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Posted 6/28/07 , edited 6/29/07
(First just want to say I did not think this up. A friend had it on another forum that died so I wanted this to continue)

In the peaceful digital world, Digimon work and play among eachother peacefully, and nothing bad has happened in quite some time. The reason for this peace is because Lucemon, the once great protector of the Digital World that had ended the war between the Beast type Digimon and the Human type Digimon by decending from the heavens, had been defeated. Lucemon's data had become corrupt while keeping the peace of the Digital World, and became power hungry. The Legendary Warriors of Flame, Ice, Water, Metal, Thunder, Wind, Light, Earth, Wood and Darkness sealed away Lucemon due to his corrupt power. Lucemon had broke free from his imprisonment, and had ravaged the remains of the Digital World, destroying Digimon of both human and beast type. Once again the Legendary Warriors were called uppon to save the Digital World. They fought valliently against Lucemon, and eventually defeated him. Now, 10 years after Lucemon's destruction, there was a great void in the Ying and Yang, the Good and evil. This void was quickly filled up by a more powerful threat. This threat shook the very foundation of the Digital World, and even the real world. Once again, Ophanimon had to call upon the Legendary Warriors, unfortunately some of the Warriors had become corrupted by the said darkness, leaving half of them to fend off the evil forces. However, they were defeated, and their spirits scattered across the Digital World like before. Ophanimon knew that she had to call uppon new humans to fight the evil forces. She now sends a message to everyone in the Human world that has a cell phone, and is able to come to the digital world, but does not tell them their purpose yet. All she asks is if they believe in destiny, and want to fufill it. Those who hit yes were told to go to be at the train station at 4:00 PM. And after this message was sent, the adventure begins...


And now comes the fun part!! Let me explain how this is gonna work. You have a choice of either being a Human who can become a Digimon, a Human w/ Digimon Partner, or a Digimon. Yes, a tad different compared to the Season 4, but I know how some people prefer to have a Digimon rather then not.


Those who are going to be a Human with the ability to transform into a Digimon, and wish to be a Legendary Warrior will be able to have up to two characters. One will be their Good character, and the other will be a Digimon character who will be their Evil character. Please hold off on the Evil characters until at least 5 Good characters that are Legendary Warriors are chosen.

Those who are going to not be a Legendary Warrior are able ot have up to two characters that are able to transform into Digimon if they so choose. If they decide they want one Hybrid and a normal Digimon Character, that's fine. They can also have a Hybrid, and a Human who has no digimon and lacks the ability to become a Digimon. They can not however have a Human with Digimon partner character.

Tamers and Adventurers

Tamers will be aloud to have up to 4 Characters all together. Two Character sheets of Digimon with Partner basically. Their Digimon counts as One Character, so when you put your character sheet up, please place the Digimon character sheet in with your Human with Partner's sheet. If you so choose to, you may control A Human and two Digimon partners, and then have a spair human for romance purposes, but this is not recomended. You can not have Three digimon partners with one human. You can have it so your Human character has two digimon, and the third digimon is a "Stand Alone" Guy meaning he's not effected by the Digivice. You can also have a Human with a Digimon partner, and two digimon who stand on their own for Digivolving.


Those who have a Digimon character alone are aloud to have up to 4 Characters as well. They can have either 4 Digimon Characters, 3 Digimon characters with a Human for comedy relief. You can also have 2 Digimon Characters, and a Human with a Digimon partner. Pretty much this is just like for the Tamer and Adventurers, only your Main Character is a Digimon instead of a human.


Human who becomes a Digimon Character Sheet

Name: (Full name)

Nickname: (If you have one.)

Age: (Between 8 to 18 please.)

Appearence: (Pictures Welcome.)

Element: (Take your pick. If you chose not to be one of the Legendary Warriors, do not put one here and erase it.)

Digidestined Type: Frontier

Bio: (Please make it long, but not the "OMG IT'S YOUR WHOLE LIFE STORY PUT INTO A BOOK" long, but not "OMG YOU HAVE NO LIFE" short either.)

Digimon Character Sheet

Rookie Form: (Choose a Real Rookie Digimon from either of the sites listed below.)

Evolution Chain: (From Baby/Fresh to Mega)

Nickname: (If you have one.)

Bio: (What you have been doing since Lucemon's defeat and before "The Calling")

Human with Partner Digimon Character Sheet

Name: (Full name)

Nickname: (If you have one.)

Age: (Between 8 to 18 please.)

Appearence: (Pictures welcome)

Digidestined Type: (Adventurer or Tamer? See below what abilities each has.)

