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Posted 11/25/14 , edited 11/30/14
by hanachan

Somehow, Case Closed (known internationally as Detective Conan) has never gotten nearly as popular in the U.S. as it has pretty much everywhere else in the world. But there has obviously been enough interest that Crunchyroll was awesome enough to answer my (and a ton of other people’s) desperate pleas for a simulcast of the series! This has literally been one of my favorite anime and manga series for years now, though I actually haven’t seen or read all of it, simply because of its length and the difficulty of accessing it here.

Yes, because it’s a simulcast and the show has been running for about eighteen years(!) you do get kind of thrown in without a real introduction to the series or characters, but the great news is, you don’t really need it! Case Closed is emphatically episodic, though with an overarching story that is only occasionally touched on. Mostly, you just need to know that there was this guy named Kudo Shinichi who was a high school detective, good enough that the police called him in on cases they couldn’t crack. One day he stumbled across a mafia type thing and when they found out he’d overheard something he shouldn’t have, they fed him an experimental pill that was supposed to kill him, but instead turned him back into a child.

So, adopting the pseudonym Edogawa Conan, he ends up living with his childhood friend, Ran (and of course they both like each other and have never really dealt with those feelings), who doesn’t know it’s really him! She thinks he’s some kid relative of Shinichi’s, and because it’s not real life, she and her crappy P.I. father take care of him. The next 700 plus episodes of the series are spent solving crimes, dealing with some annoying kids Conan goes to school with, and keeping Ran from finding out who he actually is. Oh, and occasionally trying to find out more about this mafia-like syndicate, the Black Organization (added bonus: the members are all named after various alcohols, which is pretty random), so that he can take them down and eventually turn back into a sixteen year old.

And now you’re pretty much ready for the current episodes. We get to start with a three episode story in which Sera, a newer character who seems to suspect Conan is not what he appears, is called in by some friends of her older brother’s to investigate some odd occurrences at the vacation cabin they visit every year. Of course there’s an eerie past with a “Red Woman” who murdered her husband in a nearby cabin who seems to have something to do with the red stuff that keeps happening around them, and of course one of the group is suddenly dead (drowned in a bathtub full of tomatoes). Conan and Sera must crack the case before anyone else dies! It's a pretty standard plot for the show, but somehow it never feels stale.

For some reason murder mysteries are incredibly relaxing and fun, and Case Closed is one of the best examples of that. It might be the unique art style and character designs or the use of kind of dated music or the derpiness of the characters that give it so much charm. Or it might be the weird fact that it’s a kids’ series and has lines like “the entire room was a sea of blood.” I dunno, but it’s awesome and it’s hard to explain just why it’s so good! It couldn’t possibly be so incredibly popular world-wide if it wasn’t. It’s also got some pretty great mysteries that keep you constantly guessing who the murderer is and how and why they did it.

Please be assured that you do NOT have to be familiar with the series to enjoy starting in on the simulcast. You should also be aware that Case Closed is a show that is totally fun for adults, even if it does look very kiddie on the surface. Everyone should join in watching and get addicted as millions of people around the world have. If we’re really lucky, and really vocal, we might even be able to convince Crunchyroll to try to get some or all of the back catalog! But even if that never happens, it’s pretty amazing to be able to follow along with the episodes as they air in Japan, so we can be right there when Ran will eventually find out who Conan is and kills him and when Conan will get to the bottom of the Black Organization’s nefarious plans. So come watch Case Closed and try to figure out the killer along with Conan every Tuesday at 12pm PST!
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Posted 12/19/14 , edited 12/19/14
Case Closed is seriously one of my favourite anime of all time. It never gets old! And I love how creative the author creates these interesting cases. I hope they bring the anime to crunchyroll!
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Posted 12/23/14 , edited 12/23/14
It was my first real anime that I followed and it was what really introduced me into the world of anime and manga. It's sooooo good and I especially love that the author of the series actually takes cases that actually happened in Japan and incorporates them into the story. One thing that I'm really curious about is the fact that Kudo and Kaito kid look very similar. At first I thought it was because this was his drawing style but in an interview the managaka said that there is a reason they look similar ... I'm guessing their cousins but it might be some bigger thing that I never thought possible. I wanna know what other people think it is.
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