1994 yeah I'm a Aries born in the year of the dog. At the moment ^_^I can't think of anything random so...ok byez XD
Posted 3/23/08 , edited 3/23/08
Gods Hate
Writing,partying,music,my band,art,and etc...
Randomness-uh...I'm Twisted...
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27 / M / Hopefully in the...
Posted 3/23/08 , edited 3/24/08
Hi, the names Anthony but you can call me Tony or Azn if you want [easier to type for you lazy people =]] I enjoy watching anime, listening to music, playing games, reading books, and do a bit of writing here and there sometimes. Born on the day July 23rd 1991, Leo for the win xD. I'm currently reading some philosophy books over here and there.such as "Is there Life after Death?"
Posted 3/25/08 , edited 3/25/08
lol hate introductions but whatever...
my names Lex or Lexi ~ you can choose ;D
I sing, listen to music and write ~ mostly just listening to music ;D
& My birthday is December 9th
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30 / M / Helloween Town
Posted 3/28/08 , edited 3/28/08
October 4th
Ive been officially insane many many times ( if you stay up for 3 days or more you are officially insane till you go to bed)
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25 / F / escape california
Posted 4/2/08 , edited 4/2/08
Anime and manga, rena.
music,writing and reading
August 30.
Did you know I like cheese?!lol nah, cookies(chocolate chip) are way better
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