Bio: (Please make it long, but not the "OMG IT'S YOUR WHOLE LIFE STORY PUT INTO A BOOK" long, but not "OMG YOU HAVE NO LIFE" short either.)

Digimon Partner: (Choose a Real Rookie Digimon from either of the sites listed below.)

Digimon Partner's Evolution Chain: (Fresh/Baby to Mega please.)


Types of Digidestined:

Adventurer - Basically the Season 1 and Season 2 types. You have a choice of having a Tag and Crest or the ability to Armor Digivolve. Please put what you want when you chose your Digidestined Type. Your digimon will not be able to Digivolve right away.

Tamer - Tamers have the ability to use the Digimon Trading Card Game cards to make their Digimon stronger temporaraly, or to give them special stats they normally do not have. Note that though you have them, that doesn't mean that they'll work all the time. You will not be able to digivolve right away.

Frontier - Those who can become a Digimon - A select few can become one of the Legendary Warriors, and others juat have the ability to become a Champion level Digimon. You will have to find your first Spirit to become a Digimon. Legendary Warriors are listed below, and those who do not go for a Legendary Warrior have to chose a humanoid Digimon of Champion level, and a Beast Digimon of Champion level. If you have questions as to which the digimon you want is then PM me and I will let you know which. Please note that your Human and Beast Digimon forms MUST be linked.


Legendary Warriors and who has them!

Flame - Agunimon - Available

Light - Lobomon - Taken - Good

Wind - Kazemon - Taken - Good

Thunder - Beeltemon - Available

Ice - Kumamon - Available

Darkness - Lowemon - Taken - Evil

Earth - Grumblemon - Available

Wood - Arbormon - Available

Metal - Mercuremon - Available

Water - Ranamon - Taken - Evil


Here is where you can find some good Digimon Info:


http://www.thedigiport.com/ - Appears to work Intermitently. If you click the link, and it fails to go through and you get "The Page Cannot Be Displayed" then try again within a few hours.
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Posted 6/29/07 , edited 6/29/07
Ok here are my chars, I will minus some if I feel the need to, also I will allow you to make your own digimon with their digivolutions and attacks but you have to pm me the stats so I can approve them.


Name: Jay Gunakana

Nickname: Jay

Age: 17

Appearence: Norm: Don't mind the gun and ammo.

Human digi: Shinobimon

Beast digi: Chameleomon (Pretty much a 6 foot chameleon with a 5 foot tail and spikes down it's spinal cord)

Fused digi: Wild Kagemon (Just add a ninja suit like the one from my shinobi pic)

Abilities: Hume: Blink: Jay can teleport to any area that he can see.
Shuriken Barrage: Jay throws an unknown number of shurikens at his opponent.
Assassination: Jay uses his great speed and stealth abilities to dissappear and reappear behind his opponent charging and slashing through them with his katana.

Beast: Stealth: Jay uses his blending ability to become invisible while moving and standing still.
Tounge Throw: Jay throws out his long tounge to snatch his enemies and throw them.
Flip Strike: Jay uses the spikes on his back to hurt the enemy while he flips into them in an attack similar to Sonic's homing attack.

Fused: Blink: Same as before
Stealth: Same as before
Shuriken Throw: Jay throws a large kunai at his opponent which he is holding onto with his tounge. The kunai stabs into his opponent and Jay throws them into the air with his tounge.
Saw Strike: Jay flips at the opponent but his katana melts into his body and makes the spikes on his back turn into one giant blade along his spinal cord and tail. With this it truly looks as if a saw is coming straight for the enemy.
Perfect Assasination: Jay uses his blink and stealth to teleport himself behind his opponent slashing it. Then teleports infront slashing again. Then teleports to the left side slashing again. Then teleporting to right side slashing for the final time. Jay then teleports out of the opponent's reach just incase.

