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Itachi states that Sasuke has no chance since he alone possesses Mangekyou. He adds that Sasuke’s dream will never become reality. Sasuke unwraps bandages on his arms to reveal seals marked "blade". Sasuke replies that he'll use his hatred to turn his dream into reality; the reality, of Itachi's death. Sasuke moves his hands to the opposite wrists and summons shuriken which he launches at his brother. Itachi returns shuriken in kind and the torrents connect and deflect each other. Sasuke charges and pulls his sword and Itachi moves to attack with a kunai. The brothers use their free hands to stop the advancing blade arm of the other. Suddenly another Itachi appears from behind and launches kunai. Sasuke is amazed at the speed of Itachi’s Kage Bunshin use and a snake emerges from his cursed seal in defense. The brothers then break their holds and retreat backwards. Sasuke hurls a Chidori charges giant demon wind shuriken which slices through one of the Itachis. That Itachi bursts into crows and in the confusion the real Itachi charges Sasuke and kicks him back into a wall. In a flash he is pinning Sasuke to the wall to prevent him from using Chidori. Sasuke coughs in pain and Itachi reaches towards Sasuke's left eye to pluck it out. Itachi asks for forgiveness and states that his reality involves staying in the light. A yell then pierces the room...

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