Digidestined Type: Frontier

Bio: Jay was taken into the digital world 4 years ago. It was all over the news. A young boy lost never to be found. Jay was only 5 then. Jay was sitting infront of the family's computer holding his dad's cell phone. Suddenly a blinding flash came from the computer screen and when the flash was gone so was Jay. He walked around aimlessly not knowing where he was or what was happening. Jay cryed for a long time. Then he finally gave up crying for it brought nothing but more pain. 5 digital years later Jay was getting by quite well. He had grown strong and cold. He didn't want anything to do with the inhabitants of this world. He considered that they stole him from his home. He found food where he could and fended off most small digimon that came near. Jay had fashioned clothing out of what he could. Jay had spent years trying to figure out what his dad's cell phone had transformed into.(a digivice that was black with silver edgings) Another 5 digital years passed and he found himself confronted by a big dinosaur looking digimon.(tyrannomon) Jay tried to fight but was getting pummled. Jay ran into a cave wondering if he was going to have to hide there for the rest of his life. Just then Jay saw a little statue of a ninja. Jay remembered that when he was home he loved ninjas. He watched ninja movies, had ninja toys, and even some ninja tools from his grandpa. Jay picked up the statue hoping it could help him. Suddenly his digivice started making noises and he digivolved into Shinobimon. With that Jay beat tyrannomon into a bloody pulp. Now most digimon stay clear of the shinobi for fear of being turned back into an egg. Jay has never transformed out of his digimon state since he acquired it. It has been 2 digital years since then. It has been 4 real years since Jay disappeared. At first his family was devasted but now they just don't talk about it.

((I am figuring that 12 digital years could equal 4 real years. I hope that is ok))


Human with Partner

Sasuke Kaboona

age: 16

Appearence: Except his shirt goes all the way to his pockets and doesn't show his stomach.

Digidestined Type: Adventurer, Crest of Courage

Bio: A simple Japanese boy who has always dreamed of being a hero. Sasuke has always taken the role of leader in every situation he has enctountered. Sasuke has stood up for many people when they were picked on and abused. Sasuke learned martial arts when he was young to help him become the hero he wanted to be. With his skills and sense of justice he was soon known all around town as the local hero. IF there was a bully that needed to be taught a lesson he gave it to them. Sasuke's rep kept him in the eyes of all girls his age and a few older. When he got the call he rushed to the station thinking that this was his chance.

digivice: 1st season, Blue with white buttons.

Digimon Partner: Agumon X

Digimon Partner's Evolution Chain:
Baby: Dodomon, Little Metal Drop
in-training: Dorimon, Metal Drop
rookie: Agumon X, Baby Burner
champion: Greymon X, Mega Burst
ultimate: Metal Greymon X, Trident Arm ver. 9.9
mega: WarGreymon X, Gaia Force Zero

((I am guessing I can't go into Omnimon X rihgt?))
Human who can become digimon

Name: Kim Megunta

Age: 16


Element: Wind:
Human: Kazemon, Hurricane Wave, Tempest Twist, Love Tap
Beast: Zephyrmon, Wind of Pain, Gilgamesh Slicer
Fused: JetSilphymon, Ultra Turbulence, Jet Winter

digivice: Pink with white edges.

Digidestined Type: Frontier

Bio: Kim is a free spirited girl who does things her way no matter what. She is stubborn and usually wins in most arguments. She has had her eye on sasuke for some time now and is unsure if she should aproach him. Kim has a dark past where she lost someone very close to her. She doesn't talk about it much. Only her parents know the thoughts that torment her. For this she is slightly reluctant to get close to sasuke for fear she will lose him too. When she got the call she felt this is what she had to do to prover to herself that she was ready to handle anything.
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Posted 6/30/07 , edited 6/30/07
Human with Partner Digimon Character Sheet

Name: Bikou Kumori

Nickname: Kou

Age: 15


Digidestined Type: Adventurer

Bio: At the age of 12, his parents divorced. Leaving with his mother, they moved to the states for a short time. At 15, Bikou left to explore the world on his own, having finished high school ahead of time. He decided to come back to Tokyo and delve into the technology advances. Bikou is a quiet boy but extremely talented in math and computers. He constantly played online games and join multiple forums. He also buried himself so deep in technology that a social life barely existed. Coming from a divorced family, he lost all hope of love.

Digimon Partner:

Digimon Partner's Evolution Chain:
Nekomon (Baby)
Kuromon (In Training)
Raimon (Rookie)
Shishimon (Champion)
Toramon (Ultimate)
Raigamon (Mega)

Digimon Partner:

Digimon Partner’s Evolution Chain:
Inumon (Baby)
Aneimon (In Training)
Karumon (Rookie)
Korimon (Champion)
Kitsunemon (Ultimate)
Garoumon (Mega)

Name: Katlyn DeSoto

Nickname: Kat

Age: 15


Bio: After leaving junior high school in the States, Kat moved to Tokyo with her brother and entered high school there. Upon going to work with her brother one day, she met Bikou and was intanstly fascinated by him. Although they were the same age, Bikou has taken little interest in her, but she continues to crush on him and constantly asks her brother about Kou.
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Posted 7/3/07 , edited 7/4/07
We could still use more. Don't people like Digimon anymore?
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